Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weird Immigration Chatter

There has definitely been some oddball immigration pieces out that are a bit head scratching. The Atlantic wondered if the Left pushed too far too fast on immigration and lost its mind. They cited Krugman, DailyKos and even Barack Obama as being immigration restrictionist or supporting limits in the near past. The NY Times had an oped that maybe they should move to the center. Then Bill Gates said Europe needs to get a handle on immigration or it will be wrecked. Macron in France is not quite the open borders purist he was portrayed as with his interior minister clearing out areas. It is a trend.

Is the tide turning? Is the public discourse now open to stopping immigration? There is an element to this of the Left's media managers trying to put the genie back in the bottle or put the mask back on. "No no no, we went to far, let's stop this, hello fellow nationalists". The Left lies until their objectives are met. I've written about this and Texas going blue being an equivalent to the Left lying for decades that there was a Keynesian conspiracy in economics departments until they had won with no going back. This was my first instinct when reading this but Gates and Macron changed my feelings.

Bill Gates mentioned the need to slow it down and be smarter, citing the need to help in Africa. This was roughly the same timeframe as Macron came out and stated that (I'm imagining) "En oui, the Afric-a, it has a problem of 7 to 8 ba-bies per woman. Civilizational issues". There is something brewing if billionaires and their transparent puppets are stating Trumpian things, and Macron is backing it up with some clear outs of migrant camps. The elite might have boiled the frog too fast and wants to pause.

Whomever sold them on unlimited 3rd world migration might have been proven a charlatan. The prog foundations and academics armed with blank slatism and their third worldism could pitch an easy peasy population replacement and massage or outright lie about data for prior waves of immigration to just turn it on into a quick flood of millions. The immediate results are killing that illusion, and even worse, building support for nationalists.

A very cynical take is that Europe was already turned into a living museum and that this migrant flood was to much too fast and destroyed the tourism industry. Tourism is 8% of France's GDP. Paris alone received 1.2 million fewer tourists. It might have finally bit the elite in the ass economically. France as a pillar of the EU bailout mechanisms (stop laughing) cannot suffer sharp GDP drops or else the EU bailout scams get exposed in daylight. Macron's benefactors might be saying, "hey this could crush us, do something so we can market France as 1950s pretty France still". Interests finally aligned for those wanting to do something about borders.

The elite might be trying to get back to boiling the frog slowly. They can set up faux nationalist leaders or even jumpstart an international band of nationalist populists that they can control. They must realize that the wave of populism is going to come at them, so it is a matter of whether it comes from the right or the left. The only difference may be in how much of the wealth they have accumulated gets washed away.

The cake is baked in many regions due to decades of stuffing third worlders. A lot of deportations would have to occur to prevent hard times, which are here and getting cranked up. This will all end poorly. When the days come where persuasion and compromise are absolutely dead and all sides agree that the experiment is over, there will be blood. There already is, it just has not moved in both directions yet.


Tyrone said...

I'm worried that they will manage to properly cage and redirect the populist sentiment with faux-nationalism. It's worse when they pay tiny amounts of lip-service to the right than when they're blatant about their intentions.

Glengarry said...

I think Macron, a Rothschild construct, is testing slogans and postures which will be managed nationalism, if you will. Power beats ideology. It probably doesn't hurt that he could silence and neutralize the local enemy, FN, at the same time. Recall Sarkozy, who similarly made hawkish statements against immigrants, which ultimately amounted to nothing. Perhaps Macron will, in contrast with Sarkozy, have to actually back up his words. In that case, and if opinion turns sufficiently, it would be straightforward to, say, clear out the Calais Camp of the Saints without fundamentally upsetting the globalist project.

Tomas Nau said...

Two words: Donald Trump.

Getting generic open borders, romney conservatism to win the electoral vote majority by campaigning as a faux nationalist.

Portlander said...

Black pill opinion is the damage has been done, the die is cast, so the elite can know make lip-service about further immigration, knowing full-well there's enough already present to insure middle-class whites are financially insecure enough to keep wage-slaving away. By way of example, look at the upper mid-west following the Great Migration. They didn't have to completely empty the cotton belt to ruin every non-trivial metro in the Big Ten. Likewise, they don't need to empty ME & Africa to ruin Europe. A little mud goes a long way.

Gray pill opinion is they realized they went too far too fast, and risk real-blow back to their One World Gov. plans. As Conservative Tree House guys say, they've invested billions and trillions are at stake. At present the US is an outlier with Trump. If over the next 4 years, the US starts kicking-ass economically, while UK, France, and Germany languish, Europe's next set of elections could seriously go against them. 4 more years is also 4 more years of Boomercucks voting 'muh pension' dying off.

There is no white pill. We have no Cato among us today. But who knows, maybe some Roller Boys are out there, yet. If so, it would be among our children, for the benefit of their children.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Tomas Nau, I've been steady on saying Trump is the same as fucking Romney except add a wall. It will be interesting how much uncontrollable unwinding happens no matter who is in charge, leaving the elite's plans fucked.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The elite may have had their "irrational exuberance" moment where they realized they'd been overly optimistic about demographic replacement. They still need native whites to pay taxes and they still need native whites to mindlessly consume. Being blank slate purists, they likely figured that Somalis and Turks could fill positions that were held by working and middle class whites. Perhaps after crunching the numbers of increased social spending since they don't want to work and they cause more crime, that they stand to see a significant decrease in the quality of their lifestyles.

We all know that this is not a true change of heart. We know what they want to do. Until they start removing tacos and kebabs in mass numbers, we have to assume that anything they say and do is disingenuous and we should keep pressing forward with our agenda.

Reginald Maplethorp said...

A couple years ago, I met a friendly Frenchman who worked in a cheese factory in Lyons.

It seemed an appropriate job for a late-20's frogman to work in a fromage factory. He was well-mannered, generous, and had a uniquely French name.

Some casual Google searches reveal that Muslims have a complicated relationship with cheese. France is admitting immigrants who don't love cheese...what's the point?

(As a side note, after spending time in Belle de Mai in Marseilles, poor immigrants will take anything from the supermarket dumpsters at 5pm).