Friday, July 07, 2017

The Media Mafia + SM Review-Preview 96

This week CNN and the broader media managed to hyperventilate and then escalated the political problems in America due to their disgusting behavior. First, they cried and whined about the Trump-CNN wrestling gif that caused feared throughout newsrooms. Oh jeez, we were informed by them they had to have extra security in their newsrooms. We were told by them that they feared for their lives.

It was not even a day before they revealed their power and the sham that was the fear they felt. CNN managed to track down the maker of the gif that mocked them. The media swarmed on his creations or use of other memes or bad words. He was a bad person! CNN did investigative journalism for the first time in a long time and tracked down his real identity.

CNN then got him to apologize and say he would never make fun of them again. Did CNN reveal his name? No, they said they wouldn't unless any of the promises he made were broken. CNN would never look into antifa or BLM rioter lives or identities. It is who-whom. This was an enemy, and one that was not the big bad president making fun of CNN. It was a little person. They don't fear us. They don't have extra security.

This is a problem though because even if it is Mafioso tactics, it is a horrible step out from the job of policing the supposed neutral landscape for political debate. This is effectively escalating the 2 minute hate sessions they do for thoughtcrime. The darker thing is not just ruining one person's livelihood or family relationships, it is giving antifa a target. The liberal media has riled up the leftist hordes so horribly that Bernie bros are shooting up GOP congressmen. What do you think they'd do with a made to order, officially designated 'nazi'?

One way to combat this would be to prevent the workplaces of America from firing anyone who is  thoughtcriminal. Adding political identity to the laundry list of protected traits in fair hiring and housing practices should not be a stretch. Men who put dicks in their mouths and anuses are protected from firing, so why not people with different political opinions?

A topic for a much more in depth essay is, you think this is any different than how they treat organizations, corporations, public figures, etc.? This is their modus operandi. Once they have something on you in any way negative, they then can get you to leak out information to them. You have to feed them information or else, they'll publish the bad stuff. They now are just drilling it down from corporations and powerful individual people to little anonymous plebians.

CNN has picked a fight with /pol and the anonymous internet. CNN has under 1 million viewers during primetime. That is already trouble considering the TRS podcasts get over a hundred thousand listeners. CNN delenda est.


Last week I wrote about the potential for the Left to take science primitive in academia. Science would then have to leave American shores or go into private R&D labs. The official loop of academia and media reports on findings would be a loop of lies. Weimerica Weekly was on NPR.

This week I write how the Chavez regime built organizations, some loose and some firm, to maintain control and route around existing power structures to aid Chavez's takeover of the Venezuelan state apparatus. Weimerica Weekly will cover barcades with some class observations thrown in beforehand.


Tiny Duck said...

Now right wing trolls are threatening CNN member's families. Is that ok? Why is it a bad thing to call out racist Nazis? Its scary that people like you exist and breed

Jonathan said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate all your content. If we did not live in Clown World, you and Sailer and E. Michael Jones and Ann Barnhardt and several others would have a lot more influence. Maybe in time!

Tiny Duck said...

So you guys think it is ok to harass and threaten to kill the children of CNN employees?

Steve Johnson said...

"Once they have something on you in any way negative, they then can get you to leak out information to them. You have to feed them information or else, they'll publish the bad stuff. "

Think about that sentence - what other organization uses that as their modus operandi? Not the mafia - intelligence agencies.

george strong said...

We must take our enemies at their word. The Left/Democrats/progressives/BLM really do hate us and want to genocide us. They should be treated accordingly. They have already drawn first blood.