Monday, July 17, 2017

A Trump Policy: Prole Peace Corps

The Russia hysteria going on right now is good to view through the lens of what if Clinton had won. Everything you hear now could be used to justify aggressive moves against Russia. A no fly zone over Syria by March 1st would have led to friction and potential confrontation in Syria with Syria/Iran/Russia. How easy would it be to sell to America that Russia needs to get whacked for Syria stuff and Muh Electoral Integrity!

Luckily, world war three looks off in the distance.We can all laugh at Julia Ioffe saying that ISIS and Islam is a smaller threat to America compared to Russia. They have an army and tanks! Russia would also lose to America in a direct confrontation. Russia does not want to be undermined. If America and Russia can experience a new d├ętente, it might be best to find different ways to coordinate. There must be interests that overlap and ways for exchanges to be made.

America also has the Peace Corps. This is a horrendous program that is progged to the core to spread good prog beliefs to the third world masses. It ended up such a rape factory that there have been calls to shut it down completely. Still, it is good ol' JFK's baby, so it will not die. Let us reform and reshape it.

Prole Peace Corps

America can maintain all the funding that we assign to Peace Corps and those wonderful private donations for programs and fund a different way to make friends while giving Americans skills that they can use when they return to America. President Trump should offer all men, preferably men not scared of blue collar work, the opportunity for training in a trade attached to the requirement that they must work for 2-3 years in Russia on Russian infrastructure and repair projects.

Ask anyone who does business in Russia. Moscow is great and up to speed. Then go into the hinterlands. It does not take much of a distance. The hospitals, the government buildings, the basic water and electrical infrastructure are in poor shape. Have you seen pictures from their hospitals? We could send drywall, paint and basic maintenance crews there to do wonders. These American men could return and be part of a community repair team. Maybe have access to preferential loans, daycare rates, etc.

What does Russia do in exchange? I'm going to be blunt. Women of decent BMI. We need these good guys to be able to find a wife and bring her back to the states. Now the Russians very well will send sleeper agents, but that's okay because when all of these good ol' boys come back, we will debrief them. They will have spent two to three years in a country that America has found notoriously ridiculous to get reconnaissance on, and Russians will already consider them spies but we would have some possible understanding of the Slav Soul. They are a mystery to us.

A positive to this would be sending a million or so men over in these programs of friendship, and having maybe half of them return with brides. If a woman does not produce a baby with her man within two years, she gets sent back. All visas have requirements. This contingent will also form a nice community for them in their new, disorienting society. It will help with adjustment. It will also help America's sexual marketplace imbalance.

Now I am an equal opportunity fellow. I also anticipate the cries of 'das rayciss, why are you not helping Africa'. They would be wrong. I would expand this program to replace the SWPL do-gooders that go for their pictures holding little black kids with black American men. I am sure they can swing hammers, build small sheds, and ladle out soup and food. The same opportunity for marrying would be encouraged, and some could even stay there like colonial administrators of sorts with spiffy uniforms. I have seen the statistics for black American female BMIs. I know that 80% are overweight/obese. We all have read the hoteps discuss a longing for Africa. We could use some intel of Africa as China continues to pour money and resources into it. Let us solve all of these problems in one fantastic program.

Our problems are deep. Our problems are called impossible to solve. The problem to our problems is we never think of alternative solutions outside of the Overton Bubble that the media has us living in. Radical problems need radical solutions.


PA said...

Loooting Russian women... Larry Summers would approve.

Nah man, Russian women belong to Russian men, there is no surplus. White countries with 1.6 TFR will have to start sending foreign loverboys to their embassy morgues.

Fix American female BMI by offing US agribusiness executives. Don't throw good money after bad.

Portlander said...

While I like out of box thinking, and sometimes a modest proposal is necessary to b*tch slap people out of their cognitive complacency, PA is right.

Also, consider what could go wrong. From what I've seen, Russia isn't overflowing with tradwaifu material. Rather, she seems full of gold-diggers and con-artists more than willing to capitalize on their wasting assets, and that upon reaching their sell-by date turn into sour babuskas that will fill-up the public sphere like potted plants, glowering at passer-by's.

Anonymous said...

> Fix American female BMI by offing US agribusiness executives.
> Don't throw good money after bad.

And by that you mean Big Pharma executives.

I agree.

The Prole Peace Corps should be building US infrastructure FOR MONEY so those young men not afraid of work can convince American women to avoid college (and all the feminist indoctrination that involves) during a time of their life they should be applying their energies to supporting their husbands in establishing a family-household-facilitating social structure.

Invest in our own genetic stock. There are alpha women languishing for want of warrior men to claim them (often despite themselves). There are beta women who should be kept out of college till they've come of age and maturity to use the time and money well (say a degree in her 40s to help the family business flourish).

sykes.1 said...

"Russia would also lose to America in a direct confrontation." It depends where that confrontation occurs. America easily wins in Syria, but loses badly in Ukraine. In either case, the problem is to prevent the conflict from spreading and going nuclear.

The real issue is that Russia and China continue to outmaneuver the US and build an anti-US coalition.They are close to completing MacKinder's World Island project. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization now includes one-half of the World's population and one-fourth of its GDP.

Pandemonium Piper said...

I've been to Thailand where the local prostitutes are all over me and they abhor my friends who are big black guys.

Yet the Russian Prostitutes that have moved into Pattaya and Soi Cowboy Love the chocolate thunder.

I see a potential problem with bringing Russians to the USA...