Thursday, June 29, 2017

WW1 - Ottoman Cavalry In The Desert

As the Great War bridged the old world and new we see vestiges of the old methods of warfare.

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Anonymous said...

Well, more than a vestige. The British used cavalry too, in perhaps the last theatre of conventional war where it was still effective.

Talking of horses, it was the Ottomans' last and most disastrous decision (in a long series) to back the losing one in the war. At least they cheated the Austrian and Russian empires' ambitions to plunder the corpse of the sick man of Europe, since they all died together.

It's interesting that Ataturk, in building his new Republic, consciously sought renewal by emulating the Western liberal and secular model, the model still seen then as an example for the world. Turkey today joins China and Russia in rejecting it; now it's the US and its Western vassals who are the decaying empire that cannot reform itself.