Friday, June 23, 2017

Ossoff's Loss + SM Review-Preview 95

The Democrats ginned their side up for a special election in a congressional seat they thought they could flip and lost. They didn't just lose but they lost monumentally when you consider the money they spent. Margin-wise this was a roughly 4 point win. Emotionally, this was a huge letdown for the Left. Big Picture: it means nothing. Nothing changes.

For the GOP, if anything, it means the GOP needs to give in and become the populist party that Trump campaigned on, which should open doors in states that they will want to control after the 2018 elections. It also means they should throw some kibble their base's way.

For Nate Silver, it means he needs to confess that he is a fraud. The man only made his name with political predictions because Team Obama fed him their internal data. They wanted him pushing the hype. They used him to manipulate the polling in '08 and '12 just like a basketball coach works the referees. Silver should retire now with his bags of Disney money.

For the Left, it shows how idiotic they are. Frank Luntz explained in a tweet that Ossoff spent $40 million and received fewer votes than the Democrat who ran in November received who spent $1,000. As I tweeted, it shows a problem for the Left and why they are really desperate for the Beige Bernie. How many Obamas are out there is a problem. Ossoff couldn't even vote in the district he was running in, so this was a carpetbagger. It raises questions, and these are serious as they point to problems in central control.

Where was the eloquent black male to send down to be an equal carpetbagger?
Did the Left really think a SoyBoy would win in Georgia?
Are there really no blacks to parachute down and drum up an extra percent or two in black turnout?
Do the whites on the Left have a clue how quickly they will be pushed out?
Is the Left serious in thinking they've played nice, been centrist and taken the high road? (Yes)
Again, is the cupboard really that empty for non-Asian minorities that can run for office?

The votes will be there. The Left is a headless horseman, so all they need is to find a candidate, preferably a non-Asian minority, heterosexual male candidate, to sing the Bernie line and it's clear sailings. Then because there is no elasticity in voters anymore because it is all racial, friction and conflict will come.

Still, this is a lesson in the thirst the Left has to always win non-stop despite winning culturally left and right. There has been a consistent poly push now for a while, with the NY Times really pushing it hard, and no pushback from outlets. Despite seeing the culture erode, and the borders remain open in the West despite now near daily attacks in Europe, they need even silly little congressional special election wins. Ossoff collected 7,000 donations from donors in California compared to only 800 in Georgia. He spent $40 million, $23 million which was spent by his campaign directly.

This is all wasted energy. This is wasted money. This is wasted time. The Left's policies are broken, their false opposition is broken, their claptrap is broken (science continues to break it in new spots), and the world just is not agreeing with them. Yet, they are entrenched in institutions. Build new ones, burn the old ones and starve them to death in  masturbatory solitude in coffin apartments with their cats in those cities that they love to love.


Last week I wrote about the need to take the cartels on, and that we need to end the imperial wars of choice and face the real battle on our border and in the failed state south of us. Weimerica Weekly covered the magic mix that makes a mass shooting a media event and I opened with some talk about Reviewbrah.

This week's essay will cover something I've been churning in my head for a bit, and Weimerica Weekly will tackle the most Weimerican of women in the land: Lena Dunham.


peterike said...

Indeed, $40M is a lot to spend on a (((carpetbagger))). But then, the Left has, almost literally, all the money in the world. They will never lack for money.

That's yet another area where a smart GOP would hoist them on their own petards. The Dems pay lip service to campaign finance reform, but they are the party of Big Donors even more than the Repubs. Trump should push for common sense reforms -- no out of state money should be allowed in state races. Limits should be put on PACs, bundlers and large donors (of course, the Repubs would never agree to any of this either).

The usual irony applies here as well, in that the run-of-the-mill street Democrat thinks they are the party of the little people and that the Republicans get the money from "big business" (which conjures up sooty, smokestack industry for them). When as we woke few know that not only are the Dems the party of big money, they are the party of Jewish big money, to the tune of something like 60% or so of all their take (as I recall). There's a tweet for Trump to make. In general, the Republicans have never been able to pin this on the Democrats, nor has anyone ever tried to bring up the blatant illegality of the online cash gathering that was used by Obama and then Hillary, with ZERO checks on credit cards allowing ANYONE to give money even with utterly fake information (I know this for a fact, as I did it myself).

How much of the $40 M given to Jew Ossoff was given BY Jews? I'd wager a whole lot of it.

On the other hand, the district he ran in is 8% Jewish, pretty huge by Georgia standards. I'm guessing its gotta be the center of something down there -- some university town? A southern Orthodox Jewish community? I don't know.

In any case, while it changes nothing either way, their loss was a nice poke in the eye, and at least we were spared hearing about a "massive victory over Trump" 24x7 for the next month, and seeing Ossoff's little Jew weasel face everywhere. The Counter Revolution is still on hold.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I suspect it is very difficult to find a Beige Bernie. They got lucky with Barack Obama but finding the next one may take a while. I think Cory Booker could have been the guy but one factor that Obama had over Booker is that Obama was a relative unknown, which allowed for the media to shape people's perception of him. Booker has been around politically for almost a decade, resulting in baggage and bad decisions that would dog him when he would strive for higher office. Same goes for Kamala Harris. Having the right intersectional multipliers are important but with the rise of alternative media, the mainstream media can no longer successfully invent a narrative out of whole cloth like with Barack Obama.

Obama arrived at just the right time: enough non-whites and SWPLs to carry him into office with relative ease but not so late that there would be a large group of people who could see shitlords on the dissident right tear through his narrative to be able to react accordingly.

I have little doubt that DNC will continue down their path of being the nonwhite/antiwhite party regardless of the outcome of this election. They'll learn nothing from this special election.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

To double post:

> Still, this is a lesson in the thirst the Left has to always win non-stop despite winning culturally left and right.

Being left wing is not a natural state of things. The left needs continuous victories much like how they always need grist for the outrage mill. They require constant positive (in their mind) reinforcement or else it falls apart pretty quickly. The concept of continuous revolution is now baked into the modern leftist ideology.

I noticed this during the final days of the 2016 election where once the media started reporting some bad news for Hillary (in a very subdued way), the Democrat friends I knew were about ready to throw in the towel. If they dealt with the constant negative attention that the dissident right experiences, I'm not sure they'd be able to take it.

Anonymous said...

Mark Steyn interviewed Douglas Murray. It is excellent.

Portlander said...

I suspect it is very difficult to find a Beige Bernie.

Yep. Just like Sailer is always pointing out it is very difficult to find any White Supremacists wantonly shooting an innocent black in the book-bag while walking to his work-study job at his HBCU.

All that demand and still no supply. Such an epic market failure is just unpossible. The best it's been able to muster are transracials and ginned-up fake news stories.