Friday, April 28, 2017

Law & Order FOX News + SM Review-Preview 87

I have some family visiting. This means network television airs after the kids are put to bed and my parents have to watch a show. For five nights, there was no television, but Law and Order SVU was on and my folks could NOT MISS THAT. How terrible is network television?

- Production quality is a weird mash up of naturally lit street scenes and then soap opera level lit interior shots. Whereas old L&O courtroom scenes could use a set that seemed to be real with real lighting, the scenes now look like a daytime soap opera. This works though for what the show is.

- This is pure propaganda. This week's specific episode was a fictional account of the Roger Ailes FOX News scandal. Even Vanity Fair commented on the tidy way it was resolved.

-To tackle the issue of sexual predators, L&O used the Ailes storyline for the big bad boogeyman of an old white male. Who played him? The guy who was Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore who has played competent, wealthy white male assholes for Hollywood for decades now going back to Breakin'. Hollywood couldn't possibly make the antagonist look normal, gotta be generic a-hole.

- The accuser is a Megan Kelly stand in more than the Ailes accuser but they steal straight from her accusations. She wears a uniform, the male videotapes her, and of course the consent line is blurred.

- An interesting sequence was a series of close up interviews spliced where women came forward to discuss how they wer videotaped by the Ailes figure. It looked like one of those 'anti-sexual assault, say something' advertisements. As part of the show, it was weird as the context of being a show was broken as the video testimony appeared as if a straight message to the viewer. The women covered the ethnicity and age spectrum, so the rah-rah come forward messaging was clear.

- One woman betrays the sisterhood and testifies positively about Ailes. She was bought off, see, and she played ball, see, yeah, see it's a bad gig. There's a 'how could you' scene, and then you know what.... that woman then goes state evidence and wears a camera and wire to take Ailes/Shooter down.

- Even better is how the cast of characters is littered with familiar faces, so there's a nice pipeline for actors who don't make it huge to still get work with these long running procedurals. Mad Men had two alums on this episode with 'Jane, the hot second wife of Roger Stirling' as the conflicted traitor of the sisterhood and Duck from Mad Men as an on-air host.

- How pozzed is TV and how dominant are the progs with their ideology? The lead testifies that the accuser was acting like she was TRIGGERED in a clip like a victim would be. Duck says he can't come forward and testify against Ailes/Shooter because AILES HAS TROLLS PAID FOR AND TROLLS HAVE INFO ON DUCK'S DAUGHTER'S JUVIE RECORD.

-This is not the most 'come on eye roll' moment. At the end, after the accuser has her money, what does she do with it? She says, heh maybe I'll write a tell all but in the meantime I used this cash for this center for empowering teenage girls.

Network TV is beyond trash. Hollywood delenda est.


Last week I wrote on how SWPL culture acts as a protective moat for the urban white youth of American cities. They can't seek segregation, so they have to create segregation via interests. Weimerica Weekly discussed the drive to find a Beige Bernie. There is a possibility that the Democrats see a Chavez before a Beige Bernie in the '20s.

This week I will cover the change in the FN of France as the election run off approaches that pulled it to the left, making the far right label ridiculous, but also screwing with the potential for framing the election the way Brexit or Trump's team did. Weimerica Weekly might be on medicine. I've received a bunch of tips on odd items so I may do a faux Weimerica News broadcast.


peterike said...

It's easy to mock the Law & Order stuff, but this stupid show gets something like seven million viewers live, and who knows how many more afterwards. That's nothing like the days when "All in the Family" would get 60 million viewers in a country half the size, but it ain't beanbag.

Still, it is indeed harder for the Narrative to makes its case. They have to be everywhere now, which is why you even get the Narrative on sports broadcasts. In the good old days, you'd have more than half the nation in the same place at the same time, and you could show them how bigoted and stupid white men were, and how noble was the Negro and the Jew and the Woman (as such) and the Puerto Rican (no Mexers yet, can you imagine?) and the Gay.

So next time you feel like talking smack about the Narrative and our Puppet Masters, remember they are working harder then ever before to corrode the nation with their acid!

Toddy Cat said...

"They have to be everywhere now, which is why you even get the Narrative on sports broadcasts"

Yes, they are losing control, and they know it. Hence the increase in stridency, and the growing hysteria, on the Left.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"remember they are working harder then ever before to corrode the nation with their acid! "

Trump election has motivated them like never before, I don't think it was this bad during the GWB years.

Portlander said...

Heh. Good point, peter.

domino said...

IM TRIGGERED. Recently with time on my hands and with a fast computer---i looked at every single episode of Law and Order,SVU,Criminal Intent etc and even the UK version. We are talking of NEARLY a 1,000 episodes in total. i was looking for who they portrayed committing the murders and serious rapes and who actually commits these crimes. The figures and ratios are mind blowing in their inaccuracy--that ripped from the headlines stuff,and the opening credits all try to give it a sheen of reality when the exact opposite is the truth. i will not give the figures--you can do your own research---in summary,the approx one million New Yorkers who are of the class and colour people they nearly always portray as guilty will often commit zero crimes in real life in a whole year.While the guilty looking/acting stereotype suspect that they show in the first few minutes(is always shown later to be 100% innocent)--is in reality guilty of 99% of those crimes in real life. Yes that 1% is ripped from the headlines. Even the very very few times they show a person of colour being guilty of the crime--there is always a understandable+sympathetic excuse. While the colour white is by far the common trait among the vile criminals---it is also,career+professional success,financial success,hard working,highly educated,culture---these are always shown to be the true marks of a murderer rapist.Often they live in millionaire brownstones,with attractive spouses and lovely children and nearly always have great art on their walls. LOLZ.

MacD said...


I heard that they did tests and Whites didn't want to watch shows about ethnic criminals.