Sunday, February 26, 2017

Social Matter - The Left's Cultural Catch-22

New essay up at Social Matter. The feeling that all can sense but can't quite name is a change in how the culture war is being fought. Sure the Left has won the culture wars but note the difference in how the sides are playing. The law may recognize trans people, but the joke is on anyone shouting at the top of their lungs that "This Man is a Woman" and pointing to a linebacker in a dress.

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Random Dude on the Internet said...

The coalition of the fringes works best if the fringes remain fringes. In a 80-90% white society, that is possible where you have a few groups of minorities but then a mass of liberal whites to keep the fringes together because ultimately these fringes have very different goals. What the LGBT community wants is different than what the black community whites and so on.

Now that we are a 60% white society, these fringes are no longer fringes and now they feel emboldened to not just be a small fringe. Blacks used to enjoy being The Official Minority but now Hispanics outnumber them by millions and millions. I've heard the theory floated out there that #BLM is an attempt for blacks not to be supplanted by Hispanics. Not sure how valid that theory is but considering how blacks are getting chased out of many Southern Californian cities, you have to wonder if they think that they will fade into the background in favor of Hispanics, who, despite their many flaws, seem more willing to work with the gringos than the blacks are.

So these fringes are no longer fringes but may become majority-minority. So the coalition of the fringes will inevitable fall apart as these empowered fringes now try to assert control over the corpse of America. This is why I think (and have said many times here) that a Democrat one party rule is not destined to last long. Democrat infighting will prevent the one party rule they've been pining for after all these years. We just saw this with the progressive reaction to Perez being nominated as head of the DNC. The Democrats still need white people and they're already drawing up their playbooks for a post-white DNC. Even if demographics continue to shift the way they are, they still need whites for a few more election cycles. The Clinton Archipelago is not enough to carry the country.

At a pop culture level, I think we will see what we've been seeing now: right wing is now considered the underdog but the left is far more willing to shut down dissension than the right was during the ascending New Left in the 60s and 70s. The alt right needs to do what you suggested in the essay and continue to infiltrate. Don't go the route of the TRS goys like Mike Enoch; there are room for these guys but we still need the right goys to be able to help them out as they work their way through corporate America.