Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Documentary Review: Advanced Style

The liberals have been having fun using movie references. Their resistance with analogies to harry Potter, Star Wars and any outsider group fighting a big bad meanie conveniently absolves them of any culpability. There is a bad guy, let's fight. The bad guy just showed up. Why? Creating this dystopia is why. They created a Hunger Games environment in the Clinton Archipelago. Advanced Style documents this.

This documentary is about elderly women and their unique sense of style. These women go all out and glam it up well into old age. You will see some situations, some women and some outfits that look like a deleted scene or a written off character from the capitol in Hunger Games. Some of these women can look classy and dress well in a manner that maybe your mother or grandmother might want to dress for a night out on the town. Some are downright creepy like the woman who makes her own eyelashes. That is a 'wait what' sequence as she reveals it and then explains how and why.

A common theme to their outfits is the hat or headpiece. It is not because it is from another time but to hide old lady hair. Hair changes color and look as one ages, and there is no fighting it. These women all have some headpiece to minimize the focus on their hair. It is a great strategy because even the choice of wearing a hat or headpiece plays into the "I'm unique" bit of their fashion statement.

There is something weird to this all. It's not the idea of aging gracefully. Some of these women do look great for their age. It's the idea of roles and realizing your era for peacocking has come and gone, and you need to develop and transform into a new role. Some of them do not look like classy women dressing up as much as they look like retired trapeze artists or Vegas show girls.

The interactions between the women with the man behind this documentary add to the oddity of it all. He seems like a circus ringmaster with these clowns or court toady egging on people with money to burn and aspirations for flaunting themselves or their wealth. Considering his youth, this is a perfect fit for the Millenial/Gen-X in our metro areas. People go to the cities that the progs dominate. They try to make it, but the city was never meant for them to make it. They are just small timers meant to enable the true citizens and made men and women of the cities.

The documentary is just Ari Cohen, writer of the blog Advanced Style, getting enough funding to put it together. Admire his hustle of turning his ability to use old people and their quirky fashion for his own gain. It takes a certain type of person to say that you appreciate and cherish it while definitely turning it into Human Zoo entertainment for clicks and cash. In the documentary, he comes across not as much gay as legitimately creepy with these old women.

I would not waste time watching it unless you want to watch some Human Zoo TV.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I suppose you watch these things so we don't have to. Thank you.

Talking about old lady style, did you ever see Grey Gardens (1976)? It enjoyed something of a comeback among the style bloggers I used to hang out with in the mid-2000s. I tried to watch it once. Not my thing.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF - My wife wanted to watch it. It's Human Zoo TV.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

So is another story of a Jew making money over goyim dreams.

Tiny Duck said...

white students are beneficiaries of affirmative action