Sunday, January 08, 2017

Social Matter - A Trump Baby Boom?

New essay is up at Social Matter. I dig into the Weimar era again to point to something that some random commenters on the Internet have hinted at (Matt Forney in particular): a potential Trump Baby Boom. There was a '30s German example, and one before the government policies could even go into full effect. It's not about money.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

I think that at best, Trump may help push a small percentage of families have another child but it would likely be a second child instead of a third. Maybe it will go back up to pre-recession levels but I'm not even sure then. Honestly a better strategy would be finding ways to reduce the birthrate in non-whites and to have restrictive immigration. White people are never going to outbreed Hispanics or Muslims. I'd rather we have tough immigration than boondoggles as described in Yuray's essay to increase birth rates that don't move the needle.

Although this is a meme that I see a lot of the alt lite/Trump LARPers continue to push. They really believe that Trump truly cares about this stuff. Nothing about his public and private life indicates that he'd rather see women stay at home and have babies than be in the workforce. On the contrary, I believe he would rather women "lean in" than stay home and have a third child. So yeah, he's not going to offer much that will address birthrates. I've also heard people say that he will tackle degeneracy and I have to wonder what a guy who has made most of his money in television, casinos, and real estate, has cheated on all his wives, and frequented prostitutes is going to do about degeneracy. I doubt it's even entered into his mind.

I think the alt right and NRx groups are more even headed about Trump but the alt lite tends to be more delusional as they think Trump is their knight in shining armor.

concerned reader said...

Ummm, dude not to be a concern troll or nothing but I think the guy in that picture (dude on the left) is an SS officer. Look at his collar, it bears a patch with the two Nazi pagan thunderbolts. Just letting you know.

also the chick in that photo...yikes. There is no middle ground for German broads; either you get a perfect specimen of Teutonic grace and beauty or you get Helga, beefy caretaker at the VA hospital.

PA said...

not to be a concern troll

So why are you being one?