Sunday, December 11, 2016

Social Matter - 6 Month When Everything Changed

New essay is up at Social Matter. This is how tribal warfare really was unleashed in America. The Democrats have played ID politics for decades, but this period showed that persuasion was gone and the stakes were very clear. Even after this period, the rest of '13 was full of "stakes are high" revelations like the Zimmerman trial and Snowden's revelations.


Outsider said...

Liberals are ready for a coup.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

This was around the time I became increasingly redpilled and no longer considered myself a progressive. The anti-white sentiment was becoming more and more of a thing and as a white person, I either had to denounce my "whiteness" or risk being called a bigot. I saw a lot of fellow Democrats grit through their teeth to talk about privileged they were and I realized that there was no way I was going to live a life of self flagellation to appease others within my own party. I also despised how biased the whole St. Trayvon of the Skittles thing became.

Maybe the progressives were always that way and it finally just hit me but it was around late 2012/early 2013 when I checked out of the party and never looked back. I can tell you for sure though that the Democrats are not going to come around any time soon. Their eggs are all in the demographic change basket. It's up to Trump and Bannon to keep pushing policies that tap more of the moderate and independents in the rust belt and New England. The prog machine isn't going to be stopping and at no time will they consider slowing down or changing course.

Portlander said...

I saw a lot of fellow Democrats grit through their teeth to talk about privileged they were

Where are you located? I've never seen a Democrat grit their teeth over their privilege. Like a Pharisee rolling around in ashes, they take great pride in it. It's zero-cost virtue signaling: they don't have children (or at most one), and their own place in the economy is secure (well, in their mind it is).