Friday, December 16, 2016

Miracle on 34th Street + SM Review-Preview 69

Miracle On 34th Street is a Christmas classic. It is also a reminder that some women have always worked. In the film, this particular single mom happened to work a nice white collar job; she had to work. Your grandmother or great-grandmother may have worked in the mills, at a laundry service or some small job. She did not have a career. That is really what the 'women entering the workforce' feminism was pushing. Middle and upper middle class women could go after a career. This is why they don't fight for more women at Calfrac, but more women doing PowerPoint presentations for Facebook.

This was conveniently timed with the construction of LBJ's welfare state, so thank the Lord that we had extra workers paying in taxes for it. Wait, did I say Maureen O'Hara's working mom was divorced? Oh Lord, before no fault divorce, it could happen! Oh noes feminists, the world was so oppressive that women could work and leave marriages.

In the movie, the man ran out on ol' Maureen, but fault divorce meant it happened. I had eight sets of great-grandparents like everyone else, and in those eight marriages, there was one divorce. It was strange for a 1947 movie to have a divorced character, but look at the graph for divorce rate in America. There was a curious spike after WW2, so this movie reflected a real phenomenon that the crowd would understand and identify with because of society around them.

After WW2, divorces spiked and there were a myriad of reasons. One given by good prog historians is that women were working and therefore could jettison their men. Reality would probably say that a lot of people got married before and during the war for not the purest of motives and after the war realized they wanted to start over. I don't blame them. One of my grandfather's did not marry his sweetheart before going off to war and received a Dear John letter later. Funniest thing was that his twin brother never forgave her for breaking his brother's heart, but my grandfather did talk to her after returning (he married a younger woman).

I bring this up because we have always had working women, always. We just used to have fewer of them. They were also not glorified as the awesome life path or even the preferred life path.

Last week I wrote about that six month period where the American Left's bloodlust was fully revealed. We are not a unified nation, and will never go back to being one. Weimerica Weekly was on the progressive obsession with the creepy, quasi-rapey theme to the winter song "Baby It's Cold Outside".

This week's essay will be on the progressive twilight zone that the DSM V is laying the groundwork for implementation. Weimerica Weekly might be on travel, but I might wait to see if anything happens on December 19th (Electoral College meetings).

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