Friday, November 04, 2016

Reactionary Future Nails One + SM Review-Preview 64

This is a must read from Reactionary Future. The French had a color revolution pulled on them in '68 to subvert a vassal trying to wiggle out from under American dominance. There are some good lessons here and good reasons to study history.

First, De Gaulle was connected to pre-WW2 institutions and thoughts in France. As I mentioned in my interview with Richard Spencer, WW3 was really the USG Empire dismantling and destroying the European colonial system while Russia slowly built up. I was told once that the French didn't quite let go and what they did was remove explicit control of their territories with cover control via French banks. De Gaulle through force of personality pushed Gaullism, which was a nationalist rejection of the simple US/USSR split world. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons, identifying the problem of the Bretton Woods system, De Gaulle was a thorn in USG's side.

France was a threat. If they could have their institutions and a system marketable to others, USG faced competition. Consider a major change in the '70s in France: immigration. Magically, France goes from limited immigration, which had heavy influence from taking in French aligned Algerians and ethnically French citizens who lived in Algeria. Just under 1 million of the ethnic French living in Algeria fled for France to avoid the fate of Belgians in the Congo. This made sense. The immigration after the '68 French revolt combined with the insane idea of "asylum" hamstrung France from ever rising to challenge America. Their social welfare spending exploded. America, in effect, gave France a "black problem" by enabling Muslim immigration to France. You think Wikipedia editors are hiding anything with the super short section on post-'74 immigration to France?

Another great lesson is that our universities are truly spy agencies. They are informal agencies for developing talent, collecting intelligence and performing analysis. RF points to student-provocateur Cohn-Bendit. Stop for a moment and consider how our own leaders get to the top. He used the university system and the student activist organizations to cause mayhem. They often run through the Ivy system. The Ivy system should be seen for what it is, which is an informal intelligence agency bound together by its progressive politics. Yes, Putin is a KGB officer installed as president, with the KGB/FSB interests and ideas. Our presidents going thru the Ivy filter are intelligence assets or officers of sorts, with the peculiar interests and ideas of our Ivies.

This, along with the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, also show that the tricks we see USG using now are the same tricks they have been using since inception. Bay of Pigs was suppose to be a CIA run and funded armed "native army" to overthrow Castro with the aid of American air cover. It's the playbook that the USG still uses today (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria). The color revolutions of today whether in Eastern Europe, MENA or even the failed Occupy Hong Kong scam are just the same crap as France in '68.


Last week I wrote how the very recent 2000 election, primaries included, clearly show how far left America's left has drifted. It is undeniable. You can look at candidate platforms, and also consider the social and cultural shifts that are unmentioned but now set in stone in the left's belief system. Weimerica Weekly was on the minefield that is parenting, how the abnormal is normal now and how the business of egg donors and surrogates is frankenfamily formation.

This week is an essay on either an echo of the past or a dark picture of the future. Weimerica Weekly has multiple candidates for an episode. I'm actually a little sad that I'll have to record it before election night because this November does seem like a definite turning point in our Weimerican landscape.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Cohn-Bendit is a Jewish pedophile, it doesn't surprise if he was working for Washington and Tel-Aviv, the Left he promoted was very different from the old Communist workers and had more to do with today degeneracy.

De Gaulle tried to make the future EU into a Pro-European organization, he wanted West Germany to not join NATO, had good relations with the Russia, embargoed Israel,... The French Left has always been leadered by Jews like Leon Blum, Pierre Mendes France, Simone Veil (a jewess responsible for abortion legalization in France)

Alexandros HoMegas said...

FBI is Red Empire, if Hillary wins they will have their balls cut off.