Friday, November 11, 2016

President Elect Trump + SM Review-Preview 65

President Trump. Did you actually think you'd say it? When this started you wanted to simply troll and destroy the GOP. Now you are sitting there going, "I can't believe he won." I know you didn't think so because you guys sent me messages about being black pilled, about being down, and about the coming troubles. At 3pm you might've warned your wife about the coming civil war and conflict, and then at midnight, it was party on.

A commenter elsewhere said I was blackpilled for this election season. Look, I am an anti-democracy advocate. It's my game but did you figure out why I had Nixon call me? Nixon could play my positive foil that still believed there was a chance if Trump did the populist "Screw the DC-Wall St axis" pitch. I did think populism was a winning message. I've written about that for years now. Trump's campaign was a magical thing and also an indicator that there was something wrong with the system. Who knows what he will do, and honestly, isn't that amazing? We will end up looking back on the W-Obama era as the final days of the old Reagan created system just as the LBJ-Nixon era was the final days of the post-WW2 system.

When did you feel it turn? Was it when Florida went for Trump? Andrea Castillo, now O'Sullivan, was retweeting and tweeting like a superb troll. She was already dancing on the progs' faces and it was only 9pm. Not having the election be a Clinton steamroll was a first win. It repudiated the cuckservative "We need to hispander" message. it would prevent a cuck double down in 2020. The major tell something was up was when the networks were not calling Pennsylvania. This meant their exits were not indicating a Clinton win when combined with early returns within their margin of error. Recall that Pennsylvania in 2000 was called well before Florida.

It might have been when the networks couldn't call Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and >gulp< MINNESOTA. See I expected Trump to win Florida and NC but fall short because he couldn't win VA and would not flip PA or Michigan. Flipping one of those was the key to victory. When the media couldn't call PA and MI, I knew something strange was up. Did you watch the NY Times probability of win chart or 538's? It went from 80% Clinton win to 5% Clinton win over the course of the night. Nate Silver tweeted at one point that they did not change probability until states were called because people mocked his site's lag. It was glorious. I called some Millenial shitlords and said, "I think she wins narrowly, the Dems always fucking cheat enough to win." I still smiled as we shared Facebook meltdown posts of friends.

I had some inside info. One source I can't share, but it made me feel good about Pennsylvania. The second was a Democrat friend in the White House. He called initially crying. I said, "They haven't called it, she can squeak it out". He said, "Networks are just keeping America on edge for ratings and page clicks. It's over." The Dems had specific areas they were watching for a Clinton win and all were breaking not just lower for Clinton but against her. There were specific areas of PA that the Dems expected slight wins that were coming in losses. There were areas of Michigan they expected Clinton at 48% where she came in at 38%. We spent an hour discussing how empty the bench was, and how Trump just by not being Hitler would actually help his white voter percentage next election as the moral preening pussies came home. As he put it, "This is the paleocon's revenge. Everything is wide open."

When Wisconsin was called, were you in shock? The Wisconsin cuck label might be unfair. Governor Walker's machine combined with Trump's message came through, bigly. With Wisconsin called, you knew Pennsylvania was a matter of time. The trolling on Twitter was glorious. KawaiiHVACGuy went after Ian Bremmer with renewed fury. People poked at journalists and lefties non-stop. I just refreshed my Twitter feed and enjoyed the spectacle. Watching cuckservatives try to deny what was going on was hilarious as well. "Oh just wait for the midnight vote dump! Oh just wait for the wave to crash! Oh just wait for Arizona Mexicans to show up!"

To top it all off, that bitch wouldn't concede on camera. Drunk? Seizing up? Medicated? To be a fly on the wall. She sent Podesta, the spirit cooking asshat himself, out to tell her fans to leave. She conceded on the phone. The photos and videos of the libs crying were beautiful. My wife's Facebook feed was hysterical as all these echo chamber libs were losing it. What was even better was watching the very people who shamed and chased down their friends and family for even whispering support for Trump get a sledgehammer comeuppance.

I do find it hysterical how ballistic black women are right now. It shows how emotional they are with regards to politics, and their irrationality. Can they name one thing a politician, especially a Democrat, could do to fix "the communitah"? I'm not talking about lower class black women; even the white collar working ones are losing their shit. It does reveal the battered spouse behavior blacks have with the Democrat party. I've returned to Faceborg to troll white liberals. It is fun. They are melting down. Secretly, this reveals that they are alone.

This fight continues. The Soros funded protests have begun, and this is not the end. Californians are discussing secession. GOOD! Peaceful separation, please move on and destroy California further until road warriors reclaim it. The media is saying democracy is bad. GOOD! Will Trump deliver on anything? Who fucking knows? What has happened is the elite now know there is a large bloc of people that hate them as much as they have hated the plebians. Maybe some elite will slide over to our crowd to get ahead of this. Conflict and trouble will come, and now you know that the battle groupings. Build your networks, take care of your families, and be the Chad Nationalists that you want to see. It is only the end of the beginning.


Lats week I wrote about progressives, white progs, being a reincarnation of Shakers. There is one catch and that is the aggressive attitude of white progs now compared to old Shakers. This might be the Jewish bolshie influence as Alinsky tactics are more in your face than old timey Shakers.

Weimerica Weekly was on the amazing and hilarious election. We officially entered a new phase of Weimerica with this one. The fight continues. Next week's WW might be a discussion of George Soros's work.


Tiny Duck said...

This is how liberty dies....With thundering votes. Some of my most basic and cherished assumptions about the nature of the country I live are falling the fuck apart.

The other choice for Democrats was a socialist Jew. So, it was a pick your poison of American bigotry. Either way we would've got swamped by the resentful uneducated white guy vote.

Well, Trump voters, if you thought government was terrible and corrupt before, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Massachusetts will be one of the last holdouts against Sauron. We manage to elect non-crazy Republicans even.

My South Asian friend got told, "Pack your bags, dot-head" on his commute to work. Something he hadn't been subjected to since grade school. Trump awakened America's ugly soul (maybe it never really slept) and the people who clung to his white supremacist message are emboldened. It's not always about politicians and their policies. It's usually just about us and the way we choose to treat people.

peterike said...

A glorious night indeed!

One thing I read somewhere (can't remember, too much stuff the past few days), was that the Clinton Machine was hoist on its own petard of over-confidence. They had been selling the "Clinton landslide" so hard and their media flunkies were pushing it so much, that they didn't gin up the urban fraud machines. You could see in many swing states that the big cities -- the fraud centers -- reported most of their votes early, confident of victory. Later in the night when reality set in, they had already burnt their powder.

My favorite story of all was the report of Clinton crying hysterically. Good!

As for Trump, does he deliver? I think so. His "First 100 Days" proposal is an incredible list of necessary change from top to bottom. Hell, if he can just pull THAT off, he can coast for the next three years having already helped America more than any President since, who? Coolidge?

A lot of it he can do via the power of the executive -- interesting how a lot of what he wants fixed is within the bureaucracy and won't require Congress. It's those shit weasels that worry me the most. Are they going to balk at The Wall? I think Trump's victory put the fear of Kek into them though, so being the bootlicking cucks that they are, they might just fall in line.

The temper tantrums of the Progs are a thing to behold, as are the many sneering, snarky responses they are getting. Oh the LOLZ!

And now there are reports of some illegals already heading home. I don't think we'll really see a visible amount of that; not quite yet. But if Lord Trump starts to crack down on just a few, the rest will get the message. That's the thing: it will be SO EASY to have millions self-deport if you just make life a little tough for them.

And Putin puts out a Persona Non Grata on Soros! Wonderful!

You know, Trump already prevented World War III, and he's not even in office yet. Can you just imagine the bro talk between him and Putin sitting around shooting the shit and talking about all the hotties they shagged (through an interpreter of course!).

Anonymous said...

Tiny Duck, Gov. Baker is awful. He's all in on LGB and the T which he recently signed into law.

Corn said...

I'm exhilarated Trump won, but admit I'm surprised as all hell. I didn't tune into election coverage until 8pm central time and when I saw Trump had lost VA I figured it was game over. But then no one had called FLA or PA and I was heartened. When the NYT's dial showed MI and WI(!) leaning Trump, I knew he had pulled it off. I'm still surprised he won Wisconsin. He also came within 1.5 or 2 points of Hillary in Minnesota, home of "Minnesota Nice" and heart of the cuck belt. That has to have some Dem insiders somewhere crapping their pants. Hope so anyway.

Steve Johnson said...

"My South Asian friend got told, "Pack your bags, dot-head" on his commute to work. Something he hadn't been subjected to since grade school."

I certainly hope you showed him that not all Americans are horrible and helped him pack rather than just taunting him about it and forcing him to do it alone.

Portlander said...

No surprise here. I'd been telling libtards around town he was going to club her like a baby seal in the EC. No way were PA, OH, & MI breaking for her. Blacks were going to stay home (at the least not vote 3-6 times all over town) and whites were going to cross-over for Trump.

Actually, I was surprised it was this close. She and her campaign were clearly imploding in Sept.

I will admit to two slight waivers in conviction:

* Following the conventions it was *incredible* the amount of water the hoaxing media began carrying for her by way of attacking Trump. What those NeverTrump cucks admit is any Republican candidate would have been subjected to the same, with Cruz being the biggest and easiest target for them.

* In late Oct I began worrying ballot fraud in FL, PA, & NV were going to steal the election from Trump.

I think in both cases, if it wasn't for the bright light of new media sh*tlords they probably would have gotten away with it. Cernovich, Assange, O'Keefe, and so, so many more... those guys are incredible heroes in my book. They should never have to buy another beer for as long as they live. In particular, I think O'Keefe's videos shook a lot of Dem GOTV operatives and scared them enough lay low on Nov 8. Likewise, it made rank and file Trump voters into an army of see-something, say-something poll watchers ready to smack down any hanky panky real or perceived.

"Networks are just keeping America on edge for ratings and page clicks. It's over."

Exactly what I said to my wife Tuesday night. She was on pins and needles waiting for PA & MI, and I was like "fughett about it, they are playing you so you'll keep watching."

"This is the paleocon's revenge. Everything is wide open."

Ha, hadn't thought of that before, but I like it!

My biggest and sincerest hope is that Trump cleans up the voting process. In a clean election, I have no fear. But with 30M illegals and trivially easy to game early voting schemes, every election risks being the last.

I'm not sure Trump fully appreciates the demographics-is-destiny, HBD-aware position. I think he could just as easily be a Proposition Nation(TM)-er, whose only complaint is that we lowered the bar 5-10% too far. I'm more a Ramsey Paul guy, everyone should have their own nation, including the progeny of the White Europeans that built this one.

Toddy Cat said...

"It's usually just about us and the way we choose to treat people."

Yeah, it is, and the way you and your buddies on the left chose to treat people is to advocate genocide for whites, get anyone who disagreed with you fired or worse, assassinate police officers, crow about how our race was finished, taunt people with the "fact" that our children would not be white, that our country belonged to you and your kind now, etc, etc, ad nauseum. So, with all due respect, I'm not really interested in your maudlin opining about "America's ugly soul", or your lies about what somebody told your imaginary friend. No one and nothing has been uglier than you leftists, and you deserve as much sympathy as you would have shown us had you won, which is none. Oh, you won't hunted down, because most right-wingers are better than that. But that's a mercy that you don't really deserve.

You guys started this. We only wanted to be left alone. You couldn't do that, and it seems that you started your your victory celebration a bit early. You thought that you had won. As it turns out, the battle is only beginning...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

One of the key components left out of the Democratic autopsy is what effect the past 3 years (especially badly behaving blacks) have had on the average American "normie."

On the social front these folks have watched Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee go into riot. This will soon be Cincinatti with the declaration of mistrial of a white police officer who shot an "unarmed black man." These same "normies" watched police officers ambushed and assassinated in Dallas and Baton Rouge. They saw the Democratic party either endorse it or soft pedal these things.

On the cultural front, the "normies" saw a push for transgender bathroom issues, gay marriage, and basically gay everything all the time, every channel. There was a condescending smugness that SWPLs radiated at all times. There was a celebration of whites losing control of their own self-determination, and they had to constantly remind "normies" of it. Victory wasn't enough. They had to taunt. They had to twist the knife. They had to do endzone dances and spike the ball. They had to rub the average person's face in it.

When the DNC convened in Philadelphia, each night had a theme of sorts. The first night was pander to Hispanics night. The second night was pander to blacks night. The third night was play up gun violence night. The last night was pander to Muslims. Every single night was pander to gays and "nurturing" cat lady types night. At no point in time was there any attempt to appeal to normal white people, especially white men. The closest they ever got was with Biden and Kaine given speaking slots. The DNC chose of their own volition to be the party of non-whites and mentally unstable white freaks.

I don't know if that is because they considered their traditionally voting white base as safely in the bag, or if they did it because they considered them irrelevant.

Either way, they were wrong.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Awesome piece, SOBL. I don't even know where to start.

I'm not worried in the least about CA secession. The state would be ridiculously easy to re-conquer. And we should. CA has the best real estate and climate in the US.

I'm still giddy from the week's events, tbh. I'm about to head to the gym, and I have a couple of women pestering me to meet for lunch and come over today, but all I want to do is hunt down some progs, SJWs, and Hillary supporters and get in their face.

We are just getting started.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I have a lot of friends and family in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Thoroughbred cucks but they did all vote for Trump. They assumed that he would lose their states and also the general election. After seeing the thin margin he lost in Minnesota, they seemed pretty positive overall and were excited. I think had Trump and Pence done a couple more rallies in Minnesota, they could have tipped it over. Oh well, plenty of opportunities to do exactly that for 2020.

I also had to wonder what Clinton campaign was thinking when they made stops in Arizona. That state was never in play and you have to imagine that even their own internal polling would have said the same thing.

Also they need to finally give up and call Michigan for Trump. I know that these people so badly want to find "hidden bags" of absentee ballots that just so happened to be all for Hillary to put her over the top but they know that Trump will call them out and maybe launch an investigation. Voter fraud was still rampant this election but probably not as bad had Trump not called it out. That's why I think it is a mistake for Democrats to cry about winning the popular vote but losing the election: if you counted legitimate votes from legal citizens, Trump likely won the popular vote. From Broward County to Obama encouraging illegals to vote to voter "irregularities" in Philadelphia, its clear that there needs to be some voter reforms in place that discourage this type of ballot stuffing in the future.

Glengarry said...

Since I don't use tumblr much

ET go home.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I have no inclination to be “nice” to our enemies. That’s not me.

All I want to do is laugh in their face and push the knife in deeper.

Never let a solid victory go to waste.

This is no time for pulling punches, making peace, or being “nice” to the adversary.

We won. Be relentless.

No mercy. No quarter.

Drive victory home.

Total War.