Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Nixon's Election Eve Call

Peace and quiet downstairs. A man cracks open a book and relaxes as every child and wife are asleep. No one needs anything. Phone rings.

"Landry residence, Ryan speaking."

"Okay kid so did you watch the debates?"


"Jesus Christ, what are you doing man?"

"I can catch reviews on Twitter but gauge who won by how the media reacts."
"Media is the goddamn enemy. Repeat that 100 times every single day."

"Yes, I know, Trump did very well, and even Pence came off as a good selection for VP."

"In my day, he'd have been one of those JFK Democrats that we would've tried to lure over like Connally. Scratch that, he'd have been a Republican. He is from Indiana."

"It doesn't matter anymore Nixon. What matters is turnout. Those debates are for firing up the base or demoralizing the opponent."

"He must have made those in the middle consider him presidential."

"Hard to when the media is blaring he is a clown Hitler 24/7. What middle is there any longer?"

"There are missing whites in the voting booths. There are Democrats that do not like how hard the Left has gone with this race bunkum."

"Hold up Nixon, these are the same whites that see non-stop slender black women on TV, black geniuses on every hospital drama and conveniently don't see Asians or Hsipanics despite them making up nearly one quarter of America on television. Their minds have been muddled due to constant television bombardment versus the reality outside."

"Hitler is goose stepping down here with a smile on his face. He walked around looking for any wet hole after Trump pointed to the international bankers. Trump's going to do it, and he's going to do it because he can tap the Big 10 states unlike Romney."

"How? How will he do it?"

"If he can push the white vote up in Michigan or PA and we know blacks are not fired up like they were for Obama, he can swing those two-"

"How many whites does he push off because they are cucks that don't want to be seen as racist?"

"They'll really do that?"

"Yes, look at the shitlibs after every terror attack. They also won't want to be considered stupid."

"Then fuck kid, the game is lost."

"That's what I have been trying to tell you. Don't sleep on Hispanics finally showing up."
"That is pretty depressing."

"Look at all these corruption leaks and blatant cheating and fraud. No one goes to jail. Not enough people care. The people who care are not clients of the regime, they are the subjects. Clients just want gibsmedats-"

"What's gibsmedats?"

"It's slang for the handouts the government gives, taken from ebonics. Give me that becomes gibsmedats, implying a grasping, greedy nature to it."

"How true. The ultimate voting bloc for themselves. The ultimate Democrat clients. Nice word."

"I've doubted Trump since day one while you haven't. The system is too big."

"I've been right at each step."

"The GOP was a weak, hollow phony party. It was primed for toppling. He also has to deal with an entire system geared to rig this in every way, shape and form."

"Clinton is scared. She has no vision, no plan. Just more of the globalist shit sandwich. If Clinton felt secure, she'd never have unleashed the bimbo parade for sex assaults. I can't stand the Left. They control every goddamn node of messaging and this way Trump gets smeared for nothing versus the documented behavior of the Democrats' elder statesman. It's a fucking con. I hate them, but I know that eventually truth wins out. That's what he is armed with. He can do it, the polls are rigged, look at the crowds for rallies."

"Look at who is at the rallies. Whites. Whether Bernie, Trump or Clinton, whites go to rallies. If you actually believe any returns from 100% black districts, you're insane. Those are bags of votes the Dems will use. The Left's affluent white high doesn't attend rallies... they pay for them. I've seen maybe three Clinton signs as I drive around my area."

"Know why her signs have a white background?"


"Because any white homeowner with one is waving the white fucking flag on their people."

"God I hate those fuckers. It's fucking Boomers and their well fed Millenial shit kids, not the hard on their luck Millenials. The American electorate is far more diverse. I've been trying to tell you that which is why I see it all unraveling with bloodshed."

"Goddamn Reagan, get out of the cities."

"A far scarier implication to this with Clinton being as sick as she is... the system is purely a puppet of the elite for a coalition that has no connection but the gibsmedats and social status. It's all a deal. You get this, I get that. This is perfect for the erasing of nationhood. Nothing ties them together but the trade offs, so why not bond with other nations and even more alien cultures. There's always a trade off."

"No there isn't. This was LBJ's fatal mistake with Vietnam. He kept thinking he could buy the North Vietnamese off with everything but giving them the whole nation. He thought he could buy them but he couldn't. There are some men and some groups who will not be bought and will seek their one prize, their one goal above all else."

"I know. It's the same error with importing Islam. They are the same."

"You should aim to be incorruptible, too. The greedy traitor sells out his community and opens the door. Look at drugs. They don't get to small towns unless some local wants to make a buck and help open the goddamn door."

"I am not a member of the 401K crowd. Selling the family farm acre by acre to maintain material comfort is a fool's mission. It betrays all that has come before and leaves destitute all that comes after."
"If Trump doesn't do it, it is over. He's a Democrat except on immigration."

"Agreed, but I thought 2012 was proof it was over. Amnesty will turn all of those swing states solid blue. First and Second amendments will be severely curtailed if not hollowed out. They'll either jail or hospitalize dissidents, go full soviet."
"This is the end of something. Either the goddamn ruinous cabal's system or historical America. It's definitely the end of the old GOP. Nothing will be the same. You're going to have to build. You're going to have to fight."

"I know. Even if Trump wins, that's the eventual end of the commies' experiment."

"Maybe the Chinese or Putin will fund or arm you. Look at what is going on around the globe."

"Have you seen US gun sales? We won't need it. If you read the press, we're already Putin bots or FSB controlled agents. Yes, it appears the USG Empire is unraveling. It might be election year distractions. This Trump insurrection is giving them far more trouble. How can they oust foreign challengers when they can't even rig their own circus election."

"Duterte is in a far stickier situation due to the geography of Philipines and it's poverty. Erdogan though is in a nice seat to change the nature of the Middle East. These Foggy Bottom liberals are asleep at the wheel, and cannot even muster the surprise at external pushback. They cannot fathom that anyone would ever disagree foreign or domestic. Once education takes hold, the commie enlightenment is suppose to occur."

"It's seductive."

"Don't hate your enemies, for that means they have won, but never forget what they wish to do and what they have done."

"Thanks Dick, but I know they want a horrible mishmash of Detroit and California all across the country except for their feudal castle carve outs and my hate just flows."

"We'll talk next year. I promise."

"Promise me one more thing. If you see my grandfather, let him know he was right about everything, and I am sorry I didn't know then."

"It's a big, crowded place down here. If I find him, will do."


Tiny Duck said...

Cast my vote for Hillary Clinton an hour ago. Didn't feel good as I did when I voted for President Obama twice but knowing that white supremacy is about to dealt a body blow is a pretty good feeling.

Me and my partner were talking yesterday about how his niece (born in 2009) has never known a white man as president. Hopefully, she won't have to.

Anonymous said...

She's known half of one

paworldandtimes said...

Love these Nixon calls.


Toddy Cat said...

You're not as funny as you used to be, Duck. Must be the Kaposi's Sarcoma

PRCalDude said...

THat was brootal, SOBL.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Congrats Ryan. Trump won!

GFC said...

We did it friends, we did it! Call Nixon and tell him the news. #MAGA

Laguna Beach Fogey said...