Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Import The Third World, Get Third World Politics

America likes to point a finger at foreign corruption, but as I have written before, America just formalizes it with campaign donations. Pundits have bemoaned Trump acting like a caudillo or Clinton being corrupt (if they cite facts). Very few have noted the Clinton's wife is the potential new president rule run around. This new phase, and this has been evident for years now, is that we have imported enough third worlders where we get third world political features.

Just at the turn of the century, America sent Enron and WorldCom executives to jail. Please note that when the Enron executives lawyers tried to get a slightly more lenient sentence so that the executives would qualify for a lower security prison, the judge and jury politely said, "No". Adelphia executives went to jail. Keep in mind that Michael Moore's quintessential smug liberal books of the same era pointed out all the wonderful connections between The W administration and Enron. They still went to jail.

In contrast, the wild scandals of the American financial crisis, many of which just get glossed over or not discussed at all, have spurred no arrest or prosecutions. Too big to jail It is 2016, so these crooks have nearly run out the statute of limitations clock. Regulatory capture is complete. Government functions cannot even be trusted to be on the lookout for collusion or bid rigging. HSBC can launder millions for drug dealers and terrorists and escape US government intervention due to "market risk". One must not upset the market as it is the only positive the system can point to for economics. Even Sudamerican juntas used less transparent excuses.

A personal favorite though for the transition to third world politics is the story of Jon Corzine. Corzine was a banker that no one liked, but by spending ungodly sums of money in a deep blue state, he squeaked by to win a US Senate seat and then the governorship. After his ho-hum experiences in politics, he returned to the world of finance to eventually be a CEO of a broker-dealer, MF Global. Whoops, hundreds of millions of losses due to derivatives went missing and they plundered customer cash to make themselves solvent for an tiny sliver of time.

His excuse was "I dunno". Sarbanes-Oxley legislation enacted after the Enron/WorldCom scandals was a sop to auditing firms, but explicitly prevented executives from using the I dunno excuse. Corzine walks a free man. In fact, he was a bundler for Obama's re-election in 2012. The regime needed him to hoover up those dollars to pay the consultants and media to get Obama re-elected. That is what mattered. Not laws. Laws are for the little people.

The media cries about Trump acting like a caudillo when not accusing him of being Hitler reincarnated. This is the style of strongman for the competent middle class that arises in Sudamerican politics to clean up the Marxist crap. Juntas overthrew dysfunctional democratic governments often in the Southern cone due to the spoils system of third world pandering. Clinton is a corrupt puppet for a spoils system just like Dilma Rousseff. A Marxist trained kleptocrat that can be the puppet for an elite that manages a system to hand out gibs to a beige, aggrieved underclass. Clinton might be closer to Cristina Kirchner of Argentina. No real accomplishments, but she was married to the man that led the current structure of the party's new version.

Corruption will not matter. Governing does not matter. What matters is the gibs and "win now". The time horizon has compressed to the immediate because the imported voter base has peasant values and cannot think for next year, forget next decade. White progs have created a weird blend of Marxism and Third Worldism that has them wrapping their arms around third world aliens. What do the white progs get, "Fuck you Dad! Everyone approves of my kink now by force of guns, and I can be an art major and still have health care!" If the West does not survive, Chinese and Russian historians will have all the video and audio recordings to share with their citizens, leaving them only to wonder, "Why the hell did they do that and document it all?"


peterike said...

Indeed, the Corzine fiasco was something of a Rubicon in American politics. It made it very, very clear to those paying attention that something was different now. Different, and worse. It was kind of like the official Stamp of Corruption was thumped down on America.

Sure, the corruption had been there before. But now we were at the point where we didn't even pretend to make token arrests and throw a few lower level perps in jail while sparing the real machers. No, now we didn't arrest ANYONE, unless they were Madoff level brazen/stupid. In the Brave New World you do the crime but you never do the time.

Obama let the rot deepen, and he had his fun sticking it to whitey by shutting down immigration enforcement and such. But Obama is fundamentally lazy. He didn't work too hard to tear things down; he's a shiftless termite. But Hillary! Ahh, there's a woman who loves nothing more than chewing up the foundations. Things will go into hyper-drive if she gets in.

The only potential upside of a Hillary Imperium is that we might finally get the white revolt or secession that we need.

Portlander said...

To anyone remotely paying attention, which is to say no one in our despicable MSM, Corzine was incredible. You just cannot conceive how over-the-top egregious his actions, and the utter lack of consequences, were.

It was absolutely an open-and-shut-book case of Sarbanes violation.

And, CLIENTS LOST MONEY. I think in many cases all of it.

It is not too far a stretch to compare what Corzine did at MF Global to imagine that the President of your local bank was found out to have had a gambling problem, used the bank's money to fund it, and that the bank is now insolvent and ALL the money you had at the bank is gone. Oh, and there's no FDIC insurance to make you whole.

ZERO criminal repercussions. Think about that for a moment. It is nothing less than incredible.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly cynical, I think they create these egregiously lawless blow-ups, MF Global, heck, Hillary for President, etc. as psy-ops, just to see what they can get away with. They're like spoiled, bored children.

The statute of limitations is not close to being out on Corzine. I hope Trump goes after him in his first 100 days, if for no other reason than the PR. It would be really nice if Trump released a rogues gallery of 6 to 12 Wall Street-ers that he was going to go after for criminal sanctions. Wouldn't be hard at all to come up with 6 more-or-less household names.

Portlander said...

Haha, no, ike and I are not the same person.

Steve Johnson said...

"Regulatory capture is complete. Government functions cannot even be trusted to be on the lookout for collusion or bid rigging. HSBC can launder millions for drug dealers and terrorists and escape US government intervention due to "market risk"."

I'm sure you know this but guess which current FBI director was on the board of HSBC.