Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Note On Spencer + Hysterics

It took two weeks.

It took two weeks for people to turn the guns on each other. You realize right now, expert trolls, that you could be making fake black accounts and agitating for a black nationalist or separatist political advocacy group and probably turn a lot of blacks or lefties onto the idea. Right now, you could be going after every journalist that made bad predictions (a few of you are). Right now, you could be teasing white male liberals to come on over to our side before their left coalition hordes toss them on the pyre. Right now, you could be trolling liberals non-stop. Fracture the left. Feed their holiness and purity spirals since they are tripling down on anti-white hysteria. Force them down a path of supporting Guatemalan tomato pickers for president and not Wall Street approved, empty vessel minority puppets in suits. Focus your guns on the Left.

Richard Spencer's actions are his actions and decisions. Only he and his inner circle know his strategy. I do think it was a bad idea to have anything at a Trump hotel just after the election, but I also think Spencer did not think Trump would win. Go back thru Spencer's tweets, and note how often he was forecasting a Trump loss. A handful of idiots arm raising can be agent provocateurs or overenthusiastic LARPers. I've talked to Richard on the phone this last year, and he comes across as a genuine guy, even a bit naïve. CIA, FED, Russian agent... I've heard all accusations about him. I first brought to his attention some disturbing things that were going around about someone associated with him. He addressed it, and I've been happy to talk to him and Hannibal Bateman this year. I am always glad to talk and strategize, but my Hestia-NRx guys are my guys.

Roosh is onto something about the inner drive for more media exposure, and Nick Land is right that the media will use Spencer as the boogeyman. No one knows Spencer's motivations. Honestly, Trump just condemned the altright so it's all a bit funny. It's also funny to see Infowars guys trying to claim the altright and now start conspiracy theorizing on it. You can't write this as a comedy because its too fucking cliché. Cernovich jumping in is even more comical since I'm an old enough rooshvforum reader to remember when he was all "I'm never getting married harrumph harrumph" (or is it more lisp lisp) and people thought he was black. How times change, but what doesn't change is the e-book hustle. Good luck selling MAGA Mindset Mike, God bless.

Have you looked at Twitter and Facebook making changes after the election? Have you heard the media start the 'fake news' meme? Have you seen the loony Left pushing fake hate crimes as they protest-riot in dozens of cities? Whatever victory you think you won using alternative media can be snuffed fucking out via the totalitarian control the Left has of every single institution. They purged accounts en masse while leaving the Muslim Brotherhood on twitter and even verified them. They are already trying to chip away at Breitbart's advertising revenue, which is astounding considering the growth of their pageviews. Purely political.

The one thing the altright or dissident right has going for it is being a medium for truth in a moment where public trust in the media is at all time lows. Stick to that. Keep giving people truth, facts, data, studies, everything you can find that reveals how the progressive narrative is about muh feelz wrapped in schmaltzy clothes repeated over and over again but is nothing but a fairy tale. Stick to the truth. Use people when useful. I mock Jayman often and sometimes roll my eyes at HBDChick and EdRealist, but their stats and studies are useful. Do this with every source of data and truth you can find to fight the progs. They will not stop, they will not be bartered with, they will not be argued with, they are the Terminator ideology.

You are up against a totalitarian regime, and you command a tiny fraction of America as followers. Ann Coulter was right to point out how small Spencer's crowd was. Ever notice my steady message of build bridges and use all pieces of the dissident right to attack the Left. It's because we're up against a totalitarian regime. You, we, are all going to need each other if we think we're going to make it through this fourth turning crisis.

Let's scale back the fucking egos here a moment and realize Trump and the elites he had aligned with him won. You need to talk, persuade or educate elites. I'm influenced by Mosca's ideas of elitism and that all battles are really between them. How can you reach them? trust me, there are many confused donors out there on the right who don't know if the Rick Wilsons or Erick Ericksons of the world know how the future is going to play out. There are donors on the Left that might be looking at this anti-white hysteria and seeking a new direction. There are also millions of Trump voters that hid in the Trump closet. Become a presentable face or voice for dissident ideas for them to share and feel comfortable supporting. Think about the big picture. Destroy the Left, sort out the spoils later.

It's been two weeks. No one has won shit except for Trump. Do not stop firing at the other side. Nothing has changed.


Rich Whiteman said...

Right on, right on. Message discipline is more important now than ever before.

Unknown said...

Ditto. This input is exactly what is needed; this movement needs to mature. Learning curves are inherently painful.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Richard is a good guy. I support him. I do question the wisdom of allowing the kids and jews into the event as part of a 'big tent' strategy. If you're going to focus on the youth, you ought to be prepared for youthful antics. Perception matters.

Cernovich jumping in is even more comical since I'm an old enough rooshvforum reader to remember when he was all "I'm never getting married harrumph harrumph" (or is it more lisp lisp) and people thought he was black.

This made me LOL. Too funny! I, too, thought Cernovich was black when I first started reading his blog several years ago. I trolled him, and was banned. Something about him is off.

You need to talk, persuade or educate elites...Become a presentable face or voice for dissident ideas for them to share and feel comfortable supporting. Think about the big picture.

Yes. This is something I've been counseling for a while. It's so rare to find serious, mature men (and women) on the Alt-Right. We need professionals who can keep their cool--and keep their eyes on the prize.

PA said...

An excellent reminder that th AltRight isn't about egos or personalities, but about our role as speakers of truth.


craig said...

Great post.

Portlander said...

Yes, great post. The irony is Trump has pwned the media more times than I can count for the last year and a half, and yet no one's learned a d*mn thing. /sigh/ The fools, clowns, and ass-hats will always be with us.

LBF, you formerly of dearieme? It suddenly hit me there is definitely an overlap in style and form between you two.

Something about him is off.

Agreed. I suppose I can't rule out that he's the one-in-a-million that breaks every categorical rule-of-thumb/stereotype, but then that starts becoming suspiciously predictable in it's own right. Every. Single. One. I dunno... Too try-hard. He's either running from (or to be gracious about it: legitimately escaped from) some internal demons.

Jack H said...

I don't say HBD Chick is perfect in every way, but if history is just, this pseudonymous girl blogger with a BA in history and an MA in anthropology will literally go down in it as the human being who contributed more than any other to solving the 250 year-old foundation question of political economy and sociology: what lies at the heart of Western success?

Which of her admittedly profuse offerings do you roll your eyes at?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"I do question the wisdom of allowing the kids and jews into the event as part of a 'big tent' strategy."

The guy who did the salute is a Jew.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

It was only a matter of time before our adversaries would attempt to stir infighting. It is one of the quickest ways to deflate a burgeoning political movement in its infancy. SOBL is absolutely correct, never take the bait - guns always face down range.

I understand why people do it. People wants to jockey for position as the leader. People want to sub-categorize and differentiate themselves from other camps. People want to second guess and monday morning quarterback. People develop rivalries. People claim someone is an infiltrator.

You know who doesn't do any of that stuff? Our opponents. They don't have principles, they have objectives.

I agree the nazi salutes are very bad optics and in the battle for persuasiveness, influence, and changing the unwoken in society - this is as much a war of images as it is of ideas. The absolute value is a net negative since media can use that imagery to shock and discourage normies.

Let's move on and resume our objectives. Always evaluate things in those terms, does this help or hurt the achievement of objectives?

Great article, SOBL

Bumbling American said...

Thanks for a thoughtful and constructive post.

That said, Spencer has decided to position himself as the face of hundreds (thousands?) of random people who are bound together more by temperament than a cohesive philosophy. The media coverage the alt-right got during the campaign was just about perfect: It was a dada political movement that was impossible to describe effectively or police against. Now they have a face and a pigeonhole for it.

Whether or not Spencer endorsed the salutes he created a situation where it could happen--something he's been doing the whole time. He also fully cooperated with the media when they labeled him the voice of the alt-right. I don't know his motives but from the outside it looks like attention seeking and a desire to become William F. Buckley Jr. Jr. and get big backing from somebody. To each his own, but to the extent I signed onto a political movement, being associated with this guy's missteps and ambitions was not part of the deal.

People can talk about virtue signaling and no enemies to the right all they want, but the fact of the matter is that people who want to be spokesmen and put on a wacky act to get attention are dangerous. Since the election I've been trying to give normies who are uneasy about Trump the space to calm down and then gently redpill them. Pepe and the idea of attacking stuffed shirts in media and government make that job easier; somebody LARPing about Nietzsche and intense energies makes it a lot harder.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Portlander ~ "Dearieme"? No, I don't know what that is. I started writing online seriously (with this handle) about 10 years ago in the online style community.

Portlander said...

Dearieme is/was a prolific blog commenter that seemed to be on every blog I followed regardless of theme or topic. Haven't seen him post in a while. It occurred to me, maybe you were he with a blogger profile. Cheers.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

2016 has had plenty to be thankful for, has it not. And with our host with a new baby to be thankful for, most of all!

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The left will go to bat for any leftist who is a total degenerate so long as they're willing foot soldiers of the cathedral. The only exception I can think of is Anthony Weiner and that is only because of his impact on Clinton's run. If it happened outside of the election season, it would likely be handwaved away or at worst, memoryholed. The left do a lot of infighting but at the surface, they will go to bat for each other. They will defend rapists, pedophiles, serial killers, etc.

The GOP has become too comfortable being the Outer Party, which I think explains all this infighting. They have been conditioned by the Democrats and Republican leadership to focus on MUH PRINCIPLES and to take down anyone who would rock the boats of the Inner Party. They can't handle a Republican President, let alone a Republican President, a Republican Congress, and Republican leadership in almost 2/3 of the states. The GOP hasn't been this powerful in decades and the first instinct is to act like they lost and have to win good boy points by denouncing the mean Nazis.

Hopefully not a sign of things to come where we throw away genuine opportunities (real immigration reform, moving away from the FIRE economy, etc.) in favor of open and wide scaled infighting. Although I would not put it past the GOP to burn through their political capital on an interparty civil war. Democrats would be too smart to pass up an opportunity to shove their agenda through, Republican leadership is scared of their own shadows and would rather flush tremendous opportunities down the toilet.

Steve-waa said...

Richard Spencer deserves all the criticism he is receiving.

1) Richard Spencer directly connected Trump's victory with himself and his alt-right ideology. That is 100% false. It's a lie. Probably 98% of people who voted for Trump don't know who Richard Spencer is, and don't know what the alt right ideology is. It was Trump himself(and his campaign promises) who was responsible for winning the election. Spencer had NOTHING to do with Trump winning. Spencer is trying to piggy-back the Trump victory to promote himself, as if Spencer had something to do with Trump's win.

2) Richard Spencer was inviting the media to his conferences. This is absolutely crazy. What for? Did Spencer think he could use the media, which is totally hostile to him and his ideology, to advance himself? He gave the media a chance to document and record anything stupid that his conference attendees do or say. Which is exactly what the media did when recording those Roman salutes from those LARPers or opposition plants.

3) Spencer had this conference on Trump owned property. Wtf? Spencer could easily have his conference outside of a media mecca.

4) Richard Spencer was warned about giving the hostile press access to himself and his conferences. Voxday tweeted that both he and Cernovich both warned Spencer about working with the media. But Richard was so arrogant and vain that he thought he could use the media to promote himself. He seems desperate for media attention and doesn't care about the media joyfully using him to attack Trump.

5) Richard Spencer doesn't care how this hurts Trump and Trump's nominees. He only cares about promoting himself. It is truly disgusting.

Spencer deserves no sympathy. Trump hasn't even been sworn in as the next President, and he is already having to address Spencer. Richard is like a gift to the leftist media and the Democratic Party. I realize that the left doesn't attack it's own, even their own extremists like mass murdering communists. But the conservatives and traditionalists don't have control of the press, schools, and major media. And the public has been fed hateful propaganda for decades. Public presentation and timing matters. Richard Spencer deserves all the criticism he is getting.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I first brought to his attention some disturbing things that were going around about someone associated with him. He addressed it, and I've been happy to talk to him and Hannibal Bateman this year.

I would love to know who this is. I have my own ideas. Colin? Gregory? Colin?

Tiny Duck said...

Sorry, you guys will lose.

Your champions get killed by logic and decency EVRY TIME

Here, Roland Martin lays the smackdown on Richard Spencer

Then, here, Angela Rye KILLS a white jerk

You white nationalists are outnumbered, outgunned, and outlogiced

Think very carefuly before you go down a road you cannot return from

Toddy Cat said...

"Think very carefully before you go down a road you cannot return from"

And you as well, my friend. Think well. Think very, very carefully. And I mean VERY, VERY carefully...

Thanks so much for your concern. I know how much you care.

Scot's Bluff said...

Mike Cernovich looks like a swole version of Ted Bundy; compare the two, you'll see. Same nose and eyes, similar jawline (kind of). Different hair color but same style.

This whole incident merely clarifies a fault line separating the two major groups of the alt-right that we've all known about; those who think Nazi-LARPing is gay and those who are socially retarded. It isn't punching right to think exhibiting that kind of behavior in a PUBLIC venue for an event intended to be taken seriously is straight stupid.

Btw I tried to post a comment at Social Matter but it wouldn't let me. Do you know if that fat Jew over there banned me already for making ONE shit-post weeks ago?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Scotts bluff, Spencer is doing a lot of media now so I would expect him to consider optics more.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Is there any possibility that Cernovitch didn't actually write his books?

I'd be interested in looking at this.

neopopulism said...

Not to beat a dead horse here, but the truth is that once you start bringing real-live people out to conferences, meetings, demonstrations, etc you start losing control over what they do and say. (You can't moderate them like blog posts.)

Inevitably someone will do something stupid and embarrassing and the media will feature it partly due to their hostility to your project and partly because it makes "good" (ie, sensational) news.

Obviously, you want to try to minimize the amount of counter-productive behavior which can threaten to derail your message, but at the end of the day stuff happens. If our movement is so fragile that a couple of idiots sieg heiling can do so much damage then we should just pack it in now and save ourselves a lot of trouble.

The level of agitation over this issue really reflects the fact that, consciously or not, some people have allowed our enemies to take political control and dictate the tone and terms of our discussion. Instead, we should dial down the stress, see this as a minor bump in the road and (especially in Mr. Spencer's case) try to learn from it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off tiny dick.