Thursday, October 27, 2016

WW1: Italian Soldier In Full Gear

The similarities are there from WW1 to modern warfare. The packloads are similar as are the basics. He's gotta hump it through the field of fire and countryside. When you see this picture though, you can understand why people viewed scouts and scouting as proto-military organizations for young men. Hiking, camping and enjoying the woods is something Western men should return to for weekend activities. 


Buttsy said...

Do you think we're gonna see WWIII soon?

Son of Brock Landers said...


Besides the long war with Islam that is playing out which our elites are losing? Clinton win, 1 in 3 chance. Trump win, no.

The regime needs a war to direct anger outward, inflate away the debt and employ a lot of unemployed men.

paworldandtimes said...

-- The regime needs a war to direct anger outward

Sometimes a world war backfires, as it on the Czar.

Portlander said...

Baden-Powell, founder of the scouting movement, is a pretty remarkable fellow.

He definitely and unapologetically intended scouting to be a proto-military organization after seeing the usefulness of boys, and no less, how much the boys themselves appreciated their work, among the Zulus while he was fighting the Boer Wars.

And then, like so many of his contemporaries, the horrors of WWI completely changed his opinion toward armed conflict. He became anti-war, though not sure if a full-on pacifist.

The regime needs a war to direct anger outward, inflate away the debt and employ a lot of unemployed men.


Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, If USG fights a war and has losses, it will unravel their system like the Austro-Hungarian Empire and WW1

peterike said...

WWIII? Are they that crazy? Well Clinton personally is. Crazy enough, blood thirsty enough, immoral enough. But will the MIC let that happen? After all, they are sitting fat and happy with the $600 B or so spent every year on the military while they get to play gender games and social engineering with the poor saps who join up.

I guess you need to look at the motives. To me, it's clear as a bell that the fuss in Ukraine and with Russia is all about Jewish oligarchs wanting to get their looting back by taking out Putin and putting in a puppet like Yeltsin. The same asset giveaways to the oligarchs that took place under Yeltsin -- where the Jews stole billions from the Russian people -- happened in Ukraine, though I have a hard time finding out just how many of them are Jewish (one, at least, is a Muslim).

In any case, this plus the generally long-standing animosity of Jews toward Russia (call it "Fiddler on the Roof" Syndrome) has them looking to drive a war, and of course the financiers love the idea (same folks behind WWI and WWII).

BUT, the difference now is nukes. Russia's got 'em. And frankly, given Obama and the overall neglect of our nuclear arsenal over the years, do we even know if ours are going to work? I'm pretty sure that the Russians, even with their general shoddiness about most things, are 100% confident that their nukes are operational. So is Hillary crazy enough to invite The Bomb?

Where would the war be? What would be the flash point? Syria is obvious enough. The U.S. is already playing that game. Just have them shoot down a few Russian jets and... is that enough? I just don't think Putin is crazy enough to start WWIII. You'd have to push him really hard. And what would that take? A U.S. land invasion of Russia through Europe?

Such a thing would fail utterly, as just a few tiny nukes would annihilate whatever rag-tag ground force we could put together. They'd never even make it out of Germany alive. But would that be the excuse for us to fire back?

So what else? A U.S. invasion of Syria? I think Putin would just say "oh well" and watch us sink into yet another multi-trillion dollar quagmire. The best thing about a ground invasion of Syria is that the insanity of it might just spark a military revolt followed by a coup, but I think that's a very long shot.

I have a hard time figuring out what the flash point would be, unless Killary is Krazy enough to go first-strike on Russia. In which case the return fire would likely annihilate a dozen or so major American cities (what's the burst radius of the bomb that will take out New York City? I wonder if I'm far enough out from it!).

The Black Swan factor in all this is: just HOW crazy and satanic are our elites? I think we all know the answer is VERY CRAZY and VERY SATANIC. But even that has some kind of upper limit. But again, Hillary is an angry, angry, angry woman, and bitches be cray.

Though if she gave a preemptive strike order, would it be followed?

Maybe that's the play. Hillary, in a fit of hysterics, says "let the missiles fly!" and the guys in the military are like "no way, you crazy bitch" and they rush the White House, take her captive, and institute a military dictatorship. One can hope.

Oh, and if Trump wins, zero chance. I'm hoping he would pull us out of places like Korea (why the HELL are we still in Korea?) and Europe and tell the world to go defend yourselves already.

Pardon the ramble!