Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump Outlines It, Jews Go Wild + SM Review-Preview 61

Trump gave a speech in Florida that could have been written by any of us. He used facts from Clinton's speeches and actions by the media to weave the connection between the corporate media pushing her and the international banks that are funding her. He barely outlined the interconnecting system. Jews lost it.

Every Jew on twitter called up the "Oh Jesus, look at what he is doing!" hyperventilating. This is a tired canard. Stop using the innocent Jewish population as a shield for the dirty deeds of large banks and the media. Just because Jews are overrepresented in those entities does not mean Trump was pointing out the Jewish hand in destroying the West. Stop using anti-Semitism as a shield. If Jews were really nervous, they'd be flying to Israel like the European Jews are doing after funding Leftist causes for decades. It really is unbecoming and filthy, but you have no dignity or feel shame. After all, you are lowly paid hack writing whores.

The speech was also another sledgehammer to this system. Nick Land must be enjoying this as a Trump loss fulfills the Outsideness Strategy, but the manner in which Trump is naming and shaming the system of control must be making him laugh. I hope that is the laughter I hear from the East and not just Xi Jinping laughing at the American foreign policy establishment. There is no going back. There is no exit through the entrance.


Last week I wrote on the way the asset bubbles cement the high-low alliance currently in place. Someone was upset I did not describe a bubble. Maybe I assumed my readers would know what one is. Weimerica Weekly was on youth literature and the way Tolkien's Akallabeth describes the fall of the West.

This week should be an essay on school foundations and how they are a racket and never fix any school system. Weimerica Weekly will be on men's fashion.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

"If Jews were really nervous, they'd be flying to Israel like the European Jews are doing after funding Leftist causes for decades."

A couple of years ago I read a interview with a French-Jew from Marseille, he said that when the Front National started to rise in popularity in the 1980s the Jews joined forces with the Muslim Arabs and Blacks against the "rise of racism". Jews obviously created the anti-Racism organizations and gave money to the cause, but by the 90s these same Afro-Arabs started attacking Jews and only got worse.

Some of the new French "Reactionaries" are former Socialist jews like Alain Finkelkrault and Eric Zenmour (admitted that he voted for Mitterrand in the '80s), the never openly support the FN and see the just prefer to provocate and sell their books.

peterike said...

This whole "globalist" freak out reminds me of the old joke: "There's no such thing as the Mafia, and we'll kill anyone who says there is."

From what I've seen, those shouting about Trump's secret code words are really validating the notion by denying it, as in the Mafia joke. Yet they never seem to deny that there exists a group of people with enormous wealth, vast and powerful influence, who seek to eliminate borders (in white nations only) and bring the end to sovereign nation states. Many of these powerful people happen to be among the financiers. Many of their propagandists happen to be in news and media. The shorthand for this eco-system of immense power is "globalists."

So the shriekers really don't deny globalists exist, they just say "stop using that word because we all know you mean Jews." Yet funny how "globalists" is readily perceived as the code word for Jews, by Jews. Why latch onto that word if there is no truth behind it? But are Jews shouting that people really mean Jews when they refer to "soccer players" or, say, to "bass fishermen"? No, nobody assumes "bass fishermen" is code for Jews, because everyone knows the vast majority of bass fishermen aren't Jews.

It's all validation via denial.