Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Accessory Kids

New Weimerica Weekly is posted. This one tackles what kids have become in Weimerica. They are sidekicks for mom, supporting characters for the movie of your life, and little projects for you to flash in front of others. I also cite a few observations from being in a hospital recently. Small changes over the course of returning to have more kids in the same hospital.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Media conditioning plays a very strong role here. Having a baby means 18 years of not being able to party all night long, it means buying diapers instead of $400 shoes, and worst of all, it means a man being involved in her life for 18+ years. Even if she is married, 18 years is a commitment that modern cosmopolitan women are not expected to make. Thanks to Tinder hook up culture, women won't commit to being with one man for a month, how will she be able to handle picking up and dropping off a kid at a man's house or apartment every other weekend for almost two decades? Modern cosmopolitan women are far too skittish to make that kind of commitment; they've been raised to worship themselves. Putting another person ahead of themselves is anathema to the Sex and the City lifestyle she has been groomed to live since day one.

She may have an accessory kid but only when she is over 40 years old and spent over $100,000 on fertility treatments. Or worse yet, import a third world child from Asia or Africa. To be able to sublimate one of humanity's strongest biological urges requires nonstop conditioning from cradle to the grave. Not to worry though, society has been set up to do exactly that to where any woman who gets pregnant under the age of 30 is considered to be throwing her life away. Gotta keep partying, gotta keep spending money on a fashionable lifestyle, and gotta keep those white birthrates down.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Nice point about the social conditioning. I hear a lot of this talk where people worry if they're a good parent and I think that's a horrible mindset to come from. Who cares if you're a good parent or not? It's not a competition. Just be a parent, period, for its own sake.

I think modern medicine is a much greater contributor to our weird modern reproduction habits than the pill. For most of human history women spent much of their pre-menopausal adult lives pregnant or nursing yet the # of children surviving to adulthood stubbornly refused to budge above just over replacement rate. Women, who were once human-producing factories with all the related responsibilities, suddenly have all this free time they didn't evolve to fill. Even the married ones. So children that are born become sacralized because all that energy has to go somewhere.