Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - The Need For New Youth Literature

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This is a full 30 minutes. The first half is on the weird situation of Young Adult fiction having a readership that is majority adult female. I then delve into the problems of adult literature, prog messaging muddying everything, and the need for new youth literature. Get writing!

I then spend the second half discussing how Tolkien's story "Akallabeth" is an allegory, or THE allegory, for the fall of the West. This podcast is dedicated to Lawrence Auster because he is the one who wrote about that short story and the fall of Numenor being our course. At each step, the Numenoreans chose to do the wrong thing. Their brothers who chose the right thing lived on.


Peter Blood said...

Ooops, posted a comment on clowns that should have been here.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Kevin Costner and this other guy was responsible for this book:

When Costner went on a media tour for the book, I think it was on Adam Carolla's podcast, he said that a publisher (not sure if it was Simon and Schuster or someone else) wanted him to turn the protagonist into a lesbian. Costner refused to do so. The publishing industry must continually push prog narratives. I have to give them some credit in that they refuse to let up on the narrative for even a second. Even as these publishers shut down and consolidate, they will keep pushing the poz at every opportunity, even it means closing down the next day.

I like to hope that in the long term, people with some resolve will set up entertainment companies that care more about producing good content, not progressive approved content. It has to be people who are willing to take the heat because they will get attacked at all angles. Although in this example, people can self publish and over time, the good self publishers will attract a strong enough following and can leave the publishing industry behind while it pushes Jon Scalzi's latest science fiction book about a black tranny who is fighting an alien race of white male rapists.

High Arka said...

Train is too noisy for podcasts and podcasts take too long anyway. What was the picture of the creep you put up on the Weimerica instagram as a bad example of children's literature? Started podcast to see if it was explained there, but indecipherable.

Son of Brock Landers said...

John Green.