Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Possible Chaos At Future Protests

As Pax Dickinson tweeted, we have riots because we allow them and want them. if we did not want them, there are many means of putting them down. He is correct. This is theater to drive particular progressive political goals and generate feelz inside you the viewer. There is a scary possibility though with the current anarchy one sees at protests. This is part of the wider framework of the progressive regime and system being so inept, so corrupt and so wicked, that outside actions or actors can have more credibility by simply not being a part of it.

Protests are not always violent. Some protests are just protests. We have plenty of visual and historical records that can show simple protests that ended peacefully. The new wave of protests of our underclass (Low) on orders and in pay of the foundations and NGOs (High) often end in violence. Arson, looting and even murder of fellow protestors has popped up in the latest events in Charlotte. When a BLM protest occurs now, it is simply a matter of when will they go violent.

This is chaos and in chaos, agents on the opposite side of the protestors, whether representatives of the Middle or just agents of chaos, can weave in and out to create mass damage that would harm or kill many. Part of the protestors problem is that these blacks still have their white allies. Doughy or overly skinny and always wearing horn rimmed glasses, these individuals chant the chants and support the blacks who want to pose, show their "strumph" and peacock for the cameras. These protests always go violent, including burnings of cars or stores and mass looting.

These protests take place in tight areas, so there is always the danger of mass movement or trampling if there are problems. It is also curious to note how the rioters do run away when the police approach, so these young men are posing more than truly eager to fight the cops. Protestors are often anxious, and there are likely some high on drugs at the protest-riots.

What happens if in a street block, which is a square area, someone were to use speakers to play recordings of gunshots in one area? This could potentially flush people out of that area because of the sound of gunshots. Besides trampling, there is the possibility of retaliation by armed protestors. Kent State National Guard members reportedly heard what sounded like gunshots before they fired. This could set off a legitimate gunfight between protestors and police, which on forensic evaluation (consider all of the cameras present) would show the protestors fired first. This would be a huge optics loss for the BLM high-low alliance.

An even darker possibility is someone using the same sound effects to scare protestors out of an area to flood another portion of the street block. If a road on a block is a square, sounds of gunshots could clear an area that protestors and agitators occupy. As they flood towards another portion of the square, one of those ISIS pressure cooker style bombs goes off and maims and kills many. Now some creative lettering and marking on the pressure cookers could frame ISIS (definitely chaos agents) or be marked as intended for the cops by BLM affiliated individuals. If there are "robberies gone wrong", there can be "cop killings gone wrong".

These are all hypothetical what ifs, but as order continues to unravel and chaos is encouraged by the elite, these are possibilities. This will further complicate the ability of people to meet or want to meet in public venues. This will further erode public security. Cocooning may continue as public trust evaporates not just between groups but within groups. Public spaces will become empty spaces. Forget concerns about the growing police state, America's psychological state of fear will ratchet up another notch.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

In the Turner Diaries there scenes in "anti-Racism" protests where Whites are beaten to death and media ignores this.

I don't think the ZOG wants to cripple the US for good, is where all their power flows, but they're becoming more daring and imcopetent, when will finally backfire on them?

peterike said...

Speaking of chaos, no doubt you've seen the Guccifer dump from the Clinton Foundation.


Very odd business in there! I love browsing the donor list...

David Shimmon
Louise Gund
Marcia Goldman
Jane Nathanson
Nancy Geschke
Joan Jacobs
Jill Friedenrich
Herbert Sandler
Lisa Pritzker

Und so weiter. Whatever do so many of these names have in common??? I know - white privilege!

Alexandros HoMegas said...

The Jewish elite wanted Hillary back in 2008 but some influential Chicago Jews saw that Obama was more charismatic, the US needed the magic mulatto after 8 years of cowboy Bush.