Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Father-Son Chats

>Picks up after ten minutes of trying to explain things to a normie Boomer who is distracted by their phone<

"You get that right? You get what that means?"
"Why do you keep asking if I get something?"

"Because it's obvious you haven't thought it through. You pretend like the next 3 steps are not obvious. Forget the individuals who are the figureheads. Look at what the goals are. One merely wants to kick out illegals, build a wall that works for other nations and put your country first. The other represents flooding your nation with the 3rd world, removing any possibility for organized threats or resistance to their interests' rule. They can't contain random jihadis, what shot do they have versus disillusioned vets, local leaders and hunters."

"Have you heard his statements? I've voted republican for 30 years-"

"Yes, and for the 5th year in a row, I'm saying they are false opposition. Haven't you caught on? That's why even the GOP hates him, not just him but anyone who objects."

"Reality is, he won't do any of this. It won't get done."

"No shit because there's an iron bureaucracy. Just deportations and a wall is enough. Army Corps of Engineers would have to build the wall. Let the current system gunk up the gears. Then people will abandon the seduction of the ballot box pressure release. People will seek alternative arrangements. We get civil war 2-"

"That's fucking ridiculous."

"No swearing around the kids. Wait, did you not see the California Trump rallies? That's the future. You think blacks burning cities and attacking anyone not black after a black cop shoots an armed black man and then the president, also black, says you whitey, forget other non-whites, have to understand them, doesn't end in any other way? >Picks up 2 year old< Seriously, when you're dead in 20 years-"

"C'mon, like 25 or 30. >picks up Iphone<"

"Put the phone down, you're worse than >teenage niece<. 20 if you're lucky, by then we >points to self and 2 year old<  will be in a nation 1/2 3rd world. They go to school, watch shit media and are taught to hate America. America, the flag, the cops, all a proxy for you know who? >sends 2 year old off to play<"

"You're too cynical for being so young."

"No, I'm right, and you're a naïve Pollyanna. You just bitched yesterday about trannies in wigs being in girls bathrooms and its just 2016, where do you see this going? You've spent a lifetime hating the one party two faces system. Haven't you ever wondered why they never really deviate from one another? Don't you get it?"

"I get it but these comments are just... inflammatory."

"Want me to pull up quotes from professor after professor basically planning our demise? Doesn't this cause a reaction, do you feel anything? At least mom's revulsion at every ad having an interracial couple or mixed kid is real, can't you see this shit, and no, we're out of Doritos."

"This is paranoia and exaggerations, you've lost it... Oh look our high school football team is averaging 7 yards per play."


 "Reality is, we've assimilated groups before."

"You seriously think Sandeep Gupta or Hector Gonzalez is going to go to the WW2 monument and give a shit for what Grampy did? Even worse, that monument in >insert hometown< that has my great grandfathers name on it is going to get vandalized or become overgrown with weeds because no 3rd worlder is going to give a shit about WW1. It wasn't their fight. They don't care as they just get indoor plumbing here. God forbid any of my cousins have a frickin' kid instead of cosplaying."
"That's your family. What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? I became an adult. Moved out, job, wife, kids, adult passions. They use coloring books, go to Disney each year and live with my aunts and are over 30! Hold on, can you transfer some of that knee jerk defense of our degenerate ne'er-do-well family to your wider tribe of whites? Blacks cry over any criminal shot by cops, but you can't be bothered by 80 year old white grannies beaten, raped and set on fire. Why are you back on your phone?"

">not looking up< You're outta yer mind. He is completely ridiculous with what he says. Look at that PTSD comment, that's awful."

"You know >grabs tablet<... I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt... and maybe think the Jewnews was being truthful... sometimes I am wrong... sometimes I'm too cynical... but I read the transcript. >reads full PTSD Q&A< Do you ever stop to think that after the 5000th lie the media tells you that maybe it's time to shut the fucking television off?"

">still looking at phone< Don't be an asshole. You've become a guns n' god conspiracy theorist."

"All my theories got proven this year. You still watch the news. They literally lied about your company and mom's company in back to back years and you both fumed how the press lied. They lie outright and they lie by omission. The plan is to flood your nation with 3rd worlders to make sure you never pose a threat to them, in black and white emails by the very people working for or funding Clinton and other GOPers campaigns."

"Reality is, I didn't see any of that shit you mentioned on the news."

"News is regime press, of course they'll suppress anything damaging. Quick: whatever happened to those shootings last weekend you were so sad about? Gone, forgotten, why? Immigrant shooters. Remember when you said Trayvon was shot in the back and then when the trial happened, you realized Zimmerman was innocent?"

">looks up from phone< Yes, but the reality is that was a hatchet job by the med-"

"It's all hatchet jobs. All of them. Now ask why."


"Done. Over, don't bring up politics with me ever again until you're ready to know why. Put the phone away and play with your grandkids."


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

That's horrible. But there are so many White Americans like that. Maybe even most of them. Absofuckinglutely clueless.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF, Rather than write and sound like a whiner, I took probably the worst of our conversations we had. I did grab my daughter and held her up in front of him and used the "when you're gone in 20 years" line.

Jeff Speege said...

"You think blacks burning cities and attacking anyone not black ...."

Incorrect statement. People of Color support and DO NOT attack one another.

Your whole argument fails because of this

Suburban_elk said...

Boomers are so invested in their worldview that they can't see around it.

In my family of origin, we do not talk politics. However, back before i gave up on trying to get them to see the bigger picture, rather than the one-dimensional good Dems versus bad Republicans, the one argument that would give them pause, was that them not taking a strong anti-immigrant position would suffer their very own grandchildren.

I would say, [this grandkid] and [that grandkid] will pay the price, for these policies that don't put their interests first and in explicit terms.


The true blue Democrats in Flyover Country see the Republicans as the party of big business.

But however; the new paradigm of nationalism opposed to internationalism; of localism standing up to globalism; of populism not (faux) elitism -- these are clear distinctions that will appeal and stick.

What is wrong with putting America first?

That question is a real question, not rhetorical. The problem that people (such as Boomers) see in putting America first, is that America, even prior to its immivasion fiasco, failed to cultivate and sustain a satisfying and challenging aesthetic. Instead we opted for highways and strips malls. That can be blamed on scale and the inevitability of conflict and human nature -- or it can be seen as an expression of some essential deficiency.

Tiny Duck said...

Trump (and his supporters) are awful people

Remember that AZ paper that endorsed Clinton and got all kinds of nasty death threats? The publisher is currently on MSNBC talking about how some of the kids going door to door selling subscriptions are getting guns waved at them because of the endorsement.

The solution is to send Brock Turner and that affluenza kid to Arizona to sell these newspaper subscriptions.

In all seriousness, the newspaper's response to the predictable reaction from the knuckle-draggers in their readership is great:


Portlander said...

Speechless. I cannot imagine.

Death of a child is the worse thing that can happen to a person because it is a violation of the natural order of life. Up there has to be a child surpassing his parents in wisdom. Money, IQ, marriage, those are all circumstances with more than a modicum of random luck thrown in, and indeed every parent's wish is that their children do better in those regards than themselves. Wisdom, however, is supposed to be outside the vicissitudes of chance. It is supposed to flow down from one generation to the next. Violating the natural order of that has to be, not equally, but it's up there, traumatic.

Chaser... Shakespeare says it is all in our stars. Modern man says it is all in our genes. To which, Shakespeare would shrug and say a rose by any other name smells as sweet.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Portlander, it's been like this for him and I (as well as my sister) from the moment we left home. They spent the last few days of their long visit staying in a hotel I was so sick of his shit.

Portlander said...

America, even prior to its immivasion fiasco, failed to cultivate and sustain a satisfying and challenging aesthetic.

Propaganda. Western Europe lacks nothing in that regard and she too has been taken over by Muzzies.

Kids going door to door selling subscriptions are getting guns waved at them

BS lies and propaganda. Media has zero credibility. They never had much, but they spent the last of it carrying water for Hillary. Simple as that. Ryan, I have no idea why you let these trolls comment.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Portlander, I let them troll. Doesn't phase me. Consider how they waste time to spin BS. Sad life.

Portlander said...

I guess if it's something that's not new. Obviously though, it's not my experience and not something I relate to.

FWIW, my Dad is 1/2 English, 1/2 German, but looks and acts all German. My Mom is 1/2 Scots-Irish, 1/2 German, but looks and acts all Scots-Irish. I look just like my Dad, and ironically act just like my Mom. The further irony is that it wasn't until I had my own kids that I realized I was just like my Mom. 30 some odd years I'd so identified with my Father I was completely oblivious that I was just like my Mom. :)

My Dad's also a bit brainier than my Mom (the German thing), though truth be told, she's sharper than he. I'm obviously the brainier one of the whole family, so that no doubt had an effect on whom I identified with as well.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

My dad was from the generation right before the Boomers. He worked on Wall Street and did very well. He and my mother were old school Republicans. He had this bull-headed optimism about America that triggered me over the years. He literally thought the housing market would never go down. He and I would get the Not fights about it. The downturn in 2008 shocked him. I don't think he was prepared for it. He died in 2009.

Cryptonymous Bill said...

I had this conversation with my mother. She had to wheedle it out of me, and even then I offered only low-test criticism (some wonkish points on Russia, sceptically probing a certain politician's concern for 'the downtrodden', etc.).

I knew where it would end - she works in the public school system, and has all the buttons and stickers: it ended in tears. 'I guess I can't be that cynical. I want people to be good.'

Anonymous said...

Tiny Dick please go

Portlander said...

He literally thought the housing market would never go down.

It amazes me how delusional so many people are to think housing prices of 5-8X, even 10X, incomes is sustainable.

I think no small part of the open borders cult, especially among Boomers, is soaking up housing demand to bail them out of their poor financial planning or bad lending, depending on which side of the supply-demand curve you're looking at... Fill-up fly-over w/ rapeugees on the govt dole, and force anyone under 40 who wants employment prospects to move to one of the top 40 cities where they buy-out someone else's parents that are looking to move to a 90%+ white ex-ex-ex-burb for 30% of what they just sold. Genius system you got there, (((economists))).

Back-out immigration and the country has had zero population growth for at least 10, maybe 20, or even 30 years. Could have been a great place to live. 2000's technology and productivity w/ 1980's population density & demographics. What's not to like. I can't think of anything, but the (((media))) tells me that's not who we are because Taco Trucks.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this has to be one of the foundational flaws of democracy. voters are disinterested and have to be agitated into participation. Media has to dumb things down and drama them up, present a story-time version of events, just to get the ratings (or sales) to keep publishing. Distortion is baked in, anybody with real power has to approach the public like they are a bunch of panicky morons.

Toddy Cat said...

"some of the kids going door to door selling subscriptions are getting guns waved at them because of the endorsement. "

Which just shows that the people of Arizona know traitors know traitors when they see them. There's hope yet. Tiny Brain always manages to cheer me up, somehow...

PA said...

Some Boomer grandparents fail to see or refuse to see. Other Boomer parents see, but give not a whit about their grandchildren. They think the bumper sticker "I am spending my children's inheritance" is funny. In other moments they say with satisfaction: "thank God I'll be dead before this all gets much worse."

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The concepts that are being discussed by the alt-right or neo-reactionaries seem radical at first but it will begin setting in. For example, the concept that we might have to secede and form a white majority rump state seems radical but 30 years ago in the 1980s before amnesty, did anyone really imagine the United States being just 60% white? I'm sure radical leftists fantasized about it but did they really imagine it would happen? Go back 30 more years to the 1950s, could anyone then imagine that major American cities would turn into dystopian nightmares that may only be 18% white like in New York City? That was just the beginning of white flight then but seriously, if you were to show them a picture of the barren wasteland of Detroit in our current year, they wouldn't believe you. They could not imagine an American city that looks like something out of the third world. So in 2016, secession or the concept of suicide by demographics seems radical. In 2046, we will either be there or quickly on our way there.

GoldRush Apple said...

So Ryan, you got cousins over 30 that still with their parents (strange), go to Disney every years (pretty awesome) and who do cosplay (not so awesome)? That's, er, interesting.

High Arka said...

Methinks Herr Sigmund would love to read this post. "Ve hoff vun!"

Alfred said...

Send this to my father, who responded that he prefers Cat Stevens' song Father & Son to which I responded that Cat has renamed himself Yusuf Islam and now makes islamic songs for children. My dad still wants all this to just go away.

Portlander said...

OK, since Alfred mentioned Yusuf, my here's all-time favorite Cat Stevens story.

I flew into red-neck S. Indiana for my brother's wedding, fall 2002. It was a small affair, so it was just myself and my Dad taking my brother out the night before for a drink. The local dive bar had a band playing and like 12 other patrons were there. One of the songs they covered was a Cat Stevens tune. Probably Cat's Cradle, but I can't remember. The waitress comes by and I with what I thought obviously ironic indignation say, "Why are they playing Cat Stevens, don't they know that guy's converted to Islam and said all non-believers should die."

She is surprised, and swears she never knew that. I said oh yeah, it's totally true. He changed his name even to something Mohammad. Remember Salmon Rushdie, he said Rushdie should be killed for writing that book criticizing Islam. She said she never knew that either, thanks for telling her. She'd tell the band, she thinks they don't know it, and certainly didn't mean anything by it. Then I was like holy cow, time to back-pedal. I tell her, no, no it's no big deal. It's a good song.

A few songs later after I'd completely forgotten about it, the band busts out "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" and the waitress shows up with a round "on the band." We smile hugely, lift our glasses to the band, and so on.

After the waitress walks away, my Dad w/o missing a beat says, "I didn't have the heart to tell her Neil Young is a Canadian."

Oh man, I love Indiana south of the Kankakee.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I'm dying from the Cat Stevens live song story. Indiana south of Greenwood is Kentucky and north of Anderson is Michigan. Wonderful blend.

Portlander said...

Indiana south of Greenwood is Kentucky and north of Anderson is Michigan. Wonderful blend.

True dat. Even has its own Detroit, AKA Gary.

tteclod said...

Dad and I reconciled past grievances with Trump bumper stickers.

tteclod said...

Dad & I reconciled over Trump bumper stickers. MAGA