Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Note on New England TFR

There are news articles that comment on the lower fertility rate in not just Europe and japan but in America. It's the one social problem that the progressives does not think has a government solution. We'll just use immigration to fix our social welfare Rube Goldberg schemes! This is another one of those problems that points to the hole in the soul of Western man.

The United States only has a TFR of 1.9, sub-replacement. Broken down by race, it's really just Hispanics on a growth pace at 2.4. Another dissident rightist has explained the only people forming families consistently and having growth TFRs are Hispanics and Amerikaner whites. There is some r-selection vs. k-selection going on, as Jayman has shown dysgenics in American blacks. Whites do tend to have some "planning" and do not just spit out kids in bug infested inner city hovels. They say things like "let's have a house before we have a kid". It is forward thinking sentiments. There is an argument that whites may be dropping their fertility due to being bundled in a nation with now 1/3 non-whites. Have fewer kids but guarantee they don't fall into the underclass and that misery.

There is more to it. I agree with all of those ideas that others point out, but there is a region spared most of this pain that has seen tanking TFRs: New England. Check the list of US states by TFR. New England's six states are the bottom six for states on that list. Regional TFR most likely 1.6, which is on par with Japan, Italy and Germany. These states avoided the immigration flood of other states. These states are overwhelmingly white. Outside of specific areas in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the cost of living is affordable. Much of New England enjoyed a boom in education and FIRE industry employment.

The problem is this is where secular states with broken civic institutions end up. This is when atomization sets in, and few have a good connection not just to the past but to even their own families and immediate communities. Hedonism pushes this down, and that is tied to the old Pied Piper of "If God ain't real, neither is hell, so live it up". The chase for maintaining teenage interests continues in an extended adolescence. Travel becomes a substitute for fulfillment. Cruise any social media outlet for the single white woman meeting shamans and mystics in South America for the "greatest spiritual experience" in their lives.

This is not all of it but very few problems are single variable and kids are not for everybody. This hits just enough of those New Englanders on the margin. There are no churches, and if there are, they do not attend, to remind them of the past on the walls and future in the pews. Their families are smaller, disconnected and interactions are replaced with their television and Internet media consumption. Their mindspace is to those electronic tribes. Who has time to visit Gramma in the nursing home and possibly kickstart their drive for kids?

Their fun is too much to give up. How are they going to do cosplay with a kid? How are they going to take two vacations a year with a kid? They'd have to wait for their kid to go to bed before having sex? These are the same people that joke about Adele needing a new break-up to write more great songs without stopping to think if Adele giving birth could inspire amazing lyrics. They even ask each other why there are fewer Little League districts and teams in the state? How can that be? This is how disconnected from performing the basic function of species survival prog whites have become.

Just one more vacation. Just one more cosplay. Just one more cat gif. I don't have time for kids. Wait, why am I now alone for the last 30 years of my life?


Jim said...

I grew up in the Northeast - lived in PA since I was 11 and I hated it. Now I'm 34 and I live in Florida with my wife and we're trying to have a baby. There's a lot of flight (esp. young people) out of the northeast for nicer weather and fewer nasty people. So what also likely affects the TFR in the northeast is that a lot of the whites (like my parents) who remain there are old.

Tiny Duck said...

Winners have kids

Loser do not have kids

Simple as that

By the way, I don't have kids (result of micropenis-nothing I can do about that) but I know the truth

Anonymous said...

Isn't Florida full of weirdos and degenerates?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I spent a lot of time as a kid growing up in New York and Connecticut. My impression as I got older was that the good ones left for places like TX and OK where it was easier to raise a family. The region seems to be filled with old people.

Jim said...

Yes. However North FL (where I am) is pretty white, Christian, and redneck. Most of the weirdos and degenerates are concentrated in the south. People are generally less hateful and friendlier here, perhaps owing to the climate. No place is perfect but I'll never live anywhere in the Northeast US again if I can help it.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I'm in my late 20s and it is interesting to see so many girls my age not have kids. Most of them want to wait until after they are 35 or 40 and will get angry if you point out the health risks involved in having kids that late into their lives. They don't have high powered careers or a lucrative job; some of them just work part time. They just want to keep partying until they hit the wall. Part of it also is that some of them think they can hold out for a better guy, a rich and good looking guy who, when the party is over, will take care of them so they don't have to work. I don't have to heart to tell them that looks-wise, they peaked somewhere around 25 and the better guy they want isn't in the cards for them. Some of these women have a Masters degree as well, although in useless stuff like sociology or social work.

These are modern Mrs. degrees. 50-60 years ago they would have dated and married a finance or engineering student. In our current year, they have to spend their 20s in low paying dead end jobs in a major city, with two or three other roommates, relying on their parents to cover some of the bills, live the Tinder/hookup lifestyle well into their 30s, and then hope that there is a Christian Grey waiting for them, even if she's had over 40 sexual partners in her lifetime. Not to worry about the high notch count, their dream husband wouldn't dare slutshame or find someone younger, more attractive, and would be a better mother to his kids.

High Arka said...

What is this "trying to have a baby" crap that white people say now? I can understand when the woman is in her early forties and the couple is paying a fertility doctor to create some half-tubed monument to their failed youth, but early 30s? I even hear people in their twenties say that they've been "trying."

And what kind of man doesn't feel cripplingly ashamed at the thought of saying in public that he's trying to have a baby? Even if you're a repressed queer or have some other sort of arousal problem and it doesn't happen automatically, isn't it pretty easy to time periods and then nail her three times a day during the week in question?

There seems to be some deep world-historical significance to the whites who now claim that reproduction itself is an effort. Seems like only a few years ago men were worried about accidentally getting their girlfriend pregnant. Now they bare their breasts and say they're "working on it." If it were just the soytits saying that, it would be one thing, but now I see 16-year-old potsmoking post-racial libertarians or ADHD kiddies who accidentally get their girlfriends pregnant, versus "alt-right men" on the internet who worry that they can't. So it can't just be the traditionalist mindset; something greater is at play here. The drugged kids still use abortions etc. to avoid the actual birth, so they don't affect the TFR, but it is really weird how many of these Trump/NRX/whatever people are struggling at something so simple and basic.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Anyone here familiar with the Sanibel and Captiva islands area near Fort Myers? I used to go there a lot as a little kid in the '70s and '80s. I'm considering buying investment or vacation property in the area, but I've no idea how's it's aged.

Jim said...

Of course there's more to having a baby than conception, there's also successfully carrying the baby to term. Not that I expect some incel posting from his parents' house to know that.

Corn said...

My favorite quote regarding fertility and children belongs to Oswald Spengler: "When the ordinary thought of a highly cultivated people begins to regard having children as a question of 'pros and cons' the great turning point has come. For nature knows nothing of 'pro and con'".

When children start to be seen as an option or expense rather than a necessity or blessing then said society is on a downhill slide.

Portlander said...

Barren SWPL is totally a thing. Not made-up or exaggerated at all. It's due to their horrible diets.

Just look at them. You think pajamma boy and, depending on his income level, a man-jawed femicunt or a pre-diabetic, morbidly-obese cubicle slave are going to be capable of natural reproduction past 30 years old?

SeanF said...

Brimelow notwithstanding, my impression of fertility in the dissident Right before the TRS/Heartiste/Trump revolution was one of 90% permanently childless men. I was practically Amish with my two kids.

Even now I always wonder if so-and-so at the various sites has kids or ever will have. Libs are pretty pozzed, but there are places like the PNW coast here where they are the norm and relatively healthy nuclear Lib families are common - I bet their fertility of maybe 1.5 here dwarfs total alt-right fertility.

The dissidents of my generation had the argument that they were a vanguard, and vanguards have a lot of malcontents and a few all-consumed leaders - neither is very normal and neither is very fertile. However, as the Alt-right grows, and the old-school leaders brag about all the 'good-looking, well-dressed young people' it's attracting, we better start seeing more kids, or we really do belong in
n that curious pair-up from a few years back - far-right antinatalism.

Son of Brock Landers said...

SeanF - I agree on an impression of fewer kids but Ive assumed the guys in their 20s are chidless due to being 25. Ive networked a bit and met plenty with 2, heck Nick Steves and Handle both have nearly 10 each.