Monday, July 25, 2016

DNC Leaks & Corruption

The DNC Leaks have been a fun media event to watch unfold. If not for Breitbart's attention and the NY Post, very few mainstream people would even know about them. The media being the public relations team for the Democrats is nothing new to us, but it might be new to the uninitiated who still think "if not Fox news, it's neutral". Mother Jones writers asked if there was anything newsworthy, playing the damage down. There is a new reveal: pay-to-play corruption.

Chuck Ross's report details how the Democrats kept a lineup of donors that would be linked to placing spots on boards and commissions. This is simple donate and you get a spot somewhere. The donors on the list vary in amount given, industry and all other traits. Their only common feature is being Clinton donors, not a single Sanders donors. The positions are not listed explicitly except for a mention of the USPS, but there is an email explaining how NEA might be too "prestigious" but there are commissions and spots galore.

Henry Sumner Maine's publication Popular Government cited the wire pullers. These were the men who could split power, round up the votes, fan the flames + agitate for voting, and their services or the power they could grant would be sold. These men, and nowadays women, are constantly seeking new voters, new issues and new conflicts to inflame. The gain is theirs, and they care not what social and civil conflict they may begin if it only gives them more power and financial reward.

These positions are sinecures as a spot on the "President's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History" does not seem like work. This explains the government's expansion: more spots to fill with cronies. Unless the most naïve individual, this leak only confirms our corruption. This is an older game, and one where the worst examples affect policy. In 1992, it should have raised alarms that the head of Bill Clinton's Wall Street fundraising drive, Ken Brody, left Goldman Sachs' management committee to become head of the Ex-IM bank and transform it into an aggressive tool. Brody was under Robert Rubin at Goldman at the time, who also went on to be economic consiglieri for Clinton and orchestrate the silent bankers' coup.

This is important to note for quid pro quo because the American media loves to point out Chinese, Russian, Eastern European and Third World corruption. America just formalizes it in the form of campaign contributions and electoral support. We are no different. Academia, the media and the bureaucracy run our system, but legitimacy relies on selling it. Our system relies on the vote for legitimacy (public mandate), and therefore winning that vote is the most important public face. It only makes sense that our river of corruption run in the direction of campaign management.


Gin More said...

Fuck yeah, Jon Stewart

He really left at the worst time... :( Just complete ownage

LOL Hannity "responded". He addresses each point brought up by Jon Stewart directly, and calmly shows why they're wrong... just kidding he just attacks him on random bullshit through his wavering, tear-repressed voice

Anonymous said...

Maybe is off-topic but I'm still thinking about the BREXIT, many in the Alt-Right think it was their victory and maybe it was but the BREXIT wouldn't have happened in there wasn't a support of some key (((Anglo)) Elites like the King of the Neocons, Rupert Murdoch:

"I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Union. “That’s easy,” he replied. “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”

The Plutocrats powerbase is the Anglopshere, the EU for all its faults resisted the (((wealthy))) in ways that the Anglopshere never did.

peterike said...

Indeed, the Democrat Party is the world's largest organized crime syndicate. It traffics in influence peddling, sinecures, pure old fashioned graft, kickback schemes, "green" technology funding, global warming research grants, oh you name it. In category after category the tax dollars spent enter the millions and billions. You know, when you're spending $4 TRILLION in a year, there's plenty of cash to go around. Who's gonna notice?

The world's second largest organized crime syndicate are the Republicans, who gleefully take whatever scraps the Democrats leave behind, and in return they form the fake opposition. That's worth a few points off the top of the pile, since it ensures the pile grows every single year, Democrat or Republican Congress/President not withstanding. If there is one unbroken rule of our ruling classes, it's that the pile must never shrink. And lo and behold, it never does!

peterike said...

"The Plutocrats powerbase is the Anglopshere, the EU for all its faults resisted the (((wealthy))) in ways that the Anglopshere never did."

Well it didn't resist them at all in the only way that ultimately matters, which is immigration.

Portlander said...

Hillary's campaign reminds me of Dole '96.

If Dole were an abusive alcoholic that had totally lost his mind.