Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Cameronism's Death Affects The GOP

It appears that Brexit has unleashed a great cleaning of the British political theater system. One positive item in all of this is the removal of David Cameron as prime minister. Cameron stepping down is the death of Cameronism. The death of Cameronism has a secondary effect here in America because it ruins one possible path for the GOP after the Trump phenomenon.

Cameronism was discarding social conservative ideas, picking some specific progressive platform ideas to push and then pushing neoliberal economic policies. Despite the liberal positions that Cameron supported, he was considered a wicked, evil conservative. It is like the GOP, which is already the Diet Coke version of the Democrats, turning into Coke Zero. In the United States, one could easily see this as the path for the GOP had Trump never showed up considering how fast the GOP rolled on gay marriage and even trans issues. Cameron's referendum blunder and shame at not being able to rig a vote properly, should be the end of that style.

Brexit was not a quirky oddball issue, but a major marker in the Nationalism vs. Globalism fight. Dominic Cummings was one key figure behind Leave, and to have such a push for Leave, there were deep interests that wanted it to happen. If the fight is one about sovereignty and the idea of controlling one's destiny, then it clues the GOP actors, donors and interests away from going a Cameron route and in the direction of nationalism.

This modern form of nationalism is different from the 19th century version. There is no jingoism. None, and it would be incredibly difficult for the media to trot that term out for nationalists. The other major difference from 19th century nationalism and today is that it is not simply English nationalism vs. French nationalism vs. Polish nationalism. These nationalist movements are not in competition, and if anything, see a fraternal connection between each other because they are all fighting the empire. That is not due to Russian money connecting them all, but the reaction by the community minded in response to the "McWorld" globalism shoved down their throats.

Now the Brexit vote may shift decision making to a body run by the anglo trained elite from a continental domiciled anglo trained elite, but goddammit, it's their bums making decisions. Cameron and his ilk are discredited. Cameronism is dead. The GOP as it stands now will not be the same next year or next decade as it looks today, but it will not mimic what David Cameron tried across the pond.


Wrong Side of History said...

The silver lining for Labour and its donors is that Brexit gives them the ammunition to force out Corbyn.

stengle said...

The story I once heard, and no idea if true but seems likely, was that Cameron would have joined the Labour party but they already had Blair so he opted for the Tories insead. His 'Big Society' ideas at the outset of his reign smacked of indeterminate socialism, and speeches that for example he expected in his lifetime to see a muslim prime minister of Britain told us all that he was a long way from the ideals of conservativism. Cameron was no loss to the nation, and the speed at which he departed after the referendum showed he wasn't any sort of leader.

High Arka said...

Good call on Cameron. Tony Blair was rewarded with that $5 mil Carlyle payoff for helping bring Britain and Europe into the Neocohen attack on Iraq. Cameron just proved that you need a full-blooded goy traitor to handle vote fraud and public opinion for big things like a false flag or WMD war.

Just imagine, if Dubya had been 1/16 Jewish, he might've bungled the job and Iraq would've never gotten invaded. Poor Cameron probably won't get as big of a Carlyle payoff as Tony unless he can come up with some kind of a five-thirds style Muslim compromise for the revote.