Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Tiny Houses

The new Weimerica Weely is up. This week's episode is about the 'tiny house' movement. It is just under a half hour. Despite what the first comment states, I actually think tiny houses are cool. If I were liing on my own, I'd gladly live in one and just sock my money away for my family and to fund the restoration. The problem is tha tiny houses are a weird symptom of our messed up housing market. No one wants to address the housing market screw ups, nor the immigration effects. On top of that, this is the SWPL class browbeating us all that trailer park or RV living is uber-chic.

I even pitch a potential reality show based on Tiny Houses. Hope you enjoy.


sykes.1 said...

How does a tiny house differ from a trailer?

Son of Brock Landers said...

The occupant has a college degree

Tiny Duck said...

HGTV already has several programs about tiny houses.

Basically, they are for strange white people with too much time and money

Portlander said...

The occupant has a college degree

Agree. There's also fit & finish. That ain't nothing.

Trailers are prole and look it. Tiny Houses are classy and a pleasure to view.

Now the crux of the Tiny House issue is that they are born out of necessity rather than choice. Native whites are being economically squeezed by crowding from by poor quality immigration and reduced job prospects. The "sharing" economy and "gig" economy and "virtual" socializing are all piss-poor substitutes, or hedonic adjustments as the economists would cluck, to the standard of living a single wage earner was able to provide for a family of 4.5 one and two generations ago.

I presume that's in the episode? I'm always slow to catch a podcast.

Anonymous said...

Most college student didn't have much money so they lived in hovels. So a hovel on wheels is not that much different. Plus they can put a dozen on a railroad flat car and do the whole railroad travel thang they so love and want to inflict on the rest of us.

Portlander said...

Just caught the episode. Very good. Here in Portland, where the Tiny House phenomenon is some 10 years old now, there is a zoning push for ADU's -- Accessory Dwelling Units.

A large part of the reason Tiny Houses were originally made trailers was to skirt zoning restrictions. Now that the zoning is recognizing them and they can be permanent structures, the nomenclature has morphed to ADU.

One thing that stood out to me in the episode and I'll to mention as fodder for future thought: how much of Weimerica's Peter-Pan syndrome is legitimate choice, and how much is putting on a front due to circumstance. Business are too insecure to hire -- people are too insecure to couple and breed. Think back to that DINK couple at the beginning of Idiocracy. You've heard the saying humans are not a rational animal, they are a rationalizing animal. Tiny Houses, pets, Tinder... these are not rational choices, they are rationalizations.

One last thing on the manifestation of Peter-Pan Syndrome, one fundamental and significant divergence of whites from the rest of the races is how they respond to existential insecurity. Put every other race under District 9 pressure (excepting perhaps Eskimos?) and they respond like rabbits. Whites? The exact opposite.