Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thailand's New Friend

The Thai coup was an event covered here with interest. The Thai coup was so successful that no one really hears about Thailand anymore.  The Thais just float on with no major problems, and no elections in the near future. The Obama administration has given Thailand the cold shoulder and encouraged a return to civilian rule and free elections. The junta does not move in that direction, and the US continues to tsk-tsk Thailand in public.

Enter Russia. Russia is right there to offer a lending hand to the Thais as the Americans display anger and frosty feelings just because democracy has been suspended.
Russia has delivered combat helicopters to the military regime and now wants to provide tanks, counterterrorism training, security intelligence and other assistance, Moscow’s ambassador to Thailand said in an interview.
This is smart on the Thai's part as it brings in another big patron just to make friends with in case times get tough. Russia (China, too) does not care for the internal administration of the Thais, just that they buy the arms and equipment. It is a trade partnership, and look at the details, these are not small deals. Think of America's "Red Empire", which is the empire of bases but also of large arms deals as military industrial interests make friends in foreign lands. Russia is chiseling in on territory America considered part of the Empire since the end of World War Two.

There is of course a local fellow of proper progressive thought who will give his take on the events, and how "many' in Thailand are unhappy with this course of events. Here is his LinkedIn prior to the lengthy quotation.
“The Thai government may be leaning further towards authoritarian friends in Russia and China — who are only too happy to overlook its domestic troubles in exchange for mutually beneficial trade or influence — but in the modern context it is difficult to envision Thailand returning to a situation as it was during the Cold War, where its foreign relations were dominated by a single great power,” said Jacob Hogan, a fellow at the Institute of Security and International Studies in the Political Science Faculty at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University.

In 2014, “Thailand’s military government sought out more supportive partners as Bangkok’s post-coup d’etat relations with the United States, European Union and other democratic states in the region, such as Japan and Korea, cooled,” Mr. Jacob said Sunday in an email interview.

“But with the Russians and Chinese very happy to overlook Thailand’s domestic situation, in return for lucrative arms and energy sales and business opportunities, many in Thailand are nervous about the impact that these deepening relations with authoritarian states will have on Thailand’s long-term democratic consolidation,” he said.

Actually, many in Thailand were nervous before the coup that the scheming fraudster and his family had figured out how to offer free stuff to the dum-dums in exchange for votes to stay in power. Those individuals did not like the democracy game and realized that there is no reasoning with those progressives.

The interesting thing in the prog's quote, and just how comical is it that an Australian was quoted and not a native Thai, is the line "it is difficult to envision Thailand returning to a situation as it was during the Cold War, where its foreign relations were dominated by a single great power". The Cold War ended twenty five years ago, but America kept Thailand in its fold for decades after but no longer. There is the confirmation that the American Empire is in decline. The USG system can no longer keep little Thailand in line.


Max Cady said...

Interesting turn of events, any thoughts on Myanmar essentially taking the opposite course recently?

Son of Brock Landers said...

They "ended" military rule, but it still seems like the military is in charge. Wirathu is the man too for energizing the Buddhists.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about Thailand recently, it seems that a good part of the Thai elite is made of Chinese descendants who assimilated into Thai culture and language, in Malaysia the Chinese have kept their own indentity and didn't assimilate into Malay culture but they basically run the economy and pay most of the taxes.

With the thoughts you'd be thinkin said...

Probably because the Chinese influence in the country has become worrying to them. Lots of Chinese illegals, Chinese dominance of the Burmese economy and of course the ethnic Chinese bit of land, Kokang. Kokang which is in Shan state is ethnically Chinese, it was founded by Ming dynasty loyalists so they speak Mandarin (the Chinese spoken as a national lingua franca) and it was Conquered by the British during the century of humiliation. Also the Burmese have bombed China by accident when they have engaged the alphabet soup groups of rebels within Burma, killing Chinese peasents. Basically the war I bet that the Chinese are most likely to conduct is over that patch of dirt, purely because of the legitmacy they could acquire by reclaiming people who actually want to be a part of China rather than some uninhabited islands.

AntiDem said...

As I've heard it, "Thailand" actually means "land of the free/independent". The Thais are extremely proud of the fact that they are just about the only country in East Asia that has never been colonized - de jure or de facto (the Western "zones of influence" in late 19th century China were more or less de facto colonization) - by anyone. The Thai/US alliance of the late 20th century was an anticommunist alliance, as the Thais also have no interest in being - again, de facto or de jure (as, Moldbug correctly pointed out, America is) - a communist country.

Toward their ends of staying independent and noncommunist, the Thais have been uncannily good at switching alliances over the years. People forget that Thailand was one of Imperial Japan's few willing allies during WWII. After WWII, they switched to a pro-US stance. Now they're switching away from it. The Thais are no fools - they can see that American vassal states have no hope of staying either effectively independent or effectively noncommunist. Just as Japan offered them an acceptable deal in the 1930s and America offered them an acceptable deal after WWII, the Russians and Chinese are offering them an acceptable deal now. They have quietly decided to accept.

Different T said...


@ Ryan

Can you ask Hadley at Social Matter to delete my posts under the post entitled "The Left's Crusade Against Gitmo?"

I would appreciate very much.

Thank you.

TomV said...

"Fraudster" and "dum-dums" huh? Isn't that what the Great and the Good are saying about Trump and his supporters like you? How about an "open convention" coup to save the party and country from the dreadful democracy game? Or failing that, maybe the newly female-led NORTHCOM can mount a honest-to-goodness military coup?

People like you are an embarrassment to the Alt Right.