Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 2

Thanks for listening to Weimerica Weekly last week. Episode 2 is up at Social Matter.

In this episode, I discuss the infantilization of adults. This is a sad feature to Weimerica, where the adults of the land have the same interests, activities and responsibilities of children. Specifically, I discuss the latest hot fad for adult children, infantilization being carefully managed capitalism, infantilization being an extension of Boomer glorification of youth culture, the freedom of children and finally, mouse utopias.

It is just under 30 minutes. Long enough for a commute or lunch break. Enjoy!


NZT said...

Another great showing. Thanks & keep 'em coming!

Glengarry said...

I just listened to the first episode. A bit rambling but it rambled on interesting topics so no harm done. And, importantly, you have an excellent podcast voice. Clearly spoken, no hemming and hawing or other annoying tics. You did fade a bit at times, I assume it's because you were moving away from the microphone every now and then. Length was good, I was left wanting more.

Anyway: Good show, all in all. Would bang, 5/5.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Glengarry, I bought a new headset. I have since recorded 9 episodes. My goal is to get a series going and then invite interview subjects. Thanks for the voice compliment. Im shooting for 30 minute episodes. Long enough for a commute or lunch break.