Sunday, December 27, 2015

Social Matter - Social Matter Christmas

My final Social Matter post for 2015 is on the subject of Christmas and Christians in general. It was a big year for them. Not in accomplishments but for the enemy to let the mask slip.
Gifts have been unwrapped, mass has been attended, carols and hymns have been sung. The leftovers and family favorites are stored in the fridge for the special week between Christmas and New Years. Christmas trees shall stand through Epiphany or come down sooner if there is urgency to return to normal. Another Christmas is celebrated. Another year is over. This year was a special year. This year marked the moment when Western Christians realized they were enemies in their own land–land they settled for kith and kin and Christ.
Be sure to check it out. VXXC is already there with a weird comment. The Joel osteen watching Christians better sharpen up, for the road ahead shall be tough.

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PA said...

American pundits have floated the idea of stripping religious organizations of their tax exempt status. [...] The death blow would knock out the bonds people have with an institution not labeled “Government” and would also weaken bonds within neighborhoods and communities.

I spend Christmas and/or Thanksgiving in deep Appalachia, which seems completely sparse of people and you hear of little more besides White meth-heads breaking into a house to steal shit to pawn. But then on Sunday mornings you see those little Baptist churches with parked cars spilling off the parking lot and into the road. I'd like to go in to one of those and see what I imagine to be a multigenerational vitality, but as a non-Baptist (Catholic, instead), non-local, I don't belong there. (As it should be, I hasten to add.)

Here in Mordor on the Potomac there are lots of churches, even ones without female pastors and rainbow flags, but they seem superfluous to any social functioning.

I really like this passage:

This is not about Christ, the friendly pal, who has good stories about acceptance and forgiveness. This is about Christ the man who threw the money changers out of Temple and said: walk with me, drop what you are doing and follow. The man who said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. It was not just money but time, emotion, and mental investment.