Friday, December 11, 2015

Social Matter Review and Preview 26

Last week I explained how the media will hide the decline. The prog utopia must explain the dysfunction as odd or unexpected results and hide how progs have mismanaged it. This week I will tackle the great game afoot of nationalism vs globalism. Even the PUA crowd has woken up to this one. The problem is that the globalist a have seen this coming for decades. The positive for nationalists or identarians is that the thinkers a generation ago had no idea how badly the globalist a would manage their empire.

If you are unaware, I have started a podcast on Social Matter by the name of Weimerica Weekly. It runs 30 minutes and covers topical things and the weird items that float through our social soup. Episode Three is up now and it focuses on sex, technology (Tinder and antibiotics) and STDs. Sponsorship offers are welcome and so are topic suggestions. It's a wild Weimerica out there and I can't see everything.


peterike said...

Well, have the globalists really mis-managed things? Not as far as they're concerned. They have more wealth than ever, more power than ever. They are steadily stripping wealth from the middle class (see link below). They are unchecked at flooding white nations with non-whites.

If you're a globalist elite, what's not to like? Everything is going according to plan.

Anyway, looking forward to the piece.

PA said...

I've been looking forward to this next Social Matters post since you mentioned the subject a few days ago. Globalism seems like an unstoppable juggernaut today, like Communism did decades ago.

Anonymous said...

"The problem is that the globalist a have seen this coming for decades."

There is a 15 years old Time article about a Neoconservative Black woman who was predicting the return of Racialism in American politics, I don't remember the rest.

Corn said...

Anonymous above me: could you be referring to a black professor named Carol Swain, who wrote a book called The Coming White Nationalism, or The New White Nationalism? Something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe its her.