Monday, November 30, 2015

GOPe Denies Trump But Accepted Romney

It has become more disgusting with each passing week to see the essays, the interviews and the tweets from GOPe pundits, analysts and media figures. There are the pro-Rubio missives. Rubio is a slick, polished speaker. He is also an empty suit. There are the Rubio is surging tweets, which look weird in the face of Trump and Cruz both surging without as much of the media help as Rubio gets. There are the anti-Trump articles, both left and right, with the right acting like the left. The latest meme is the "take our ball and stay home" threat by the GOPe crowd. The funny thing is that the GOPe wholeheartedly supported a figure very similar to Trump in 2012, begging the peasants to support their chosen one, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney, for all of his faults as a candidate, was a very smart, competent and skilled administrator. In a broken-up USA, he would make a fine elder statesman for Deseret (Mormon-land). Romney was always a winner, and very attuned to pitching himself to voters with what he and his advisors thought they needed. In 2008, he was ahead of the game with a focus on immigration. In 2012, he continued his anti-illegal immigration pitch and "Mr. Fix-it" for the economy. He could not connect to the base, could not shake off his prior support for Obamacare that he signed into law in massachusetts as Romneycare, and he could not plunge the dagger in the second debate. He was not loved by the GOPe, but when he had the nomination sown up with the Michigan primary win righting his ship, the GOPe backed him with passion.

Romney is no different than Trump. Trump's signature issue is immigration, but a focus on being anti-illegal immigration. Trump's wall? Romney wanted a wall. Romney wanted to do just about everything Trump wants to do with the exception of deport millions starting day one. Here are his political positions with regards to immigration per La Wik.

During the 2012 presidential election primary campaign, Romney called Arizona’s approach to illegal immigration “a model for the nation.”[384] He vowed that on his first day in office as president, he would bring an end to the lawsuits the Obama Administration’s Justice Department had brought challenging Arizona’s immigration policy.[384] He also praised the anti-illegal immigration efforts of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a law professor who had drafted much of Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration enforcement lawand similar measures around the country. Campaigning with Kobach in January 2012, Romney said, “We need more conservative leaders like Kris willing to stand up for the rule of law. With Kris on the team, I look forward to working with him to take forceful steps to curtail illegal immigration and to support states like South Carolina and Arizona that are stepping forward to address this problem.”[385] When the Supreme Court struck down parts of Arizona's SB 1070 in June 2012, a Romney campaign spokesman said that Romney supports the rights of states to make their own immigration laws when the federal government has failed to address illegal immigration.[386] 
To help combat illegal immigration across the border with Mexico, Romney has said that the U.S. must erect a fence along the entire 2,600 mile border, equipped with technology to detect attempts to breach the barrier, and outfitted with adequate numbers of border patrol agents.[387] 
Romney also said during the primary campaign that he would seek to make the U.S. a much less hospitable place for undocumented immigrants by eliminating what he called the magnets that attract them.[387][388] An example of a magnet, he said, would be offering to undocumented immigrants the same tuition discounts that are offered to legal residents who attend public colleges in their states, a benefit that rival candidate Governor Rick Perry supported for Texas students who had been brought as children to the U.S. by their undocumented immigrant parents.[388] Romney similarly said that he opposed all forms of amnesty because he regards amnesty as another magnet for illegal immigration.[389]He vowed that as president he would veto the DREAM Act (legislation which would allow individuals who had been brought to the U.S. as children when their families immigrated illegally an opportunity to qualify for permanent residency if they met certain qualifications), because he considered it yet another magnet for illegal immigration.[390][391] 
Romney has argued that a key step to reducing illegal immigration would be to reduce the job opportunities available for undocumented immigrants. He has said that requiring employers to confirm each worker’s immigration status using an E-Verify-type database, such as in Arizona, and punishing employers who hire workers lacking proper documentation, would lead employers to stop hiring undocumented immigrants, with the result that fewer immigrants would choose to come to the U.S. illegally, and many of those who are already in the U.S. would "self-deport."

This is not that different than Trump's desired policies nor the means with which he would execute his policies. The hate on Trump cannot be fore unreasonable, racist policies since they mirror the policies that the prior nominee wanted to implement as president.

The other attack is on Trump being photographed with Democrats, donating money to Democrats and beign Democrat friendly. The GOPe does not want to admit that a FIRE economy dependent billionaire is going to have to butter both sides of the bread to get his way. Elon Musk donates money to both parties, yet if he ran for Governor of California, the Democrats would toss roses at his feet despite the GOP donations. There is a "Johnny-Come-Lately" tag attached to Trump, which is comical considering it was the same thing said about Romney.

Let's use one of these GOPe Twitter pundits own writing. This baseballcrank post sums it up. Crank wrote 15,000 words against Romney prior to a final blast, mocking Romney for being an unconvincing convert. Crank is sharp, and secretly, Trump is the candidate Crank has wanted for years. Crank and company still supported Romney like good soldiers. Romney passed Romneycare. Romney ran against Ted Kennedy in the '90s and said he would spearhead and pass things Kennedy could not because he knew how to work the government of the '90s. Romney was a victim of geography, and he did not want to move to Michigan and run there. Had he done so, he probably would have won a presidential election. The GOPe knew all of this about Romney.

They still supported him in the summer and fall. They still backed him. They still told you little peasants to get your asses to the voting booth for him. They did not take their ball and go home because voters did not support Gov. Rick Perry. They did not dream of a white knight to save them in the spring despite Gov. Mitch Daniels being at the ready. The GOPe and Smart Set were perfectly fine with Trump. Romney and Trump were both sons of wealthy men who made even more money. The GOPe even whispers now of using Romney against Trump in the spring if they get desperate enough. This is a circus for a position with less power than the public imagines, but the GOPe threatens a backstabbing.

Trump is not their guy. Trump is not jumping through the hoops they have set up. Trump is not speaking to them, but he is speaking to the little guys. The GOPe has deamed of a populist candidate. They have dreamed of a guy that blacks may slide over to by even an additional 5-10%. They have prayed for one who fights the media for being unfair and goes out to every stump speech with this message; "DC-NYC is corrupt and needs a spring cleaning" for decades. Trump just isn't their guy, and they hate him for that.


Anonymous said...

To the voter, it is all for the better. The GOPe has failed so much that not being accepted by them is a selling point. Hell, if the establishment and media had welcomed him with open arms right from the start they may have neutralized him.

Romney is rich, but never rich enough to go full Trump and self-fund, which meant he was owned. And thus, an insider treated with skepticism by blue collars. His immigration policy looks great, but did anyone think he would have the balls to do it? Nope. GOPe didn't want it.

As an insider, Mitt couldn't corral the ever present insurgent Vulgarians of the party which bubble up from time to time under a Perot, Buchanan, or Ron Paul*, but have now gone full force for Trump.

That aside, if there are few differences between Romney and Trump in policy and history, the biggest difference is in marketing, of course. Trump is a marketing genius. "We need to build a WALL" is miles ahead of "fence, ramble ramble, self-deport". But that is about appeal to voters, not the point of your post.

*On Ron Paul supporters, I'd bet Trump is pulling half of them despite being far from him ideologically. I've lurked the net for a while, the places that were pro-Ron Paul have taken the race red pill over the past four years and are pro-Trump havens now. A lot of Ron Paul's supporters were very young guys, many in or fresh out of their local Marxist University. Four years of real living can open a staunch libertarian mind quite a bit, and the shut-in libertarian can discover quite a lot of nationalist writings in that time. The true believers (I'd say half of RP's base) are likely mildly autistic and are probably split between Rand and Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Is Baseball Crank sharp? I've seen him pull out the canards of left to argue against Trump: war on women, racist, out of context quotes, general sophistry. Never a well-reasoned criticism of Trump, which is certainly possible. I see cognitive dissonance perhaps, but no more intuitiveness than the average MSNBC employee. If he is sharp, as you say, is he getting paid by someone to anti-Trump? Status signaling? Can't accept that he secretly likes the same candidate as low status white factory workers? What is it? I don't see a lot of insight from him that points me to any other conclusion than he is a brainwashed GOPe drone.

Portlander said...

Totally agree with the first Anon. It comes down to control. With Romney the GOPe had it, with Trump they don't. So, they fear Trump, and hate him for it.

The differences really are comical for anyone that stops to give it some consideration. We are supposed to believe Trump, a life-long, 2nd generation NYC building developer, is going to go all scorched-earth conservative on the Leviathan. Fuhgit about it. Look no further than Ivanka showing-off his Grrl Powr bonafides. Hive mind through and through.

He might tell the neo-cons to piss-off, which ain't nothing, but if Nixon couldn't stop the Leviathan, Trump sure as hell won't be either.

A little less invade, a little more discretion on the invite, but as I was telling a friend at Thanksgiving, unless even cynical old me has underestimated the level of skim going on, I don't see a reversal of course that is going to restore the middle-class to its former financial security and freedom.

Hey, just like with Trump it's all about control. They didn't have it over the middle class in the 50's and 60's into the early 70's. They won't be letting that happen again.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The establishment has been trying since July to shoot Trump down and it hasn't worked. The media and establishment politicians don't seem to understand that their hate only strengthens their loyalty towards the outsider. Chalk it up to arrogance I guess. I'm curious to see what the GOPe will do as he starts winning primaries and the establishment favorites will start dropping out. I can see after just mid-February, the choices will come down to Trump, Rubio, and Bush.

The establishment has to know deep down that if they do anything shady that they will lose the 2016 election when even a fraction of Trump supporters decide to stay home out of disgust. That or they think that they can reabsorb the Trump supporters back into the fold with Rubio. That will be the real question: will the establishment be willing to throw an election just so an outsider Republican can't have a shot?

I'll be an optimist and say that the GOPe will eventually rally around Trump if he is the winner. There is a lot at stake from 2017-2025 and I don't believe they will throw the fight just because the primary winner isn't Rubio or Bush.

Anonymous said...

Random Guy,

100% right on Trump supporters sitting out if he doesn't win the nomination. It won't necessarily be about disgust though, its that a great number of these people have always sat out elections because they've correctly diagnosed they haven't had a real choice in a long time.

Portlander said...

The establishment has to know deep down that if they do anything shady that they will lose the 2016 election when even a fraction of Trump supporters decide to stay home out of disgust.

I'm confident GOPe would happily throw 2016 if it meant keeping Trump out of the White House. They've done it to _many_ a Tea Party-aligned candidate over the last 6 years.

The real question is whether they think it would cost them in 2018, 2020, and 2024. This is especially true among the rank and file delegate types that are also the majority of the down-ticket politicians. Voters are notorious for short memories so in that regard I think GOPe figures by 2020 it's all water under the bridge. But if it means down-ticket politicians are routed for next 4 years in every state, local, and federal office that is remotely contested, they might be figuring come the August convention, "Well Trump as President can't be _that_ bad. He's just one guy right? Everyone did their job best they could. For crying out loud, it's all Jeb's and Rubio's fault for not doing a single thing to help their own cause. Republican voters aren't like the Dem's who pull the handle purely based on skin color, sexual identity, and cat-pic LOL's."

sth_txs said...

I'm one of those Ron Paul supporters that hates the GOPe and don't bother to vote much for a candidate.

Romney was a worthless empty suit. I'm doubtful he would have followed through with anything he said. He seemed packaged in a way.

Trump is scary in some ways, but his tax plan and some of his other comments show that he seems aware that working class Americans whether white collar or blue collar are hurting.

I may bother voting for him just to stick it to the GOP. One bad thing about Trump is that I do not want more competent government, I want very small government. If Hillary won, at least everything she attempted to do would be scrutinized and less likely to stick.