Friday, October 16, 2015

Last Week's SM, Preview of This Week's 18

Last week, I wrote on the progressive pu-pu platter of garbage USG forces on clients. This managed to get linked in the comments at ISteve, so some of you liked it. Nations do get force-fed this crap. This is also why China's statements of different systems for different nations is an appealing counter-offer for potential clients. The non-USG world system takes time to assemble, but it is also going to take some marketing.

This week I will be writing about Rand Paul, Icarus and his fans. It has been a sad, sad trajectory for Rand Paul. His fans are disheartened. They should have seen this coming, but all y'all wanted to believe.


When discussing the force feeding of progressive beliefs on foreign nations in the US empire, I have used the term progressive buffet. That is incorrect. A buffet implies that a nation can sample from the different options available. There is no selection. There is no option. It is not a choice. There is a better term.

What happens is a nation must deal with the items the progs are pushing today. A nation has no choice. They must eat up. The nation must eat them all. The proper term for this forced meal is the pu-pu platter. This even feels more fitting for progressives since pu-pu platters are a Hawaiian or Chinese dish. A pu-pu platter is a collection of different appetizers. It has tasty treats. You might get stuck with some duds though from sharing, plus the pu-pu platter does not let you choose the items included. You just get it and have to eat it.

What is in the progressive pu-pu platter? This can change over time. Once you've stepped into the restaurant and had it sent to your table, you're stuck with it. A definite item is feminism. No matter what nation, the progs will slip in to push their brand of feminism in your culture. It does not matter what religion dominates your nation nor the eons of tradition, feminism is a prime directive. It is American feminism so it is cartoon feminism from George Soros to your door. The pair with this is education as female education (Western crafted education) is a good weapon for depressing the birth rates of potential economic rivals like Germany and Japan.

Another pu-pu platter item is multiculturalism. Yes, Africans have African nations and Asians have Asians nations, but the little minorities in those nations must be included and treated fairly (except whites in sub-Saharan Africa). The Burmese get pushed on the Rohingya. China gets prodded about their problem with Uyghurs. Every European nation has been getting their dose of multikulti in drips thanks to the USG Cold War victory. The Western elites have weaponized Muslims in nearly all corners of the earth with Muslims raising hell in the Philippines, Europe, Africa and others spots in Asia. Muslims supply a nice Alinsky effect where they goad the home nation into any type of reaction that can then be used as propaganda to scold the home population (fear of backlash that never comes). The majority always must bend to the minority. This is the destruction of the home culture and history in order to reach for the multicultural shining city on a hill.

The pu-pu platter has to benefit the elite of the target nation. There has to be a reason to sell out. This is where the open borders menu item comes into play. Flood the nation with labor to depress wages and generate more income and wealth for the elite. This also reinforces the multikulti item. How else can you weaken national consciousness when you force multiculturalism on 90% homogeneous nations? It is hard work if there are few visible minorities. You need to stuff it with others. The progs are pushing Africans and Pakistanis into South America as they suck South Americans into America. The chain of open borders insanity really is that terrible.

A new addition to the pu-pu platter is sexual minorities. The focus is on gay rights, but this includes all of the LGBT crowd. No one can escape this. No tradition is long enough to not be asked to break for gays. Even black American Obama went and chastised African leadership for being mean to gays. This was a trip meant to be a myth bolstering "return home" to Kenya. China, Russia, and Eastern Europe all get the tsk-tsk. America is now willing to give aid and military comfort if you stand up for gay rights. Those are the strings to the aid money and sweet deals. That was the obstacle preventing the US from helping Nigeria fight Boko Haram.

No pu-pu platter is complete without easy money policies tied to the World Bank and IMF. This usually comes with the package of free trade and economic liberalization policies. This greatly helps the elites as they can feed their clan or tribe at the trough of aid, loans and investment. This creates bubbles in those little nations that benefit current asset holders and those in political power able to grant mining rights and commission large projects. When the debt goes unpaid, the vulture funds and other big money boys can swoop in to buy it up and demand payment in full in American courts. There is a price to pay as a member of the Empire.

The World Bank and IMF are similar to another piece of the pu-pu platter: outsourcing governance to NGOs. The soft tendrils of the USG system will work as the missionaries, both Christian and Progressive, find their way into the host nation to educate and enlighten the population on the latest Harvard memes. Like any good religion this converts natives, even if just for a steady bowl of rice or yams, and poisons the local public discourse as now members of the community are spouting the lines from the foreign interlopers.

A nation can have a lot of these items, and think they are safe, but no, there is one more. Bashar Al-Assad was the head of a multicultural nation that respected religious minorities and even had a strip club (how progressive!). Muammar Gaddafi ran a multicultural nation with government respect for Sub-Saharan African tribesmen, and even had opportunities for women that the Islamists did not like. Both of those men had a problem. They were autocrats. Democracy is the chief item of the pu-pu platter.

All of these other policies and interests only work best when universal suffrage and the voting booths are used to legitimize a government. Each featured policy above agitates and politicizes gender, race, religion, etc and creates a political need for all members of society to get invested in rule even if they have zero power. The progressive pu-pu platter might look appealing with items that are marketed as good with slick descriptions and packaging. The reality is that buying into the progressive pu-pu platter is akin to eating one at your local Chinese restaurant. After eating it and leaving, you're stomach is a bit off and you're hungry twenty minutes later. You regret the order by the time you get home.


Anonymous said...

Not to pick nits, but I believe the superior grammatical form is "all of you-all" or "all of you-ones", pronounced "alla y'all" or "alla y'uns", respectively.

Dina Strange said...

Excellent article.