Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jeb's Gridlock Nonsense

Jeb Bush is facing hard times. Jeb Bush is facing the reality that it is not going to happen for him. Dorkier younger brother is his role. Flaming out before the primaries might be the perfect ending to his political career. All is not lost. His son now knows that his dad failed for some specific reasons, and George P. Bush will calibrate his candidacy for president in 2028 (if we make it) to account for his dad's failure. Jeb did let slip something weird though in his rant about having better things to do.

Something does not seem right in his rant. I will copy and paste the rant into this post for you to review.

I don't want to "sit around and see gridlock just become so dominant". Correct me if I am wrong, but the GOP has both houses of Congress. The GOP has some tough turf to defend in 2016, NH, FL, PA, and WI, but has some opportunities to pick up Senate seats. The GOP could lose all four of those tough Senate seats, pick up zero contested seats and still be able to push the president's agenda through. President Jeb would be sitting pretty with some citizen dissatisfaction with his predecessor as a goodwill cushion (Just look competent!).

What gridlock? Where would the gridlock be? I do not think Congress has much, if any, power, but there is a major agenda item that you could do that would not run into any gridlock and deliver cost savings to a majority of Americans: repeal Obamacare. Straight line party vote to get rid of it, but before you do, call all of those insurers to guarantee premium reductions for the fall January enrollment season. Insurers would be heartbroken, but the mergers are going through, consolidation is happening and a 20% drop after multiple years of double-digit increases would still put them ahead. That is a huge opportunity. It would automatically give him a better legacy than his dad or brother.

Jeb might be whining about gridlock because Jeb's agenda is not base friendly. Jeb might be planning something gigantic that will change America forever. Oh, jeez, what could it be? Immigration reform. Jeb's fear is that Trump's shifting of the immigration discussion and how it has emboldened immigration opponents will destroy the immigration grand bargain his elite donors seek. Jeb's main problem is that the Tom Delay crowd is not in Congress anymore. Potential allies who shared the same donor network like Eric Cantor are gone. Jeb not passing the 14 year freshness test really hurts him in this instance.

This throwaway rant by Jeb is not as much about gridlock as it is about where his campaign is now. Gridlock is a slip of his tongue that can have an alternative reading as I provided above, but this is about his sickly campaign. Jeb prevented a third Romney run by scooping up his donor base. Jeb's competition was suppose to be donors working it to have him take on the Koch supported Walker. The parasitic consultant class saw a predetermined match-up offering limited jobs for them in an environment of a way too easy of a donor class to prey on to give themselves fat paychecks. The 17 candidate race started.

I will cut Jeb some slack on one account. Jeb's cuckservative bit is his betrayal of America for immigration. He lost his 1994 bid for the Florida governorship by being honest that he wouldn't do squat for blacks. Immigration is high end punditry type of betrayal. He is not an entirely brainwashed retard like the lower tier of the GOP punditry. The entire GOP pundit and consultant machinery not treating Dr. Ben Carson's campaign the way they should have has hurt their supposed chosen one. Carson gave one speech. Carson has all of the traits that the GOPe smart set hates about Trump and no positives. He just is NOT Trump. Carson has some additional negatives, but he is NOT Trump.

Jeb Bush had no clue that the GOP is so brainwashed about "not appearing racist" that they cannot properly brush off comatose Carson. Jeb probably saw Carson as useful (just like the dumb GOP punditry), but now the GOP has a candidate eating 20-25% support when in reality they are just a fundraising machine for some hustlers. Add to this Trump's 20-25% support, and it's major trouble. The fighting with proxy candidates is weak and something that his father and Reagan did not do in 1980, nor his brother in 2000. Had Jeb showed a bit of dominance, he might have prevented the 17 candidate clown car race.

The clown car atmosphere has killed Jeb. Even if he were to win the nomination, he has been mortally wounded in the eyes of voters. Jeb's hoped for 30% baseline of support was eroded by similar GOPe approved candidates like Kasich, Pataki, Rubio and Fiorina siphoning off 2-6% a piece. The GOPe played it too cute. Now the coronation is in jeopardy. If there is one silver lining for the GOP, it is seeing Jeb behave when he is in a rough spot. This is not the behavior of a man who can think quickly, fight while outmatched and stay positive. Jeb is a puppet, but one that needs both a hand up his ass and the wind at his back. Jeb is a sunshine candidate, not a winter soldier. America is in decline. Our civilization's winter is upon us. No more Jebs. Bring on the Faustian Caesars.


Anonymous said...

yup, all the splitter candidates would have worked out amazing for the GOPe and Jeb if Trump hadn't entered the race (and been phenomenal). Even Trump haters must thank him for being the only thing that prevented Bush vs. Clinton. He is, in a sense, a true hero of American democracy.

Its looking more and more like the battle at the end will be Trump-Rubio, with Rubio hoping to cull the anti-Trump vote as the ankle-biters drop out. Carson will lose steam after Iowa and cares more about selling books anyway. My prediction? Trump runs the table. Honestly.

knifecatcher said...

We won't have Jeb Bush to kick around any more. LOL

Andrew E. said...

Trump's support is more like the mid, upper-30's. Carson low 20's.

GOPe has declared all-out polling war. Shadows on a cave.

Anonymous said...

Rubio definitely had a hair transplant. This has meme potential.

PA said...

A very good point, made by you here and also either you or someone else earlier: jeb bush is an honest candidate, if nothing else. Both as governor hopeful in Florida and now as presidential hopeful. If elected, he couldn't have been accused of sneaking an amnesty on us.

Did thar rant strike you as drunk? There was some butthurt and no sign of PR vetting.

I am now blogging:

Working on getting you and others on my blogroll. The WP dashboard is a challenge.

Toddy Cat said...

Even though I'm sure that Jeb Bush is a basically decent guy, he irritates the Hell out of me. You've got better things to do than run for President, do you? Then go do them, you entitled little turd. No one ever wanted you as President anyway, as we are seeing. Don't let the doorknob hit you in the a**, pal.

Portlander said...

The clown car atmosphere didn't kill ¡Jeb!, Trump killed ¡Jeb!

The clown car army was a feature, not a bug. It was supposed to splinter the anti-establishment voters among a half-dozen also-rans. What the GOPe didn't expect was someone with Trump's media acumen to be able to rise above the need for big ticket donors (ie. establishment) to get his message out, connect directly with voters, and stymie the MSM from caricaturing him and destroying his credibility.

Portlander said...

"You've got better things to do than run for President, do you?"

Another point is that it is becoming increasingly obvious the Boomer old-guard is getting tired and looking to retirement and spending their filthy lucre. On a micro-scale Portland can't keep a mayor. But that's the tell. It starts with the low levels seeing that their not going to make the big leagues regardless, and so why bother with the petty bickering to help some other guy get rich, and it spreads upward as there is less and less of a pie to fight over and they've already got their piece so what's the point. Boehner and ¡Jeb! are examples of it at the top. All we're left with are the nakedly Napolean-types that will be around until they are hauled out on a stretcher... or in chains. (Hey, an American can wish.)

But without Boomers to hold this sh*t-show together, I don't see how it stays together. It is not a natural order. It takes active intervention and maintenance to keep it going, and the funds for such are getting spread thinner and thinner.

Suburban_elk said...

If nothing else it is good fun that Jeb is commenting from his iPhone - and giving us a piece of his mind!

It is pretty clear that his emotional maturity is not at the upper levels. For some people that can work, and for some politicians too - it may be a feature not a bug - but with this case of Bush it is not working.

And i would agree that somehow that comment of his is a little bit sympathetic. Poor guy, having to butt heads with a big old ram - he just doesn’t want to do it anymore, and we won’t have him to make fun of. Unhappy faces all around.

Speaking of unhappy faces, what is up with his face (in the picture at the link). There was a comparable picture of Boehner floating around recently. They are so far from the “best of men”. That is not news to anyone, but there has to be limits - these guys aren’t even good for appearances, they can’t even hold up a good face. Isn’t that their job, in a sham democracy?

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