Tuesday, July 07, 2015

What Feminism Has Wrought

Yesterday Grerp graced this humble blog and reviewed two documentaries. Here's my twin post to her reviews. The same documentaries reviewed, but from a male point of view...

An interesting thing with modern feminisim, all identity politics really, is that despite legislative wins, rule changes, government programs and everything else, the evil, horrible patriarchy is keeping women down. Feminists spotlight gains in speeches when useful, and spotlight statistics with giant holes in them to show the evil patriarchy is at work when useful. Women never have agency unless it is media spotlighted you go girl acts. Feminism has brainwashed enough women to deny biological drives, to slave for corporate gigs, and to think raising kids at home is a bad choice. Not just a bad choice, but inferior and weak. They never ever look at what their handiwork has created. It is a nightmare and destroys all progress they speak of and in fact, makes their work look as if it is purposefully destructive.

There is wonderful visual evidence of their failure in the form of two documentaries on Netflix right now. Sexy Baby is from 2012 and Hot Girls Wanted is from 2015. They are directed and made by the same duo of feminist women, and Rashida Jones was the executive producer of Hot Girls Wanted. Sexy Baby is about the pressures women face in today's sexualized culture, while Hot Girls Wanted is about the pornography industry with a special focus on the newer porn scene in Miami. These two documentaries can stand as testaments to the dangerous wares that feminism has wrought and spread throughout our society. 

Sexy Baby follows three young women, 32 year old Nichole (porn + stripper veteran), 22 year old Laura (aspiring teacher), 12 year old Winnifred (aspiring Jewess). Winnifred is the most entertaining, but Nichole is the most honest. Winnifred is a precocious New York City girl who talks a good game about sex and freedom, as do her "feminist" father and her cable news appearing lawyer mother. You might want to drown the family in a tub by the end of the film. Winnifred, aspiring actress, engages in feminist talk that makes some sense about objectification and the hypersexualized culture around her, but fully engages with it. Evil porn is out there, but she isn't going to watch it. She is cognizant of other misogyny and sexualized media content. It is breathtaking to see her shed being a girl at 12 so quickly while complaining about sexual pressure. This smart girl gives in without any question to the very pressures she bemoans.

Her parents are horrible on the verge of "send them to Gulags for hard labor". Dad is a pansy man who was sad his five year old wanted to be petty Cinderella instead of the other modern fairy tale about some smart, science princess girl. It's comical how he denies a five year old might just want to be a pretty woman. He didn't voice anger or concern as the youngster shook her ass like a night clubber. He knows how Winnifred is dressed for the Lady Gaga concert, and drops her off unattended. No objections. It's not as funny as the tattooed lawyer mom watching Winnifred's younger sister dance like a freak and just let it happen. At Winnifred's bat mitzvah, Momma reads from Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues fame) about how "you shuddint listen ta people sayin' find a man and play it safe, just be a who-ah and indypendint, no big whoop". What is great is Momma did divorce Daddy, and you know where Momma is at age 40? She is alone, talking to a video camera for a documentary while her 13 year old daughter dresses like a tramp to go to a Lady Gaga concert by herself. How did hitting every square on the feminist Jewish lawyer BINGO card work out for her? If you want a laugh, look at mom filing a lawsuit for Winnifred now. Yeah, that's mother-daughter bikini pics in an international newspaper. Puts their skank dance off at the bat mitzvah into perspective.

Laura the 20-something was rather funny because she was a regular, cute Southern girl who only wanted labiaplasty done to correct what she felt were big labia. She wanted to look like chicks in porn. She didn't want to be a girl guys talked about having big labia. Must have nice looking labia with the documentary blaming porn for this desire. There are staistics thrown out about the procedure, but note no differential on which are cosmetic and which are needed for torn labia. Her mom supports her, even in tears as the procedure happens. The sketchy (and Jewish) doctor who is going to perform the procedure is intriguing in a "medical scam artist" way, where he gives her the "yeah you got some BIG labia down here" talk to get her to do the procedure. One wonders if time with a psychiatrist first might have prevented the need for surgery. After her procedure, she has the confidence to go out to the clubs and get laid!

Nichole is interesting because she is a porn veteran who is pretty honest about the industry. Her husband wants a kid with her and explicitly stated that is why they married. Lots of pressure on her. Unspoken is the rationale behind her concern, despite being 32, of conceiving. In porn, she might have caught STD after STD so her ability to conceive and carry might be damaged. She tries to rationalize the industry's existence but recognizes the dangers of it being mainstream. Her husband also recognizes the damage, and he clearly explains the difference from just the '90s to today. One bit of her time onscreen stands out. It is a sequence where she provides strip tease lessons for women. Onscreen, she does it for some very cute banker girl. As Nichole explains, regular girls take lessons to be like Nichole, but this cute, nice banker takes the lessons to be like the other girls. They do it to chase a media crafted ideal of sexy, while banker girl does it to chase her ideal of what regular women do.

In that anecdote lies the beauty of this entire documentary. These women all know this is all around them and NO ONE rejects it. No one says, "I'm not doing this shit". No one pushes back. The human being being a herd animal is never better on display than here. Winnifred's parents never ever reprimand their daughters for doing anything slutty, never limits their children's media consumption and never say no. Precocious Winnifred sprints and dives into the cultural cesspool. Her parents recognize Internet porn exists, yet never say, "Something should be done about Internet porn". Laura goes forward with a weird procedure, why? She wants her labia to look good. Here's the underlying thing. She expects sexual intercourse with the next guy not to be the last. If he were last, he'd be the only one seeing her vagina. Instead, she expects to bang man after man, and she also expects to bang a guy who would be the kind to talk about his last girlfriend's vagina in front of other people. She has given into the need to ride the cock carousel for fun for as long as she wants. They all give in, they all go along with it, and they never stop to think that the system needs to be junked. Nichole is actually the most honest of the three. While contributing to the sex industry that affects these other women, she is more honest about the changes around her as the American culture was pornified. She is lying to herself about her job a bit, but not as much as the other two women and their social circles. 

This is what makes Hot Girls Wanted even better if you watch Sexy Baby first. Because they are by the same director, you can see her motivation to making Hot Girls Wanted (HGW). After making the depressing, sad documentary of poor, little American women in a hypersexualized world, she wanted to spotlight the porn world. These are the bad guys! The women in Sexy Baby constantly discussed the ubiquity of porn. This director claims she wanted to do HGW about the amateur girls in porn after first wanting to do a doc on young men who watched porn. That does not make sense when you know Sexy Baby exists. She wanted to blame something for the tough situation of young women with regards to sex, and porn fit the bill. Focusing on the amateurs, she wanted to play on the trope of small town hicks getting snared into evil porn world, "Oh goody, little oppressed women I can show as victims".

It isn't exactly like that. HGW does track how these young women answer Craigslist ads, then fly down to Miami to film amateur porn. They know exactly what they are getting into. Amateur is the wrong word. Miami should be considered like the "minor leagues" for porn. The sleazeball "porn agent", who is for all purposes a pimp, clearly states how they film here in Miami, if they sell well, go to LA, and if they sell well there, get bigger and better bookings (plus bigger and better pimps to work for). If not, it's off to kink and worse niche films if you want to get paid. These girls are not amateurs as much as new recruits. They also are not rubes nor angels. This is clear in nearly every rationalization given where they discuss control, it being choice and that they'd "be doing this anyway so why not get paid for it" (exact quote). 

These women are not sympathetic. They eagerly want to do scenes, want to sign up for more, want to be pornstars. None of them considered what stardom would mean as even the most successful long term pornstar is escorting on the side into her 30s. The director had months' worth of video and hours of interviews, and the video clips used, if this is the most sympathetic footage she could find, show just how awful these young women are. This is the best way she could portray the new recruits, and they come off as horrible. One girl compares her "forced" blow job scene to rape. That is an insult to rape victims everywhere. Rape victims don't have a choice. This young woman showed up, got her hair and makeup done, got paid, and at any time could have cut the scene or tapped out (I'll get to this later). This was one of the more contrived feeling video interviews to drive a feminist talking point home. This is the best this feminist director could do to make you feel these women were forced into anything, and even then, it falls flat. She expected confused exploitation, but instead found eager, willing pornstars in training.

While you won't feel bad for these women, you will pick up on something. Multiple women mention they wanted to leave their small town, wanted to not just do the normal thing, or wanted to go away. This is an odd consequence of the non-stop messaging to children that small town life is horrible, a family and "normal" life is low status, and that a big city experience is super cool. These fools think porn is their gateway out as if porn is somehow a superior status existence than staying in small town USA. The Amish have the year of rumspringa. We have three months of sex on film. That was the sad thing to hear when considering our media environment and steady programming on the heels of the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling. This is something the director was eager to spotlight in Sexy Baby but not here. Media programming is powerful and nonstop.

These women are broken though, and this further pushes the points made in Sexy Baby about the kids surrounded by sex non-stop. Here are a roomful of 18-25 year old women claiming that they are jaded about love. They do not have much offscreen sex, and they find relationships hard even prior to porn. One of the 19 year olds talks about getting butterflies for a guy, and that "that does not happen for me anymore". You are 19. How long is the "no butterflies era"? A year, two tops? Has women's liberation accelerated little tweens and teens into romantic and sexual situations making them hollow, cynical 19 year olds? Looks like it has. These are broken losers. All of them. Even the parents of one of the women who cry a bit over her performing don't blow up on camera. They just take it. Pushback is minimal to non-existent. There are some funny nuggets in HGW like any scene with a guy in porn (mopes), because they all come off as goofy losers. How they pick a name, the split between teen and MILF designations and some random facts about the industry are good bits.

I only watched HGW because some people in that industry said I should check it out since despite being poorly made, it would make the industry look like what it is "bad". One person who was in the industry said how this director was probably shocked to find that there would be women eager to be in the industry to pay bills, collect some cash, make a bit of a name and enjoy the sex. That "forced" blowjob scene was actually just a rough blowjob scene. They must have used the term forced to make it sound rapey. In all the James Deen magazine articles in the mainstream press, glorifying the porn world, no one mentioned how it really is because they needed to sell readers on porn being erotic, cool and safe. There is a guy in porn who watched HGW and worried that he was the man the girl with the awful "forced" scene was referring to. He made some calls to check if it was him, and it was not. That's the real life of these porn guys. You think it's all cool until one of them cries on camera about feeling a bit raped by the job and then you stay up all night worried you're a monster. Then pop your Valtrex to keep your herpes at bay.

The "forced" blowjob thing is kind of comical since that is how Belle Knox got her start. In those scenes, the girl does not perform fellatio as much as the man has sex with her mouth, but keep in mind, at any time the girl can tap out and not make as much money as she would have if the scene finished. Knox's coming out happens while HGW was filmed. The women trash her hard. But here's the catch for us viewers? Knox coming out makes much more sense now (I said it was fishy then). She had done a month or two of filming in the same "minor leagues". Obviously, she was not getting booked the way she wanted. My bet is Knox made a calculated decision to go public to then boost her visibility to make herself a prime booking commodity. It sort of worked, but Knox is done with porn. I checked on these HGW performers, and all but one are gone from the industry. It will make Knox a marked woman forever just like these women learned. The system reaped some benefits. Media got to spotlight Knox as feminist and empowered. You go girl! Porn is good kids! Porn is good, viewer, don't worry about what you're watching.

There is a great sequence though that tells you everything you need to know about why they make whatever scene scenario. A performer has to go out and buy grubby Walmart clothes because she is going to do a scene as a pawn shop cashier who has sex. As she says (paraphrased), "There must be enough guys who go to pawn shops wanting to bang the girl". They film what you want to see. These are your desires they are reflecting in their funhouse mirror. These women rationalize this away as a good thing it's here on camera as a fantasy and someone isn't doing it in real life. They did not see Sexy Baby and the discussions that yes, porn sex and aesthetics are expected outside of the porn world now. How much of desire is reflected by porn and how much desire is generated by porn? It is a two way street.

Manosphere guys like to make fun of the cuckolds and love to point out women's rape fantasies, but fail to look at the entire reality of the situation. Cuckold porn is made for a tiny sliver of guys who want to be cuckolded, but the main consumers are guys who don't care for the set up or who want to be the bull or interloper. Most viewers don't even notice as they scroll to whatever specific sex act they want to see in a scene, and porn is about projecting oneself into the utopian set up. Viewers project into the guy having sex who can get the higher status woman. Being the bull is their utopian concept because, keep in mind, all porn is a utopian mental escape. You just might be a darker son of a bitch, so your utopian sexual imagery is a bit edgier.

That edge cuts both ways. Yes, some women want to be slapped, and some men want to slap women. Some women have rape fantasies, and there is a corresponding pool of men who have fantasies of raping women. Did you not think what was below the murky surface to 5 men on 1 woman scenes with the film title "Swarmed"? A particular type of male-female-female threesome scenes is one where there is the man, a bitch and a whore. The "bitch" will be an aggressive, angry woman (usually the older of the two) who prepares and berates the other woman (the whore), and then orders the man to be brutal to the whore who will be on the receiving end, cheering him on. What's the subtext? This woman wants you to roughly fornicate with this other woman. Approved rape. There are entire series based on that set up. Think up anything weird or dark sexually and search on Google and Bing. Rule 34 readers, rule 34.

That is part of the failure of feminism. They can rail about catcalling or "tatcalling" (remarks about tattoos), but they turn away from the filth at their fingertips. Tumblr SJW feminism is made up of coddled idiots who cry over microagressions on the same exact platform (Tumblr) that allows you to see any degrading act you could imagine. Feminism sold the grandmothers of the women of Sexy Baby on liberation and all it did was create a prison of expectations. Forget waxing off your pubic hair, you need to also have a nice looking vagina. "Why object to it? I don't want to go back to the evil, awful dungeon treatment of the patriarchy. Let me be fully free! The media said patriarchy was awful!!!" That is the same media that bombards you with sex everywhere. Feminism pushed the big city, working girl on the pill life and not small town normalcy with family, and all it did was give idiots the idea that lonely corporate slavery or sex work on camera was superior to love at home. The porn that Andrea Dworkin and her ilk fought was child's play compared to today's porn that the sex positive feminists enabled. They fought porn with plots and 10 minute sex scenes that you had to buy in a store while now avoiding confronting marathon films of any depravity at anyone's fingertips.

My readers don't need to watch these documentaries, because they are already aware. The people who should watch them are the normal folks who let the feminists shriek on television daily or shame them into proper PC speak in public. This is your world feminists. Thirty something sex workers desperate to give a man a baby to keep him, divorced forty something NYC lawyers with daughters going to Gaga concerts dressed sluttier than mom did 25 years earlier, young, cute women wanting vagina touch ups, and broken teens who cannot feel love and eagerly agree to the meatgrinder of prostitution... on film. Your solutions create chaos and pain. The Victorian veil was not to oppress but to be modest. Sexual entropy ends in our base, animal natures. Little feminists, you fought a nonexistent conspiracy to oppress through rules with an active conspiracy to oppress through faux liberation. Why should anyone ever listen to a thing you all spew out daily? Gaze upon your works feminists and despair. 


Marissa said...

Much applause for this, especially because I don't want to watch either of these documentaries myself.

peterike said...

Magnificent piece. May have some comments later.

Carol said...

I watched both docs last night out of curiosity. They both had an agenda which was clear from the start, but that didn't make the subjects any less tragic. What struck me in both films was the absence of effective authority figures willing to pass judgment and/or to tell these girls: "no. You're not doing this. It's bad for you." In HGW, Tressa's father, the only father present, subscribed heavily to non-judgmentalism, even while he had suspicions of what she was up to. Her mother was absolutely useless. I doubt that the other girls in HGW even had father figures around. Tressa's boyfriend was about the only one willing to put his foot down on her disgusting life choices, and even then he felt guilty about contradicting the feminist narrative of Porn as Female Empowerment.

Winnifred's father in SB was the worst of them all, a direct enabler too steeped in feminist dogma to see what the pornified culture was doing to all of his daughters and to protect them from it. She's wearing fishnets and tube dresses, walking around Manhattan looking like a baby prostitute, joking about paying cab fares in BJs, he's clearly uncomfortable with her attire and conduct, but he's too afraid of having his Fabulous Feminist Father Merit Badge revoked to tell her to stop. But here's the threshold question: who is buying this 12 year old this clothes and telling her it's OK to behave like this?

Labiaplasty Girl in SB was the mildest of them all, but also no father present and a weak mother unwilling to say: "this is stupid. Why are you doing this?" I couldn't help but notice how dead eyed this girl was, dialing in her teaching work and only coming to life when she talked about the prospect of hacking the lips off her vagina (and banging bar randoms). In a less insane time and place, a girl like this would have been married with kids already, with a husband willing to say no to her self mutilation or otherwise too occupied with kids and housework to worry about labial aesthetics.

Nichole's situation in SB was different, though I suspect that her childhood was similarly lacking in guidance and boundary setting. She got what she wanted in the end, and she had some perspective on how destructive the sex drenched culture is to everyone involved, but she makes these arbitrary distinctions between aspects of the sex industry while refusing to view it all as sex work and thus all a part of the larger problem that she's already identified. At the end of the day, she and her husband are peddlers in the same market, profiting off of the culture. So she's adamant about her son not watching the stuff, but she'll sure as hell push it to your kids.

Both documentaries, I think, highlighted the failures of feminism directly. Indirectly, it demonstrates just how cancerous and destructive society's relativism and "non-judgment" has become.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Great comment. Good point on the lack of anyone showing authority. I wanted to punch Winnifred's father in the face. Stop wanting to be as feminist as you can be and just be a dad watching out for your daughter. Even as bad as he was or is, the mom too seemed to be doing the feminist stuff just to do it because its the fashionable thing. She verbalizes her concerns so we can imagine what she's thinking inside that's even more protective but she has to put on the big bad feminist show.

For the labiaplasty girl, my wife said, "Why? How many guys will see her vagina?" and I replied, "As many as she wants. That's the whole point".

Carol said...

Definitely. I realized after I posted the comment that I neglected to talk about Winnifred's mother. She demonstrates perfectly just how much doublethink goes into maintaining the feminist faith. Sexualization of children is bad, the culture is clearly causing it, she sees her daughters being sucked slowly into this vortex, but she also has to be A Good Feminist. She can't really criticize the culture too much, because she understands that many features of it directly result from accessions to feminist demands made over the years. So what does she do? She rationalizes that so long as Winnifred is "making the choice" and "owning" her sexuality, it's OK so long as she she's not acting on it. The mother was pretty disgusting to me because she's clearly intelligent enough to know better. But as you've pointed out, the lure of the herd mentality is very strong.

DCThrowback said...

Back in the day of the late 80s & early 90s, one of my favorite stars was Christy Canyon, who was an all-natural, big boobed brunette. She also had comically big labia, which I thought at the time (and still do) as being sort of a blinking sign for men (OH SO THAT'S WHERE IT GOES!).

In one scene, a male star (TT Boy) comments to her on how much he liked her labia. (This really turned her on.) Whether written or ad-libbed, I always remembered that. Besides, what does anyone really care about labia anyways? Such a random thing. Anyways, good old Christy still hangs around the industry and has retired and divorced three separate times. Two adopted kids.

Overall, great write-ups. Thanks.

Portlander said...

My readers don't need to watch these documentaries

Thanks. While it was fun to make my wife sit through Snowpiercer :), these two... I suspect not so much.

The human being being a herd animal is never better on display than here.

This is the part I find absolutely incredible. Whether Cochran & Harpending's "10k Year Explosion" or Tex Arcane's alien-master-race-genetically-engineering-a-species-to-destroy-'Thals is the correct root cause, the present-day manifestations are absolutely incredible. Take your pick: cattle cars to death camps or whoring out one's own children, the need to cow-tow to authority, to be part of the Hive Mind at any cost, and then, not to stop there, but need to force this warped view onto others, it would beggar belief if it weren't staring one in the face on a daily basis.

From Washington, Madison, Monroe and Jefferson to Bushes, Clintons, Emanuels, and Rubin... it does feel like a qualitative difference. Different as cats and dogs, no?

PA said...

America is a place with degeneracy at the top, barbarism at the bottom, and despair in the middle. This is not sustainable. Despair often becomes resolve.

Pvt. Jaybird said...

Uh oh, poor Winnie was busted at a party in...HARLEM. That seems to be a trend among women with no strong father figure, whether it's white trash girls turning to bestiality or British feminists converting to Islam, they will seek out the strong man one way or another.
We haven't entered the teenage years yet, but it really seems quite easy. I make sure to give my daughter plenty of hugs and kisses, but I also tell her when it's time to shut up. She gets it.

peterike said...

America is a place with degeneracy at the top, barbarism at the bottom, and despair in the middle.

What an aphorism! Ralph Waldo Emerson for the 2010's.

This is not sustainable. Despair often becomes resolve.

Well I wish, but I don't see that in the cards. The moral collapse is too wide spread, the country too spread out. Where is the flint that's going to spark the conflagration? Where is the concentration of despair? Whites in America WILL go gently into that awful night.

peterike said...

Today while working, I just happened to be listening to Graham Parker, one of my faves from my 80s punk days. His song "Temporary Beauty" came along, and my god if it didn't speak to this post. Of course the references are 80s based -- magazines and books and such, rather than online -- but it's spot on. And the verse in bold below practically makes me cry. Sometimes we scorn these girls too easily. The pressure on them is immense, the mis-information nearly insurmountable. And feminism both defines the problem and enables it at the same time. Ahh, brave new world we live in. Who is more lost? Our daughters or our sons?

You can find the song here, in a terrible video:



You have to do your best to come up to par
From straight off the production line like a car
Till everything you put on is a put-on
And you don't know whose face you're gazing upon

Could be anyone you're sending out there tonight
It isn't any wonder all the lights are too bright

And you need temporary beauty
And hope to God that it doesn't rain
You need temporary beauty
Even though it might be love in vain, vain, vain, vain

The world is full of little people like you
They have to read a book to learn what to do
They hang around in secondhand stores for clothes
And every kind of pressure steps on their toes

Love doesn't fall out of a magazine
You mustn't always believe what you see

And baby you need temporary beauty
And hope to God that it doesn't rain
You need temporary beauty
Even though it might be love in vain

You might be the sweetest little girl in your heart
But still the world ignores that and tears you apart
You think of the parties you'll never attend
You dream of someone who's more than a friend

Love doesn't jump out of a magazine
You mustn't always believe what you see

And baby, you need temporary beauty
And hope to God that it doesn't rain
You need temporary beauty
Even though it might be love
Even though it might be love
Even though it might be love in vain, vain, vain, vain
Vain, vain, vain, vain

Jokah Macpherson said...

"These women are not sympathetic."

This is exactly what I was thinking watching this film but you are the first reviewer I've found out of many who actually comes out and says it. Great reviews overall but this sentence summarizes it for me.

I'm reading The World Beyond Your Head by Matthew Crawford right now (pretty good, reads like he was a follower of The Last Psychiatrist) and he talks about the paradox of true freedom requiring submission to something external. I think your point about consumerism, porn, and other degenerate forces filling the void left by "emancipation" from small towns, family structure and authority, etc. is a good example of this. These women shed one form of slavery for a much worse kind.

Anonymous said...

Winnifred's parents are no good, but I'm not sure what they could have done to set limits on their daughters in that milieu. Probably move from New York to a small town and join the most conservative church they can find. In fact I'm thinking the best way to avoiding the feminist path shown in the documentaries is to be part of a small, very close-knit religious community (the Amish, etc.).

Barring that, if you're not religious, the best path for a girl is this (and I think it happens mostly through luck, stars aligning, etc., rather than any kind of strategy by the girl or her parents): LTR in college, marry college boyfriend by mid-20s, have first child by late 20s, SAHM or part-time work afterward. I know a few middle-class girls in my social circle who did just that and seem happy with life.

Elkman said...

The controversial topic aside, are the documentaries recommended, are they well made and do they tell a story? The implication is that they are and do, by the interest and passion on display. (Remember when Girls Gone Wild was the hot ticket item? those were the days.)

But on the topic and about the larger social problems of porn and the girls that it ruins. My personal reaction is spiteful, and not sympathetic: but that isn't saying much. The girls ruined in porn, and i suppose the males damaged by it, are Still Around. That is the big theme, that all these compromised people are still around, breathing eating fucking and having children. So the social damage is long lasting and diffuse over many generations.


Women want to be appreciated for being women, but what women are has to be defined by men. (Ooo! deep man.) If women are allowed to define what they are and what they think they want to be appreciated for, they come up with "feminism" and all that is, is some differential on the value of their sex: they want to capitalize the value of their vagina, by selling it … and at the same time, not selling it … contradiction and newsflash: you can't have your cake and eat the mulberry pie at the same time; or wait a minute, actually you can or how does that go?

Men, on the other hand, appreciate women for two things. Beauty which is young and fleeting, and hard work which is cruel and lasting. And a third thing which is sex. But that third thing is third. Women need men to tell them what they are; women cannot do it.

All this is commonsensical, but basically at the present time there are no men defining the "structures" for our thoughts beliefs and feelings. Plenty of hard men are plenty a-busy building working and war-ing: and yet but something amiss oh dear tell me please.

TroperA said...

Not long ago I watched Frontline's "Death of a Porn Queen" about the career of Shauna Grant a young girl lured away from a small town life to LA to become a porn star. (This documentary was made in the 1980s, but we could see the seeds of depravity and moral destruction already being sewn.) It's a good exploration of why some girls become interested in this form of career--they want money and male attention, and figure that this is the quickest way to achieve it. Once they get sucked in, they try to get their friends interested in the business as well (most likely to make themselves feel better about a decision which they know deep in their hearts was wrong.) It's almost quaint the way that Shauna's friends and the people from her small town shunned her for this questionable behavior. Nowadays they'd be cheering her on and blaming her suicide on the oppression of the patriarchy for making her feel bad about being a porn star.

This docu used to be on youtube but was removed. (You can still find it on video sharing sites, though.)

Elkman said...

Take your pick: cattle cars to death camps or whoring out one's own children, the need to cow-tow to authority, to be part of the Hive Mind at any cost, and then, not to stop there, but need to force this warped view onto others, it would beggar belief if it weren't staring one in the face on a daily basis.

From Washington, Madison, Monroe and Jefferson to Bushes, Clintons, Emanuels, and Rubin... it does feel like a qualitative difference. Different as cats and dogs, no?

It's "kow-tow", old man. That idea (as you probably know) is from the Pacific Islands, and those old guys knew something about social hierarchies and killing. Without google, i don't know more about the derivation, but obviously the equivalent concept in the white world is bowing, or even just nodding the head.

Is it a "qualitative" difference, between Washington and these later we have now? Yeah perhaps it is: those guys were aspiring and these now are de-spiring. But otherwise their genetics (forget Obama) are probably not much different; which brings back that question of "epi-genetics".

I am totally optimistic on the long-term questions of white eugenics. White people will be fine, the best will win out. But for now, it is insane.


The Fourth of July. Common culture does not exist, in these here suburbs, except for one day per year. One day per year … literally … we get one day per year, to see who are all these people, in their cars and apartments and houses: what do they look like? well we get one day per year.

What were your impressions mine were not good but on the other hand, all that trash will have some talent.