Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Note on Synthetic Marijuana

The Kevin Sutherland-Jordan Spires subway stabbing horror is generating media buzz in DC. This proves that dindu crime only becomes a big deal when the liberal Eloi of our northeastern cities are threatened or killed. Middle and lower class non-blacks shrug their shoulders and say, "this is why we move whenever possible". It is kind of fun seeing the media cover this but squirm a bit. One murder of a liberal Eloi, and #BlackLivesMatter is proven a farce. Narrative matters less when one of their own is the victim.

The violent stabbing was over stealing the victim's smart phone. "Robbery gone wrong" is how the media usually labels these crimes. Spires is a criminal that has his family "shocked" by his outburst despite being arrested shortly before this murder and four times since turning 18. Not "he dindu nuffin", but in the same group of stock "post-crime answers by black relatives of criminals". The media will always try to excuse underclass criminal behavior, so this time they are citing "synthetic marijuana" as the reason for the psychotic outburst. This is just cover for violent dindu behavior.

Synthetic marijuana has been around for years now and in many forms. Over a year ago, former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr was busted in a parking lot naked in his vehicle masturbating. He was high on synthetic marijuana. Years ago, emergency laws and rules were passed outlawing synthetic cannabis ingredients. It was not just weed. Remember the "bath salts zombie" of 2012? Same idea. Bath salts were the synthetic cocaine products. Fentanyl was synthetic heroin making waves in 2011, but fentanyl is an actual painkiller. "Molly" is the synthetic version of ecstasy. The media attention now seems a bit odd and late to the game.

These synthetic drugs were huge five years ago. There was a New Yorker, Esquire or mainstream magazine article on the original producers who made synthetic marijuana in 2010 or 2011 (can't find it). White American guys handy with chemistry who would spray down a table of vegetation with their chemical, cut it up and package it for sale. They made bundles of cash, and moved operations from warehouse to warehouse. Marijuana dealers and the drug cartels hated it. All the synthetic marijuana, originally, was the same THC type chemical with one little molecule added only far more potent. The idea was that THC really just works a lock within your brain to create a high. These chemicals would pick the same lock. It might take longer with this different chemical, but they could make the stuff you bought have higher concentrations to make up for that. It was simply a chemical they sprayed on a grassy looking fiber to smoke.

It was packaged as herbal incense. It was sold in head shops and even gas stations. If your local head shop expanded in size or moved to a better location in the last few years, these synthetic marijuana packets were why. You could walk into a headshop and see a line nearly to the door on a weekend as people bought $25 packets and with its potency, be set for a month. Some formulas were $15, so for $15, you had a month's supply that you could buy at a regular store and not in some shady hood. Military guys, college and pro athletes, people on parole and medical employees would use it since drug tests did not catch it. It was amazing. You'd light and within two or three pulls, you were high and on a ride for an hour or three depending on the mix.

Tough thing was, there were different brands (examples: K2, Spice and the absolute strongest, Spike Maxx) with slightly different formulas. Some people would prefer a specific brand because whatever chemical was being used would make them feel the specific type of high they wanted. A specific brand was known for a residual high that users would feel the next day. In general, users say it felt like being high on weed with the total good body feeling of ecstasy and hallucinations of acid. One's vision would "shake". Munchies, sexual desire, laughing fits, introspection, insight, you name it that you normally feel with weed. Users would often say, "I lost time". No tired hangover, but a good feeling all over.

There were downsides. A small percentage of users (5%) would go catatonic and tighten up instead of feel good and "high". You can find bad trips stories on drug forums. There was also the rush to ban it. I had a coworker who found his stepson's stash of 25 pouches of Spice when they announced the ban in Indiana. As the bans came into play in 2011, the formulas changed. Rumors were that Chinese makers were stepping in with untrustworthy formulas compared to American producers. This created higher numbers of negative reactions posted on the Internet on drug user forums and seen in emergency rooms.

Weird stories of heart attacks, cardiac arrest and respiratory issues made it to the press. Demi Moore became a bad Spice reaction press story. The chemists tried to stay ahead of the bans, but one did not know what brand to trust anymore. There were also the weird stories of quitting it like marijuana but feeling meth/crack type cravings. People would not smoke it for three days and feel like they had beaten the devil himself. I would laugh at the stories. Smoking something 100-800 times as potent as THC will have different effects on your body for the craving just as it did for the high.

Kellen Winslow was caught jerking off.... Demi Moore wigged out.... Countless users gorged on food, howled through laughing fits and had amazing sex. Some 20-somethings had heart attacks, muscle seizures or periods of vomiting uncontrollably. Many smokers could not even leave their seats because the high was so intense. Not once did I ever hear of aggressive or violent behavior due to using synthetic marijuana. Not once did I ever read about it, and trust me, if there were lunatics rampaging on synth weed, we would have heard of it like the zombie bath salts users.

Stop searching for excuses. It's not the synthetic marijuana. Spires stabbing Sutherland 30-40 times on a crowded subway is just another example of dindu violence. The victim just happened to be a Democrat operative living in a DC bubble this time.


peterike said...

Stating the obvious in many ways, but hey, that's the world we live in today. Stating the bleeding obvious has become God's work.

I found the drug history interesting: I knew none of that, since I don't pay attention to such things. But as usual, it seems the banning makes the problem worse. Yay, Chinese drugs! What could go wrong?

As for the subway stabbing of the anti-racist Social Justice Warrior (perhaps now better called the Poetic Justice Warrior), I know there were people in the train car that did nothing. But has anyone detailed the demographics of them? Would be curious to know how many white males were there who did nothing. If it was mostly other blacks, well I would expect them to do nothing.

Nick in SF said...

"There was a New Yorker, Esquire or mainstream magazine article on the original producers who made synthetic marijuana in 2010 or 2011 (can't find it)."

Perhaps it was this one?


Anonymous said...

so what you're really saying is that the old movie Reefer Madness might not have been that far off the mark?


Portlander said...

Poetic Justice Warrior

ROTFLMAO. Even better than Sailer's quip -- Social-Media Justice Warrior.

Anonymous said...

"Molly" is not the synthetic version of MDMA because MDMA is a synthetic drug (there is no Ecstasy Tree). "Molly" can just MDMA or it can mean a cocktail of MDMAish designer drugs.

Elkman said...

This story and other such? Well, people are starting not to forget. Black crime, surprise surprise, is worse and worse.

On the angle of synthetic marijuana as the cause or at least a strong factor: one difficult problem (synthetic marijuana) is substituted for another (black crime). But it is not this or that, it is this and that: it is not nurture in the form of synthetic marijuana as opposed to nature in the form of black losers, it is both those things. From the original post,

The media will always try to excuse underclass criminal behavior, so this time they are citing "synthetic marijuana" as the reason for the psychotic outburst. This is just cover for violent dindu behavior.

I appreciated the brief summary the recent synthetic drugs and their treatment by the mainstream; but i would weigh in on the hazardous nature of those things, specifically synthetic marijuana. It is not the same thing, and some people lose their minds - they go into what is clinically full-blown psychosis where they are not present in their own head. I am not aware that marijuana ever has that effect.

Of course alcohol also can have that effect: the black-out. (Though during the blackout people are present in their heads, right? which brings up essential questions on the nature of consciousness.) I read that in times past in Ireland they maintained a separate jail, and so to an extent a separate jurisprudence, for crimes committed under such a state.

A contemporary folk wisdom counter-argument to such excuse, is that alcohol and drugs allows a person to be who they really are. But that statement, along with its brother "oh he was drunk", is a reduction.

If i were in charge, in no way would i excuse anyone from legal consequences due to an altered state; and as far as i know, contemporary jurisprudence in America and most elsewhere does not. However it does play around with other excuses: battered-wife syndrome was popular for awhile, PTSD more recently, … and of course now the big one is race and its provocation: With this factor the headspace of an individual is very much at work in his adjudication.

How or why the headspace of an individual should be part of his adjudication has, to me, never been sensical. Such a factor is a relic, somehow. For example the question of first or second degree murder will be slanted against those who are less impulsive; but should less impulsive people, those more likely to calculate their actions, be more punished for murder?

Anonymous said...

>"Molly" is the synthetic version of ecstasy.

Molly used to mean pure MDMA.

Ecstasy was adulterated pills mixed with *Whatever* (amphetamines, opiates, caffiene, MDMA analogs), but probably some amount of pure MDMA as well.

I smoked some K2 and it sucked. Dark and weird high. Once was enough