Sunday, June 14, 2015

Social Matter - The Empire's Man in Brooklyn

 This week at Social Matter I write about a foreign corrupt crony. Go read it at Social Matter!

The concept of Empire is one many Americans will reject and to which some will only admit as a recent phenomenon. The American education system has done a good job of hiding America’s control of the international scene since World War II. Americans love an underdog, and they desperately want to think of their country as the big supporter to little underdogs everywhere, simply fighting for freedom. But it’s easy to explain the peace established after World War II as Pax Americana, and the world being ours. Even deniers can be persuaded when the masters rip off their masks and examples of imperial moves are too blatant to dismiss. American ties to and use of Mikeil Saakashvili are a mask-removal moment. 

See how the US cultivates its pawns and how they coincidentally become useful for geopolitical maneuvers. Read the rest of it there!

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PA said...

The point about importing Somalis to Minnesota: what possible imperial goal does that serve? It strikes me as a purely malicious, destructive action, unlike the Machiavellian but clearly constructive (from Realpolitik's perspective) USG scheming involving Russia or the Middle East you write about. It's not even like MN needs more Democratic voters.