Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christ of the Trenches

Christ of the Trenches - Portuguese soldiers carried him into battle in 1918
From one of the greatest American novels, Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy's fantastic judge states, "War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner".


Anonymous said...

Life is a never ending struggle, everyday is a battle.

Suburban_elk said...

Life is not much of a battle for the people around here. For the most part they are not even miserable, they are not even …

I am in a pissy mood, but if you look at the people, in the suburbs here, whites are as fat and ugly and stupid and slow, as any of them. And what is more, the ones who are not, well what do they have to show?

Tell me some more about "white civilization" and how we deserve it. What can anyone point to, that is living and alive today, that has meaning to anybody here.

Cynicism is not "becoming", but life sucks … it sucks the life out of you! It was a pleasant enough evening, today, unseasonably cool, but what with climate change and all that's the new normal! so the rain had passed and i took out my bike and did 10 or 12 easy miles over the course of 2 hours or so, and crossed paths with 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 faces. They were all brown and black. The one guy who was half-way not a dipshit was Hispanic. I know some of those people now, and from what i see their faith is real.

I know that faith is supposed to be in the heart, and a "leap", but realistically it has to be represented somehow in the world. It's not here. These suburbs which is where most people live now, are the setting for a horror flick. Everyone gets sicker and sicker, and the youth and their brief light is gone.

This is a sad parody, but there has to be some effort somewhere to describe this wasted plane of existence. I seem unable to do it. Just endless grief. I have come to the conclusion - and it is quite right - that all this reflection, on the personal and as part of "the endless conversation" - it is all an illusion, … or at least the idea that it matters, is an illusion. A tale told by an idiot, shadows and dust. Somewhere there is a grain in the oyster that forms this pearl that shines (or sucks), but the reality is the oyster sitting at bottom of the ocean. That's you, just an animal breathing and grasping and eventually looking for a warm place to die, with some comfort.

Anonymous said...

Blood Meridian would be a nice movie.

Anonymous said...

If war be not holy, man is nothing more than antic clay!