Monday, March 02, 2015

Reaching Out to Cuba

"After this midterm massacre, what's he gonna do... reach out to Cuba?" 

On twitter, I threw that out there as a half joke on Obama's 2015-2016 schedule with his lame duck status cemented by the midterm massacre of 2014. Foreign policy and war making powers are some of the remaining pieces of the presidency where the president has some independence. Iran might be too tricky of a deal to pull off with Israeli, American Jew and Saudi interference, plus the idea that the mullahs might keep up their amazing game of stringing the US along that always ends in better terms for Iran. Reaching out to Cuba is a gimmicky move, and signals in a weird way all of the change in America from 1960.

I do not support the move, and it is not a strategy reason. It's a simple, "you played for the other team, nearly set up nukes under our geographic penis (Florida), dumped your criminals and mentally incapacitated on us and we must make an example out of you". Castro's takeover and the machinations of his regime around the globe in other Marxist guerilla movements and uprisings was a geopolitical problem for the US. Modern day progressives who say, "But it was 50 years ago, man" forget their defense of President Obama bringing up the Crusades like they were bad and also forget that Castro was a thorn in our side even within their Gen-X lifetimes. The punishment stays in place as long as he lives. By removing it, we also set the commie regime for legitimization and securing it as it faces transfer of power issues as the Castro brothers age.

But America has changed. The prog domination is pretty thorough and their policies have changed things. Florida's electoral votes no longer have that odd, Cuban swing factor like before as the state has been stuffed with far more steadily voting Democrats like Haitians and Mexicans. Sorry Cubans, but you should've bought media properties like the Israelis' American cousins. The progs don't fear Cuban defection. How does Castro even register in the ADD age? This is where the "decades ago man" works with normies. Cuba has continuously pulled off stupid provocations, and was involved in multiple third world commie revolutions. The nation and people that lived in the shadow of annihilation in 1962 is gone with their cultural memory stripped down to "JFK was tough, and the Russkis blinked. 'Merica!". The Germans in WW1 doubted the British would go to war over tiny little Belgium and a scrap of decades old paper securing its neutrality. The Brits still used it as a pretext for fighting the Germans. As evident by the Hillary Clinton-Pentagon leaks of her deplorable behavior with Libya, the progs and Blue Empire State Department flunkies can earn another quasi-victory in that long, intra-institutional war. It's just Cuba. No big stakes here.

Slowly, Cuba will be opened up to foreign investment and all those 1950s hotels will be "in" because by now the lack of re-investment and modernization makes them chic and vintage. Since the gangs of Mexico make the Mexican Rivera (yes, they call it that) a bit worrisome to some honeymooners, maybe a stay on the beach at a vintage hotel like an old mobster and his doll will be the new pitch for sex filled getaways. The commie regime will get an infusion of foreign hard currency and live on. Progs win. Too bad we lose that investment chip for any potential leaders when the Castros are gone. The Castro cult of personality will die with them, so a sell-out would make sense. That is not our goal. The left has always loved having Cuba just to our south to wax poetic about the worker's paradise and make documentaries, using their health care system as an example of an awesome government health care system. As the duck stated on Twitter, we can't have the two communist nations 90 miles apart not talking to each other.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the move to open Cuba was another chess piece to play against Putin. Shore up a potential hostile on our hemisphere.