Friday, January 09, 2015

Army of Darkness was Real

No not really. Saw this picture on Twitter, and it is the mechanical spring loaded glove of Gotz Von Berlichigen from 1504. He could wield a sword with it 40 years after his amputation. My immediate thought was "ah yes, the marvels of German engineering". My second thought was "Ash from Army of Darkness". The Evil Dead character turned Medieval savior in Army of Darkness, Ash was the superhero jawed lead of the comedic action films by Sam Raimi. Why was Army of Darkness a cult classic, inspiring people to look back at Evil Dead 2, which is genius, and Evil Dead, which is super low budget but still scary. The meta-comedy of making fun of action films in the Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy definitely get a start in old Ash's tales.

This is real and from the early 1500s

Campbell as Ash delivered snappy one liners throughout the Army of Darkness script.
"Shop smart. Shop S-mart"
"Yo, she-bitch, let's go."
"This... this is my boomstick."
Evil Dead 2 is a terrible, low budget horror movie storyline containing all actors except for one with a separate storyline of a dark comedy containing the loner, Ash. Campbell was just super hero looking enough, charismatic and could use facial expressions wonderfully. Evil Dead 2 starts making fun of the horror and action genres, whereas Army of Darkness turns it to 11. By Darkness, Ash has learned the evil's tricks and mixes the confident swordsman machismo with professional wrestling's showmanship. The catch phrases, the sarcasm, and the joking on action film cliches are endearing and all incredibly quotable. By 1992, there was a large enough audience to appreciate joking on '80s action film staples. The legend of Campbell has grown because that in on the joke audience has only grown. The legend grew as I recall excitement from the Internets when Bruce Campbell was mentioned as having a role in the first Spiderman movie, and no, it was not the Green Goblin, just a bit part. The superhero jaw would not make it big. As Campbell even noted in his book, as the budgets got bigger, his roles got smaller.

From a movie

"Sure I could've stayed in the past... Could've even been king... but in my own way... I am king. Hail to the king baby."


Anonymous said...

That movie was classic. Campbell looked great and was funny as hell. I think he was "Briscoe County Jr." later on in the mid-90s.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Yes he was, and that show was a Fox failure if I recall. For all its success in film, Fox television is terrible

Anonymous said...

If you like Bruce Campbell, watch "Bubba Ho-Tep." He plays an old Elvis Presley. He's great in it. The movie is a low budget "horror" movie from the guy who made the "Phantasm" movies.

It's too bad Campbell didn't get bigger lead roles. Apparently he's great around his fans. The guy's like the real-life Three Stooges: hilarious, underappreciated, and didn't earn what they really deserved.

PRCD said...

One of my favorite movies. Hail to the king, baby.

Gotz of the Iron Hand didn't look like a guy to mess with.