Sunday, December 21, 2014

Media Megaphone Contributed to the Brooklyn Cop Killing

First, thanks to a friend for compiling the antics of the NY Times in the month of August.

In the wake of the Brooklyn cop shooting, some are asking why? These people are simpletons, deluded citizens or naïve Eloi. People who can see and hear understand that this was revenge for the deaths of 400 pound Eric Garner and gentle giant, 300 pound Michael Brown. Blacks in America, avid media consumers, have been bombarded with images, reports and whatnot portraying the event in Ferguson, Missouri as if the KKK has come back for good, hunting down innocent, law abiding blacks. The enabling of anti-cop behavior in simple interactions as well as cover for protests that shouted for "dead cops" is on the leadership of the protests, the professional left and the media. At no time did they say those protests were overboard. This is the outcome of that environment. This is the power of the media.

How manufactured is this outrage, how culpable the media and how dangerous the outcome? Let us review the chronology and facts. Michael Brown was shot and killed on August 9th, 2014. One interview with one television reporter mentioned he had his hands up and said "don't shoot". This was shown to be a lie, but not before Benjamin Crump and professional agitators took that football and sprinted. This started a national craze of "hands up don't shoot", and the media brain trust in New York realized they had a new Emmitt Till, a new Trayvon Martin.

Benjamin Crump's handiwork

The New York Times, arbiter of narratives and what is good and true, jumped on this story immediately with an article citing the shooting on August 10th. That is immediate for a crime 1500 miles away from New York City involving a neighborhood cop and a nobody. They proceeded to flood readers, and therefore, other media entities with coverage and direction for follow up reports. The Times is the straw that stirs the drink. How many articles did they run on Michael Brown in August. They ran 106 between the 10th and 30th of August. If you do not believe me, here's the list.

08/10/14 Bosman and Fitzsimmons “police-say-mike-brown-was-killed-after-struggle-for-gun”
08/11/14 Storey  “Outrage Over Teenager's Death Erupts on Social Media”
08/11/14 Bosman and Goode “F.B.I. Steps In Amid Unrest After Police Kill Missouri Youth”
08/12/14 Bosman and Williams “Police Cite Threats in Deciding Not to Name Officer Who Shot Missouri Teenager”
08/12/14 Storey "Scenes of Chaos Unfold After a Peaceful Vigil in Ferguson”
08/12/14 Vega “Shooting Spurs Hashtag Effort on Stereotypes”
08/12/14 Fitzsimmons “Protests Near St. Louis, Seen on Social Media”
08/12/14 the NYT editorial Board convene for an opinion piece. “Racial History Behind the Ferguson Protests”
08/13/14 Blow Opinion article “Michael Brown and Black Men”
08/13/14 Bosman and Eckholm “Anonymity in Police Shooting Fuels Frustration"
08/14/14 Perlroth “Hackers’ Efforts to Identify Officer Create Turmoil”
08/14/14 Kennedy and Schuessler “Ferguson Images Evoke Civil Rights Era and Changing Visual Perceptions”
08/14/14 Vega “Vigils Planned Nationwide Over Ferguson Shooting”
08/14/14 Peters “Missouri Unrest Leaves the Right Torn Over Views on Law vs. Order”
08/14/14 Southall “Protest in Missouri at Police Killing of Teenager Is Chronicled on Social Media”
08/14/14 Beavers and Shank Opinion article “Get the Military Off of Main Street”   
08/14/14 Schwartz, Shear and Paulson "New Tack on Unrest Eases Tension in Missouri"
08/14/14 Nyhan "How Race Undermines Obama’s Bully Pulpit on Ferguson"
08/14/14 Blinder and Eligon "For Missouri Governor, Test at an Uneasy Time"
08/14/14 Bosman and Apuzzo "In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police"
08/14/14 the NYT editorial Board convene for an opinion piece. “The Search for Calm in Missouri”
08/15/14 Schmemann “The Scary, the Sad, and the Just Plain Bizarre"
08/15/14 Vega, Williams and Eckholm "Dueling Police Statements as Anger Rises in Missouri"
08/15/14 Bosman, Schwartz and Kovaleski "A Youth, an Officer and 2 Paths to a Fatal Encounter”
08/15/14 Blinder “Trooper Listens to, and Connects With, a Ferguson Torn by Violent Unrest"
08/15/14 Sisario "A Song Born When Pain Is Still Fresh”
08/15/14 Four readers letter each emotive and unbalanced, uninformed. Three try to link the events to the 1960s civil rights movement. One is written by a professor of social work at Columbia University. Investigation of these individuals would be interesting. "A Nation Shocked by Ferguson, Mo”
08/16/14 Bosman and Blinder "Missouri Orders Nightly Curfew to Quell Looting"
08/16/14 Dowd Opinion piece "Where’s the Justice at Justice?"
08/16/14 Bosman "Lack of Leadership and a Generational Split Hinder Protests in Ferguson"
08/16/14 Vega and Eligon "Deep Tensions Rise to Surface After Shooting"
08/17/14 Robles and Bosman "Missouri Shooting Victim Was Hit at Least 6 Times"
08/17/14 Blinder and Vega "Violence Flares After Appeals for Harmony"
08/17/14 Blow Opinion piece. "Frustration in Ferguson"
08/17/14 Carr "The View From #Ferguson"
08/17/14 Shear and Apuzzo "White House Efforts to Keep Peace Include Plan for a Justice Dept. Autopsy"
08/18/14 Southall "Social Media on Ferguson: Autopsy Reactions and Scenes of Unrest"
08/18/14 Hirschfield Davis "Calling for Calm in Ferguson, Obama Cites Need for Improved Race Relations"
08/18/14 Southall "Family of Michael Brown Says Autopsy Confirmed Witness Account"
08/18/14 Wines and Goode "Cities Rocked by Past Unrest Offer Lessons"
08/18/14 Davey, Eligon and Blinder "Missouri Tries Another Idea: Call In Guard"
08/19/14 Baker and Apuzzo "Shared Vision, Varying Styles"
08/19/14 Blinder and Santora "Man Killed by St. Louis Officers in Disturbance at Store"         
08/19/14 Mackey "Russia, Iran and Egypt Heckle U.S. About Tactics in Ferguson"
08/19/14 Edsall Opinion piece "Ferguson, Watts and a Dream Deferred"
08/19/14 Apuzzo "What Military Gear Your Local Police Department Bought"
08/19/14 Robles and Schmidt "Shooting Accounts Differ as Holder Schedules Visit"
08/19/14 Herszenhorn "In Russia, Scenes From Ferguson Are Played as Nothing Shocking: It’s America"
08/19/14 Davey, Eligon and Blinder "Fitful Night in Ferguson as National Guard Arrives"
08/20/14 Manjoo (technology) "An Officer’s Eyes and Ears, Recording All"
08/20/14 Wines and Fitzsimmons "What Started as a Local Protest in Missouri Grows Into a Center of National Activism"
08/20/14 Davey and Vega "Tangle of Leadership Helps Fuel Chaos in Ferguson"
08/20/14 Eligon and Schmidt "Scrutiny on the Police Is Building in Ferguson"
08/20/14 Eligon "Anger, Hurt and Moments of Hope in Ferguson"
08/20/14 Robles "Lawman in Missouri Defends Objectivity"
08/20/14 Blinder and Robertson "As Tension Eases on Ferguson’s Streets, Focus Turns to Investigation"
08/20/14 Longman (sport) "A Young Player’s Achievements Resonate Beyond a Sport"
08/20/14 Blow Opinion piece "Constructing a Conversation on Race"
08/20/14 Gynbaum and Stewart "Mayor, Seeking Calm in Chokehold Case, Turns to Clergy"
08/20/14 the NYT editorial Board convene for an opinion piece. "A Fair Inquiry for Michael Brown"
08/21/14 Bosman, Apuzzo and Santora "National Guard Is Pulling Out of Ferguson as Tensions Ease"
08/21/14 Secret "With School Closed, Teachers and Volunteers in Ferguson Work to Fill Gap"
08/21/14 Sisario (business) "Popular and Free, SoundCloud Is Now Ready for Ads"
08/21/14 Connelly "Poll Finds Racial Divide in Viewing Response to Ferguson Unrest"
08/21/14 Three opinion letter from readers. One a senator (Bernard Sanders) complaining about black youth’s crisis. One from a lawyer (Lou Horwitz) complaining that prosecuter Robert P. McCulloch should be removed as prosecutor because his father (a policeman) was killed by a black man, and that a blue-ribbon committee should be put in place to investigate racial inequities in black arrests (6x average pop). One from another lawyer (Paul Hudson) calling for police training to be changed to shoot to maim, and not kill.
08/21/14 Mendelberg and Butler "Obama Cares. Look at the Numbers."
08/21/14 Vega and Thee-Brenan "Poll Shows Broad Divisions Amid Missouri Turmoil"
08/21/14 Barro "Where Are the National Democrats on Ferguson?"
08/21/14 Robertson "Among Whites, Protests Stir a Range of Emotions and a Lot of Perplexity"
08/21/14 Barry "Police, Protesters and Reporters Form Uneasy Cast for Nightly Show in Ferguson"
08/22/14 Ryzik (Arts) "Keeping It Green, and Suitable for Ninja Turtles"
08/22/14 Barry "As Law Enforcement Presence Eases, ‘Small Gains’ Are Noted in Ferguson"
08/22/14 Medina "Despite Similar Shooting, Los Angeles’s ‘Bank of Trust’ Tempers Reaction"
08/22/14 Wines and Robles ‘Reasonable Fear’"
08/22/14 Schemann "A Grim Week of Executions and Racial Strife"
08/23/14 Schneider "Hundreds in Washington Protest Missouri Shooting"
08/23/14 Goodman "On Staten Island, Thousands Protest Police Tactics"
08/23/14 Robles "Dozens Rally for Officer in Ferguson Killing as $300,000 Is Raised Online"
08/23/14 Bosman and Goldstein "Timeline for a Body: 4 Hours in the Middle of a Ferguson Street"
08/23/14 Rhoden (Sport) "Putting Aside X’s and O’s to Ponder Life and Death"
08/23/14 Apuzzo and Schmidt "In Washington, Second Thoughts on Arming Police"
08/24/14 Barry "A Steady Voice Makes Itself Heard Above the Shouting"
08/24/14 Albert R. Hunt (Bloomberg view) "Racial Divide in U.S. Defies Easy Change"
08/24/14 Stewart and Horowiz "A Slimmed-Down Sharpton Savors an Expanded Profile"
08/24/14 Eligon "A Teenager Who Was Grappling With Problems and Promise"
08/24/14 Davey and Robles "Two Lives at Crossroads in Ferguson"
08/24/14 Blow Opinion piece "A Funeral in Ferguson"
08/24/14 Rich and Secret "Schools in the Ferguson Area Prepare for an Emotional, Delayed Opening Day"
08/25/14 Davey "Amid Mourning, Call for Change"
08/25/14 Jacobs (Arts) "TV’s Red Carpet Style, All Dressed Up in Cinema’s Glamour"
08/26/14 Chemerinsky Opinion piece "How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops"
08/26/14 Zinoman (Arts) "Purrs Like a Kitty Cat, Stings Like a Bee"
08/26/14 Opinion letters by two apparent randoms and one civil rights lawyer and a former executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. "In New York and Ferguson, a Rush to Judgment"
08/26/14 Edsall "The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism"
08/26/14 A.O.Scott (Movies) "Race Seen Through Viewfinders"
08/26/14 Davey and Schmidt "Recording May Capture Shots Fired at Teenager"
08/26/14 Robertson and Goldstein "In Aftermath of Missouri Protests, Skepticism About the Prospects for Change"
08/27/14 Bilton (Fashion) "Ferguson Reveals a Twitter Loop"
08/27/14 Kristoff "Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?"
08/27/14 Eligon "Black Ex-Police Chief Picked for Top Enforcement Post in Missouri"
08/28/14 Chozick "Clinton Praises Obama on Ferguson Response and Echoes Call for Inquiry"
08/30/14 Kristoff Opinion piece “When Whites Just Don’t Get It"
08/30/14 Davey "Getting Ferguson Majority to Show Its Clout at Polls"
08/30/14 Fernandez and Robertson "At Ferguson March, Call to Halt Traffic in Labor Day Highway Protest"
08/30/14 Martin "At Risk in Senate, Democrats Seek to Rally Blacks"
08/30/14 Wines "Are Police Bigoted?"

If you are wondering why the mid-August period was so critical and full of reports and positioning, that was the week of the Dr. Baden autopsy after the county's autopsy. As you can see, even after the autopsies revealed Brown was shot from the front and not execution style from the back as he was kneeling in prayer, the Times continued the narrative and shifted the conversation to political power, police tactics and the upcoming election. This is all within three weeks of the shooting. The media ran with this with no regard for the truth or evidence as more leaked out, agitating blacks to save the Senate for the Democrats. Channel that anger my black brothers and sisters into the ballot box, and magically, all of your problems will be fixed!

How do we know this is blatant bias and who/whom agitation for the Narrative? Let's talk about some other crimes. Let us just review some from August. August 7th: Adam Schrier was shot dead by two home intruders, and his wife and child were shot but survived. No mention in the New York Times; problem is Schrier was white and the intruders were black. August 10th: Scott Simerson died of injuries from an attack by four men on a playground in front of the children he was watching. No mention in the New York Times; problem is Simerson was white and the attackers were black. August 28th: Katelyn Beard was abducted and murdered. A suspect has been charged.  No mention in the New York Times; problem is Beard was white and the suspect that brought police to the body is black. August 30th: Ballard Reynolds was shot sitting in her car, execution style. No mention in the New York Times; problem is Reynolds was white and the suspects are black. These are all crimes with a black-white racial angle. I will not even touch other on other, but there are plenty. These happened in August. None received the megaphone treatment. Who/whom must fit the NY Times narrative.

Woven into the Michael Brown narrative is the cops hunting blacks narrative. This has received pushback from people with the statistics that most blacks killed by cops are in the act of a crime or shooting at cops themselves. Like the deserving vs. undeserving poor, there is some agency for those killed by cops. Grasping for anything, Nate Silver's 538 noted a "much higher" cops killing citizens body count. It is around 1500 annually (that's 10% of new HIV infections a year, Nate). Wow, Reuben Fischer-Baum, three people killed by cops a day in a nation of 315 million with millions of cop-citizen interactions a week. I dislike the militarization of cops, and their slow transformation into a standing army, but let us be frank about this cops hunting blacks idea. It isn't real.

What is real and unnoticed by the New York Times are cop deaths at the hands of blacks. Do you know Perry Renn or Jeffrey Westerfield? Those are two cops shot and killed by blacks this summer in Indiana. Closer to New York than Ferguson, somehow these cops' deaths did not make it to the Times pages. Adding insult to injury, the family of the accused killer of Renn said Renn did not have to get out of his car when he responded to the call. The black mind that doesn't think Brown or Garner had to follow cops orders thinks cops should think of random possibilities and stay in their cars. Indianapolis has had two cops killed in the last 18 months; the prior death was similar to these two. All three cops were answering domestic violence calls. The police take their lumps, but that does not fit the who/whom. See, cops, magically turned white by the blue uniform, are racist killers from Ferguson to Boston per the protest signs in Beantown. These deaths do not make the national media.

We have an entire media machine geared up to push blacks into voting "D" in November. That does not save the Democrats at the polls. The Ferguson grand jury follows facts and does not indict. The media slobbers over a night of looting and burning down stores in Ferguson, MO. Forget the black youths who hammered a white man to death at the "wrong place at the wrong time" right after the Ferguson riots. Collateral damage. Activists set up protests around America still sticking to the "hands up, don't shoot" line despite evidence showing the opposite. That evidence was even slowly explained on national news, but throw it out, the narrative must remain. New York protests even shout for "Dead Cops". The media does not tsk-tsk this, and lets it carry on for weeks.

Now we have two NYPD cops shot while sitting in their squad cars. The shooter was obviously motivated to avenge the angelic, obese duo of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. That is documented through the shooter's social media accounts. This is the media's making. This is their demonic spawn. They will try to walk away, but could a nationwide campaign to incite black anger at the police be to blame or am I reaching? The media did try to pin the Gabby Giffords shooting on Sarah Palin over one website. We later found out the shooter was a whack job, Obama supporter. What is one website compared to 106 articles in the New York Times in one month alone? It is nothing. Slavery ended 150 years ago, but it is still considered so powerful as a legacy and message it messes with the minds of modern blacks to affect their grades and SAT scores. What effect does the megaphone have on blacks? Could it incite them to murder if the megaphone is mishandled? Yes.

I do not want to see the media sued into oblivion. I do not want a Journ-o-caust, yet. I want the media to do what Ezra Klein wrote Sarah Palin should have done. Simply admit that they contributed to this by creating a toxic environment, fueling the fire already present between the cops who restore order and the specific demographic prone to disorder in our cities. Admit culpability to at least that. I'm not an ideologue that views black and cops and assigns specific good and bad. I'm not a blind libertarian who is twisted enough to "heh" at these cops' executions. The media cannot admit their part in this because then their part in slanting everything else would be game. We all should be in search of good governance and positive policies. With entities like our modern mass media and the psychopathic liars at the helm of large media properties, good governance is impossible. Let us bypass them and create new institutions with that in mind. Not eyeballs, not clicks, not a narrative, just the truth.


Anonymous said...

Part of the reason for the disparity between the media reporting white cops killing black crims as opposed to blacks crims killing whites is the profound anti-establishment mindset of the media.

In fact the profound anti-establishment mindset of the press, the universities, the perma-government ie the establishment.

Of course by 'establishment' I mean law and order, tradition etc.

The whole mindset of the chattering classes is that they have to 'watch the watchers'. They have no conception of treating black criminality as a res. 'These are just isolated incidents' they would say. Whereas killing of blacks by cops are all connected.

This of course leads to anarchy. But as long as it doesn't touch the libs they will keep on spouting this shit.

God how I despise these people.


Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

PS "I Am the One who runs the world. You're here to prepare for Heaven. You cannot make it to the Great Beyond on your own." -Jesus

...and I, as a sinfull mortal, help in this symbiotic relationship: take part in this glorious, Christmas gift; this wonderFULL, Heavenly Kingdom that we may live forever. God bless you with discernment.

GFC said...

They are anti-establishment only in a certain way. The media sit at the very top of the establishment, and they and their masters rule by divide and conquer - which also extends to the lower orders of their servants, especially the ones who can be a potential threat to them because they are armed, like the police and military. So even though those groups work for the ruling class, the ruling class also wages hidden war against them to keep them off-balance, the same as with everyone else. The same ruling establishment that showers local police departments with military hardware uses its media megaphone to stir up the morlocks against them. It's the war of all against all, EXCEPT the ruling class. Contrast the sickening manufactured media operations concerning police shootings of black criminals with the treatment of the Anders Breivik bombing/ shooting. That quickly disappeared from the public eye and note that Anders is not trotted out in the propaganda - that is the only kind of violence they don't want copy-catted because it's the only kind that has targeted them. Anarcho-Tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Here's why:

"Second, the cultural Marxism of Political Correctness, like economic Marxism, has a single factor explanation of history. Economic Marxism says that all of history is determined by ownership of means of production. Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, says that all history is determined by power, by which groups defined in terms of race, sex, etc., have power over which other groups. Nothing else matters. All literature, indeed, is about that. Everything in the past is about that one thing."

"Third, just as in classical economic Marxism certain groups, i.e. workers and peasants, are a priori good, and other groups, i.e., the bourgeoisie and capital owners, are evil. In the cultural Marxism of Political Correctness certain groups are good – feminist women, (only feminist women, non-feminist women are deemed not to exist) blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals. These groups are determined to be “victims,” and therefore automatically good regardless of what any of them do. Similarly, white males are determined automatically to be evil, thereby becoming the equivalent of the bourgeoisie in economic Marxism."

Everything is filtered through this white oppressors, non white victims narrative (or male oppressors, female victims, or "cishet" oppressors, LGBT victims). If it doesn't fit the narrative, it's ignored. If it does fit, or can be twisted to agree with the party line, it gets blown up. Reality gets distorted to promote the CM worldview.

Anonymous said...

SoBL, consider opening your mind to even further possibilities. We should also consider that the cop shooting was a false flag. His social media posts announcing his crime in advance are suspicious.

Yes, the media riled up black people. Was that an error? Hell no. That was the goal. Riots were the goal. Blacks vs. Rednecks is the goal.

Think about the true elites. Banking criminals who have looted the Middle Classes to the tune of TRILLIONS this decade alone.

Might they welcome an even more elevated state of tension between middle and lower class whites and blacks. And between red staters and blue staters. Of course.

Who really killed those cops? And why? Was it really just an angry black media consumer? Or, did someone decide to take the simmering race tension up a notch?