Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ebola Assignment

Long term stories are not our media's strong suit. Fukushima would have been a tremendous long term deep analysis event if the media and its public had the attention span. Same thing applies to the 2008 American financial crisis. Right now, we are seeing this with the ebola coverage. The body count and death toll are headline attention grabbers, but it might be good to do some actual investigating. Some ebola questions that the media could put together for a primer article for us unenlightened.

What is the incubation period of this strain of the virus (normal = 21 days)?
What is the transmission profile of this version of the virus?
Why has this outbreak had a low death percentage compared to others?
Why are health workers getting it if they are covered in hazmat suits?
Why is the warning that you could catch it from someone in the same room if this is only transmitted through bodily fluids?
Why did we bring back the Americans infected to US shores if we have countless military bases across the globe?
Why have flights not been stopped from nations with outbreaks?
Why have flights from nations with outbreaks not been sent through automatic quarantines?
Are these nations accepting any flights from the Middle East? (Let's think of who might want to be exposed and spread it. Remember ISIS thinks like a Bond villain organization.)
Death toll steadily climbing, what are the reasons that ebola is not burning itself out like normal?
Are we not stopping flights because it might hurt the global economy?
Any thought to an International organization stepping in to tighten up and assist with the leaky quarantine?
How long does the world let West African nations fail at commanding any sense of order to contain the virus?

With the lack of awareness of a life threatening deadly virus killing Africans' family and friends yet Africans do not change behaviors or leave bodies out, how much more of this equality garbage are we going to be force fed?

I'm sure the crack reporters you have in Missouri right now would love to be surrounded by other swarms of looting people of West African descent. Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes and Matt Yglesias, your tickets are waiting at the gate.


peterike said...

Because reporting on Ebola would go against the narrative/agenda. Sure, sure, we got fifty reporters at the drop of a hat to go root through Sarah Palin's garbage in Alaska, and we can flood Ferguson with reporters who probably go around asking, "So did you see the cop execute sweet Michael Brown?" But we got nobody to cover Ebola.

Start a rumor that it hurts gays the most and then we'll get some coverage.

Big Bill said...

I expect Ebola is like AIDS. If you live in a community with grotesque sexual habits (butt fscking 30 men a week a la SF/NYC bathhouse culture) or appalling personal hygiene (playing in street sewers or feces) you are at significant risk.

But if your people do not do these things, your risk will be quite low.

In India 650 million people defecate right out in the open, and entire castes of human beings still scoop it up by hand.

India is at risk of an epidemic.

The US? No. Not at all.

peterike said...

I met her in a club in Liberia
Where you drink cow’s blood and it tastes just like Cherry cola
C-o-l-a cola
She walked up to me and she licked my hand
I said “Why did you do that?” and she said to me, “I got Ebola.”
E-b-o-l-a Ebola. La la la Ebolahhhh.

Well I’m not the world’s most physical guy
And then the virus hit and blood shot out my eyes
Oh my Ebola! La la la Ebola!

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
How people get on planes and then we let them land
Full of Ebola. La la la Ebolahhhhh.

Well we shivered and sweat all through the night
Power failures killed the lights
She licked me again and sat me on her knee
And said "dear boy you’re as dead as can be!"

Well I'm not the world's most passionate guy
I didn’t come to this country just in order to die
From Ebola! La la la Ebola! La la la Ebolahhhhhh!