Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chocolate Cheesecake

Wrapping up Black Week, I made a vague promise of a women post, which we could call Chocolate Cheesecake. I've written before on the new form of 'passing', which for black men is finding a women who looks white but is just black enough for mom. Sad really but foreseen by old timers. There are attractive black women out there who are not Halle Berry 50-70% white DNA types. Maybe if black men avoided sleeping with 200 pounders, there would be incentive to shed the pounds and improve the pool of black women with nice bodies. Top notch talent like Carla Campbell is out there.

Incredibly high quality
Jamaican born model who was in SI's swimsuit edition. Natural curves, great eyes and full lips plus no hint of european DNA.

Pornography has some pretty black women. An unspoken thing in the porn world is the inversion of norms when it comes to interracial scenes. While the media still worries about the taboo, what they are really focusing on is the taboo of non-black women performing with black males. This is reinforced by IAFD only listing an interracial performance as a non-black with a black. If they truly listed all IR, there would be an unspoken pattern. The more attractive the black female in porn, the higher percentage of scenes she will have with whites. Media does not cover that, but it's real. Clear cut examples exist. Even black feminist performers see it to some degree.

On the porn forums, debates of best natural breasts ever in the industry usually include Audree Jaymes (Bing search her). Amazing body. Looks like a girl on the track team who sprouted DDs after high school. As great as her breasts were, her teeth were just as bad. She was a performer with a short lived career (she married out) who made maybe 25 films and most of them are with whites.

The rest of her pics were NSFW
On lifestyle black male ezines, they'll list best or hottest black chicks in porn. Lacey Duvalle is usually high on that list. She is another with, ahem, many scenes with white talent. The fans notice, and it does bug some black fans who forget porn performers are just filmed hookers. They do it for the money. It irks the bruthas, but it doesn't stop them from watching all the reverse IR they can find. Duvalle's curves are bought but worth every penny.

Hard to find SFW pics of her
Use Bing for image search. Google is filtering things now (even with safesearch off). That might carve a niche for Bing search if they keep it up, "Bing: We Don't Filter Out Porn".


PA said...

This disco-era band has three very attractive black women who appear to be 100% African. Part of their appeal is a feminine grace that is solicitous of White male attraction buttons. Ie., more grace, less ass shaking

Though Nikcrit denied it in the past, I continue to imagine that he looks like the male member of that quartet.

PA said...

Dang - "more grace, less ghetto" would have been a better bon mot.

nikcrit said...

I have some specific thoughts that this post touches upon that i've wanted to voice for some time, but would like more time to compose and refine them.

In the meantime, I'd like to make a few observations that are already clear in my mind, as i've stated them in blogs previously in some form: 1) this 'black men are willing to fuck a 'fridge if it's white'-meme is comically over relied upon in the Aryan man-o-sphere; in both my progressive upper-middle-class entertainment industry life in the 90s and early 200s; and now, in my middle-to-lower-middle-class working milieu in my rustbelt public-school district, i'm sorry to say but that stereotype just don't hold water no 'mo ------ the rainbow-colored prole bazaar on display every weekend in your urban Walmart stores notwithstanding.

I mean, in my entertainment media realm, whether amogn those specific workers or industry peer (i.e., A&R reps, publicists, talent agents, etc), WF-BM relationships were not taboo and were almost a status-seeking fetish amongst this crowd; walmartasaurus-type females would be thoroughly ostracized by these particular 'coalburners.' I mean, i don't even approve of some of the vapid trendiness that goes into modern interracial relationships, particularly among the young ----- but it's more than a bit desperate and rapidly becoming outright comical to always cast these scenarios in the lumpen-prole version of said trend.
Even in the public schools, as you in mainstream pop culture and advertising, black middle-class and higher-men, as well as a few sightly ghetto bad boys, are sort-of over-exalted sexually and in terms of alpha mystique--- and you see the results in everyday real-life relationships among the demo for those advertisements and pop-culture trends.
However, I do think that BF-WM taboo and corresponding reticence maintains at a much-higher level than the inverse to this day, though i see that, too, changing; and here i see the reluctance almost equally among BF's and the WMs in the field of interaction.
I mean, when coming up with examples, look at the existing massive demos, even those beyond the ones you dark-enlightenment types aren't personally interested in and strongly identify with.
For instance, take this very blog host. I'm willing to bet that more typical r.r. commenters like PA, who isn't aesthetically attracted to black-female sexual mystique, is outright mystified by SOBL's pedestalizing of black female's like Gabrielle Union ------ a black female sex symbol whose stature-currency isn't measured by how 'white-looking' a black woman she is.

All-in-all, I believe the standard manosphere line on the psychodynamics of American interracial relationships need to reckon with modernity; the level of discourse and acknowledgement is somewhat stuck in the early 70s 'Mandingo'-era of popularization.

And remember what orgasm-energy-champion Wilhelm Reich prophesized decades ago: the underground norms and ethos of the porn industry and culture forecast what mainstream pop-culture becomes 20 years later.

(Think about it: who back in the mid-70s 'blaxploitation' film era would've imagined that, by the late '90s, it'd be common and wouldn't cause as much as a blink to see suburban Minneapolis debutante teens wearing 'Pimpin' Ain't Easy' t-shirts as they strolled the mall in Minnetonka?

nikcrit said...

Though Nikcrit denied it in the past, I continue to imagine that he looks like the male member of that quartet.

Dang, dawg! How many times we gotta go over this??

That's me, but with a bit more blacker hair and facial features; skin tone's about right ----- but with darker eyes...The guy in your music group (have to say; that song's content and production is absolutely horrid to me; is that how black euro-pop bands sound? Intriguing but dreadfully disappointing in terms of the result)

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nik - please comment more, and some of the manosphere mindset is a bit stale as things keep changing (including skipping over Hispanics), but its true about the porn industry for black women. The prettier ones get more jobs in white productions which pay much better. I havent written a porn post in months but porn is amazing with what it reveals men think of not just women but the women of their race and other races. Most ir is about degredation not romance, so when you see ir romance it is shocking as a set up but ms. duvalle was in non-degrading scenes.

peterike said...

I think Carla Campbell has quite a lot of European DNA, as in this pic:

I also never heard of her before. Whatever.

On the larger subject, I find myself increasingly put-off by interracial scenes, and I don't mean in porn. Two examples.

I recently watched "The Savages," a very good indie film with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. Part way through, the character of the "good hearted black hospital orderly" is introduced. Of course he's into literature and reads the unknown play written by Linney's character. And then the scene I knew was coming showed up, but it was a brief kiss and that was it. Still, I came very close to shutting off the movie at that point. Totally gratuitous.

Then I started watching "The Americans," figuring that might be a decent show. All going along well until in about the 3rd episode they have to introduce a black gangsta who of course has a past romantic relationship with the beautiful white woman star. And they have to show them interacting romantically, even though she puts him off. For now, I assume. Anyway, I turned it off at that point and won't watch it again.

I know my little "protest" is meaningless, but I'm just no longer willing to watch this stuff being shoved down my throat. Though I suppose it will be increasingly difficult to find movies and shows where you don't have interracial sex or romances tossed in your face.

PA said...

Peterike, get rid of your television. It's poison, it's a psych-ops weapon against White people.

After a week of no-TV, you will feel clean, like a smoker who hasn't had a cig in several days and suddenly feels his lungs filling with cool air.

There are TVs in my gym locker room, with ESPN blathering on about some latest "who gives a fuck" about some college player news of the day. That is my only exposure to television. At this point I cannot understand why anyone would pay money to have that thing in his living room.

Son of Brock Landers said...

We cut the cable cord over 2 years ago. If we watch anything it's thru netflix or amazon prime streaming. Mostly my wife has gone back and watched old shos likw Family Ties and the Cosby Show. Still lib proframming but not as horrific. If anything we laugh at lib things proven wrong that Meathead says on All in the Family.

peterike said...

Peterike, get rid of your television

I don't have cable. Like SoBL, I use only streaming services via my Roku. Mostly I watch movies, but I do like to get into the occasional TV series. Haven't really found one lately that I've liked. Started on a few but gave up on them. I like the ability to consume something in one hour bursts rather than committing to a film. I go through a lot of BBC costume drama stuff. The historical shows based on novels generally don't foist inter-racial nonsense on you. The big exception being the last season of "Downton Abbey" where of course they had to do just that.

Now and again I'll watch some mindless fun stuff like Futurama. The British comedy "Peep Show" is also extremely funny, and it actually plays up a lot of Liberal stereotypes as one of the main characters is a moronic Liberal and his friend/room-mate is a very educated sort of Libertarian type. By television standards he's wildly right-wing.

nikcrit said...

There are TVs in my gym locker room, with ESPN blathering on about some latest "who gives a fuck" about some college player news of the day ........ At this point I cannot understand why anyone would pay money to have that thing in his living room
Of course, having the pop-media pedigree i have, i do continue with the nonsense, as i guess i'm somewhat addicted but at least like to believe i have it under control.
Actually, i'd say about 90% of my viewing is contained to ESPN and the local Fox North broadcasting channel, whose main purpose is to broadcast live Brewers and Bucks games.The remaining sliver is devoted all but solely to good premium-cable series, a la 'Breaking Bad' and their like, though i haven't really got into what's good and really new (suggestions, peterike??) and most of these such indulgences i watch on downloaded p.c. torrents rather than 'on tv' proper; sshhhh!).

I can feel your disgust but don't share your outrage; i just can't take the content that seriously, however persistent it is in its biased memes.
I actually look at ESPN as a sort-of purifier of the country's larger media postures and pieties, a sort-of continuation of the center-right-vs.-center-left absurdities endlessly created and acted-out on FOX News and MSNBC. In fact, I see not a smit of difference between ESPN and cable-news (with CNN up there beside the aforementioned other two): they're just as intentionally competetive in creating their false dichotomies and oppositions as is ESPN with their fantasy football specials.
It is sort-of funny and ironic, however, that some of you jaded race realists can't put aside the blatant, almost childishly comic, biases and p.c. obsessions of mainstream cable television and have to officially rid yourself of its influence; still, isn't it good to know the tactics of your oppostions 'psych-ops' efforts, as they are nonetheless everpresent ---- your personal ban notwithstanding? And here at a post titled 'Chocolate Cheesecake" no less?
IDK, I guess i hear where you're coming from; i'd almost do the same toward cable news just out of personal gall and disgust.
I just think it's a overreaction----- a sort-of 'curing frostbite by cutting off your forearm' solution. I'd think you guys could parse the product from its partiality easily enough; might be a different story and approach, however, if you have kids in the house.

nikcrit said...


btw, i hit the link to your 2012 post re. black 'passing'; gotta say, I felt you too went too far with the 'walmart-ized' bm-wf relationship description and prominenence; since i agreed more with what you said about them in yesterday's post, i'll assume your views have, umm, 'progressed' since then; okay, 'developed' since then, etc.
Also, that was a very, very condensed quote of De Tocqueville, you cited. I'm somewhat on top of that subject, as 'Democracy in America' was a prominent part of my grad-lit work; mr. Aristocrat said many-upon-many other things re. antebellum lacks that wouldn't be so proudly cited in the manosphere.
true sidenote: in one grad seminar, the young instructor teaching it gave us an essay prompt: "Alexis de Tocqueville: was he or was he not a racist?" (develop and provide your argument in complete form and then support it with passages from the text), school daze past; good times, indeedy!

Son of Brock Landers said...

Average weight for a white woman dating a black man might be 160 now (our entire underclass is bloated), frequency still is low if one looks at the marriage and birth stats but both sides hyperventilate over it. Did you see Farrakhan's polemic against ir marriage and kids???

My views are a bit skewed as most of my black connections are middle to upper middle class and in-shape, so the fat white girl jokes are from black moms hoping junior brings a girl home who will use their comb. Their disgust with underclass is uhhh, pretty harsh. The line about Denny's is from a convo with a black coworker.

Random Black Guy said...

SOBL, are you as concerned about all those white guys rejecting their mothers and getting with Asian women? And anyway, it would be idiotic for us black guys to take dating advice from a male white HBD'er, what with all the hidden motivations behind it.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Hey Random black guy, yeah Ive written on that wm-af fetishization as well. Running from their own. Ive dated all kinds, so I know there is legit attraction. I just question some motivations. People are going to love who they love but jfc there is healthy and unhealthy.

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

I think some black media personalities were obsessed (in the past) with Halle Berry not just because she's biracial but because, outside of the U.S.A., most Mulatta and Blasian girls end up assimilating to their mother's culture/nation since the mothers are typically single.

The vast majority of people inter-marry and mate with their own ethnicity and culture, but there's an extremely small part who have interracial relations.

This is my experience with biracial women who are part black in Canada, Australia, Europe (e.g. Western Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe) and Asia (e.g. West Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia).

The black community is divided into the small upper-class and the vast ghetto underclass. Few blacks tend to be middle-class (without affirmative action), so they don't tend to notice middle-class biracials (which is the VAST majority of the small number of biracials, not the few super-rich types parading on television).

Most biracial girls with black father/white mother, or black father/Asian mother, don't have a lot of contact with the black community for a variety of reasons. Mostly, it's environmental.

Of the small number of black fathers I saw, most were either Black African or Black Caribbean (very black), and working class to lower-middle class. Sooner or later divorce/separation occurred, and the mother ended up with custody of the daughter.

Even if she doesn't end up with custody, the black father abandons the daughter in the mother's native country, or the mother herself (which is even more unusual) abandons her daughter somewhere in her native nation.

So, most of those girls grow up in a white Caucasian, or Asian environment. Their relatives are not black, and they learn the language as well as the culture of their family and friends. They identify themselves as biracial, and have some idea that black communities are generally poor, chaotic and don't desire to move to such abysmal living standards.

When they grow up, some marry, but because their mothers had them illegitimately, the biracial daughters usually have an illegitimate child with a white Caucasian guy (e.g. European, Australian, Canadian) or Asian guy, and the baby is born as a whiter (lighter) bastard.

Most biracial Mulatta or Blasian girls from the lower to middle-classes assimilate to their mother's culture and nation through illegitimacy and don't really understand the "black community" (meaning the small number of super-rich blacks who scream about "blackness" and affirmative action). Just my 2 cents.

In addition, most biracial girls I've seen were called yellow-skinned to brown-skinned. Almost no white European, Australian or Canadian person has ever called me "light-skinned" because to such fair-skinned white people, I'm not light. Even Asian people, didn't call the blasian girls in their vicinity light-skinned.

Skin color is a spectrum. To blacks, somebody like Halle Berry (white mother) or Liya Kebede (Ethiopian girl with Arab paternal ancestry) are fair, but to most White and Asian ethnicities/groups, they're just brown.

My final 2 cents.

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

@Nikcrit - I can't delete the blog you re-transferred to me. It's impossible to get rid of it since I don't have Administrator capabilities.

PA said...

might be a different story and approach, however, if you have kids in the house

That's where the difference lies. White kids today live in a hostile culture, against which you have to hit the bright balance of inoculating exposure vs. protective sheltering. Else, you'll let them turn into Rotherham girls or whatever the male equivalent would be.

People used to have culture that fors them or against which they rebel. Boomers had a real America, religion, farm life, and meaningful communities. GenX-ers had Reagan and rock culture.

But all Millennials remember is sleazebag Clinton, and the abomination presidents that followed. They watch Beyonce's backup dancers display their pudendal clefts at video award. And this doesn't even get into the full-on genocidal psychological warfare levied at White boys in every form of graphic and electronic communication.

An adult can handle television. Most of it happens to be boring to someone of my intelligence, with exceptions, such as the "Breaking bad" seasons I watched with a friend on his Netflix. But for a kid who at that point in his childhood absorbs things uncriticaly, it's downright child-abuse to let them alone in front of the TV.

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

I'm even a bigger outlier, because I've had some contact with my black father, and I'm disturbed at the conditions of the global black community.

I'm mentally disturbed at what I saw and experienced in countries such as Angola and South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Jayne Kennedy was hot. She worked for the Central Barack System network in the 1980s covering the No Fun League before it was a watered down glorified version of arena football.

nikcrit said...

i didn't even know i had that blog; only had wordpress account so i could co-post posts at the old guy white blog...... i figured out what you were talking about by pure luck, and when i found the transfer link, i put in your address and put it under 'administrator' or whatever; i distinctly remember it said 'highest access.'
i don't know what else to do; you could of made it easier if you said where i had it; i never, ever go to that page..... why did you give it to me in the first place?

if you send CLEAR instructions on how to give it to you with full access, or whatever, i'll try once more. but after that i'm done with it.

nikcrit said...

I'm mentally disturbed at what I saw and experienced in countries such as Angola and South Africa.

Would you be comfortable describing a few of those experiences?

E. Rekshun said...

If you want to see many black/White interracial couples just watch "House Hunters"!

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

@nikcrit - Some South African black groups are killing white Boer farmers and entire Afrikaner (slang for Dutch descent) families who do agriculture on the countryside.

There's even a whole documentary about it. President Jacob Zuma sings "Kill the Boer" at ANC Centenery Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa in January 2012.

It's a sad thing some of them (the poor ones who have been threatened with death) haven't fled. They should flee and move to another country.

Marko said...

@Alcestis Eshtemoa

America is becoming a little South Africa. There's an epidemic of random black on white attacks not making the news. Here's one:

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

I'm a bit saddened at what happened to South Africa. About 10 years ago it was livable zone, but ever since massive "affirmative action" policies, the country has been deteriorating, crime has been soaring and things have gone downhill.

nikcrit said...

That's where the difference lies. White kids today live in a hostile culture, against which you have to hit the bright balance of inoculating exposure vs. protective sheltering. Else, you'll let them turn into Rotherham girls or whatever the male equivalent would be.

Yeah, duly granted.
I've more than once admitted, after catching myself in the tendency, that when i posit a lot of these positions and views, I'm thinking only as a individual and not as a legal guardian of progeny or any others' 'greater good,' etc. And I do easily see how my views would be amended if i were doing as much; i also figure yours and other commenters would too.

I also agree with you about the amount of almost obligatory insult that you see pop-memes throw at white h.s. youth; it's almost because middle-class-and-above whites are the ones even developed enough to be ironic and self-deprecating, that distinction grants license toward their annihilation via mediation... So While I'm encouraged to see some of black pop culture becoming mainstream, nothing encourages me more than those rarer instances in which you see white pop sensibility (alt-rock, alt-pop, metal, emo-ironic sensibility, self-depro rock, underground posturing or wit or whatever, etc) appropriated by black rap and R&b artists and audiences; think Pharrell Williams ten years ago with his 'black-nerd'-rap intiatives,etc.

Something just gives me a vague but solid hunch that such a trend is a positive development in terms of pop sensibility and awareness.

Black Weezer fans unite!! (lolzz)

Portlander said...

White kids today live in a hostile culture

And black kids do not? Trayvon et al aren't casualties of their culture? Anyone been keeping tabs on Chicago?