Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sterling, Incognito and the Management of Black Emotional Constipation

Someone gets in a jam. It is a jam of their making, but a tough jam that may involve losing money. That someone is part of a media approved group. That someone has interactions with a well known ne'er do well from an group that is commonly portrayed as the bad guy in the media's racial narrative of America. Selective snippets of communication are released that could be construed as racist. Some lines are what polite society would say mean talk or talking like a jerk. The media paints the ne'er do well as a racist jerk, the outrage cycle starts and suddenly the designated aggressor is hit financially and becomes a social pariah. He spends a week as the news cycle's enemy number one. Useful enough to distract everyone from our continuing economic and social decline. That is a quick summation of Donald Sterling's current Tom Wolfe novel that Steve Sailer has been all over with great insight (it's his strike zone of race, sports, media, conspiracy). Mixed race cutie is open minded, unlike the evil, octogenarian billionaire Jewish racist. It's a soap opera since there is no crime so it cannot be a Law and Order. It is also played out.

It's the same thing Richie Incognito went through last fall.This is how predictable and automatic the media fueled politically correct, race, gender or homosexual game is today. These victims are guided by a lawyer (Stiviano) or an agent (Martin) into covering for a problem by creating a circus that fits the media's narrative, making them a victim. Martin had checked into a mental clinic and was being pushed around by his teammates and coaches. Stiviano was the defendant in a lawsuit by Sterling's wife about her receiving gifts from the Sterling community pot. That pot has to be nice since the Sterlings have quite the marriage arrangement (old school loveless pre-no fault divorce tolerance of one another). Sterling and Richie Incognito both had reputations as jerks. They both fell prey to selective revelations. Sterling comes across as a jerk, but just how bad were his statements? There is an irony to Sterling having a half-black mistress, being okay if they both are in pictures with blacks, but his territorial behavior is the evil, horrible racist statement of the week. It's Selma all over again. Once all texts were released, Incognito's statements turned out to be back and forth with a teammate he cared about dearly. Context matters, but not in the rush of the modern news cycle. Even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's eloquent essay on the witch hunt mentions the bubbling up of racism still, as if it will ever be stopped. Kareem does not pause to wonder behind the scenes on the situation or even if Sterling was saying anything worse than the jocks running up and down the court calling each other "faggot". If we can mic up players for NBA games, can we mic them up and attach an electrode to shock them when they violate PC speech? Players and progressives should be careful what they wish for and where it may lead.

This is the game. As long as our media is sovereign and is not held accountable for their bungling of stories or blatant skewing of situations like the Incognito or even the Zimmerman-Trayvon incident, we will not see change. The progressives will no change them, so it might take some real moneyed interests to feel the wrath of witch hunts to get things to change. Not to take their side, but maybe these generated outrages and witch hunts serve a purpose for the progressive elite besides hurting enemies or economic gain. A black youth shoots and kills another black youth over a new pair of Nikes around Christmas and blacks will type in comment sections "SMH" (shaking my head). Every half hour a person is murdered in America, and with half of all homicide victims and perpetrators being black, that means one an hour dies to elicit a "SMH". Rape a four year old? SMH. Break in and rob an elderly couple and rape an elderly lady? SMH. Donald Sterling says some questionable things, Paula Deen is accused of using racial slurs decades earlier, or some random teens in Jena, LA get into a sticky situation, and the black community unleashes their vitriol.

What if because blacks are the perfect Democrats (+90% D voters, higher utilization rates for government services, help control cities, would vote for a sex offender with 80% support), but they are caught in a trap? There can be little to no real talk, as witnessed by the reaction to Cosby's poundcake speech or the Mayor Nutting of Philadelphia's jabs at the flash mobsters. Blacks are victims of crime at high rates in the highest crime neighborhoods in America (other blacks are the perps), but to draw attention to it becomes a problem since it plays into law and order conservative talk. The breakdown of the black family can be delicately discussed and framed in specific ways by approved liberals, but to probe why blacks have an illegitimacy rate of 72% in an era of free birth control and abortion on demand is impolite. What if blacks are so emotionally and spiritually constipated with their current state that these ridiculous witch hunts overreactions are a way to keep them sane, channeling their anger and frustration to useless outlets? Best they spew hate and anger out at figureheads over silly and ever changing interpretations of witch racist rather than have them look around and see the utter ruin in which they live. The mandarins at the helm of our progressive institutions would not want that awakening. The media will cue up another witch hunt when the food stamp rate passes 65%.  For now we are stuck with a cabaret.


peterike said...

At some point, all the mental manipulation may just come apart. But then again, I really don't believe the "it's all our fault" attitude of so many whites is going to alter. It's unbudgable.

Funny side note to this story. I know a guy who was in Vegas this week. He went to a sports book and bet big against the Clippers for yesterday's game, figuring that they would be demoralized by the Sterling situation and would not show up for the game. How very white was his thinking!

I knew the Clippers would win that game, because in a black mind the way to get back at Sterling would be by winning the game. That's how you show a cracka. Sure enough they won.

Anonymous said...

I like the term "outrage cycle". I have a vague sense that using the term outrage cycle might in some small way help to return us to sanity. It very succinctly sums up the general media feeding frenzy and public shaming of transgressors. It doesn't sound like a pejorative term. Think about how far the progressive types have gotten using "marriage equality" in place of "ghey marriage".

klejdys said...

@peterike the line moved from Clippers -6 to -7 after the annoucements. Sharps figured the Clippers would be trying harder after the suspension. Proved to be rather prescient.