Wednesday, February 12, 2014

USG, the Sinaloa Cartel + the System

A story involving USG agencies aiding and enabling drug cartels should be front page news in the NY Times. They are focused on a gay future NFL player. A leading Mexican newspaper investigated leads, interviewed hundreds of individuals and puts the pieces together to state that the US government has been working with the Sinaloa Cartel for roughly a decade. Some US media outlets are giving this attention. Not admitting to working, but it is hard to see the pieces and not draw that conclusion. The key is that it is a Sinaloa Cartel, which specializes in buying officials and avoiding the nasty violence of other cartels unless absolutely necessary (like Los Zetas). This would be a rather embarrassing story to focus on and follow up on the secondary effects because of the immigration discussion and potential re-arranging of priorities as Americans draw inward after more than a decade of Muslim wars. This is why the media will choose to avoid the story and not draw any conclusions.

It looks like the US federal government took it easy on the Sinaloas to get them to roll on other cartels, aiding their fight there. This supposedly goes back to 2000 with the peak period of engagement between 2006-2012 when cartel violence was peaking. From an American point of view, it appears the US picked the cleanest shirt of mudwrestling dames to work with to rig the fight. The Sinaloas provide more than half of US narcotics from Mexico. Other pieces start to make more sense now like Attorney general Eric Holder gunrunning for the Sinaloas. "You kill other baddies and generate bad gun news, we give you guns + pass new gun laws". The Chicago way. Before this revelation, the Chicago media was writing about the Sinaloa love of Chicago, using it as a hub for their nationwide distribution. They use Chicago, Obama's home base, not any city in Texas that is on the border for nationwide distribution. Other odd pro-Sinaloa items were the assassination of the Zetas leader and then the capture of their other leader, crippling their leadership which had wrestled control of more territory from the Sinaloas.

How far down does the dirt go? Recall that during the financial crisis of 2008, illegal drug money that is laundered by big banks kept the liquidity juices flowing enough to prevent systemic crash. We avoided Hank Paulson's "Martial Law No Cash" scare scenario due to drug money. The big banks received an outrageous pass for laundering that money from the federal government. Fines for laundering billions but hey, the feds need to review all of your transactions over $10,000 in size. Maybe the media talking heads could take a second and reflect? Why did the banks get a pass? Yes, they have captured the government, but this is a necessary evil for our sick system to continue. The ever precious flow of credit does not want this money but it needs this money. All hail the economy, it's the only thing papering voer our failure to address any social dysfunction. Looking at it this way, the drug dysfunction fuels the economy in a Rube Goldberg machine manner. Snort and smoke up druggies, we need your pure cash to clean. It does serve the banks well as all traditional banking eventually has competition reduce earnings to nothing when the FDIC removes the concept of "safety" as a reason to bank with one company over another.

The media also cannot discuss the ramifications of this because if we follow threads it gets dicey for a whole mess of issues progressives need to avoid. The Zetas and other cartels recruit men in the US prison system and on the fringe of society. A nation that dumps on men, calling them brutish rapists in waiting at any chance. If we turned our guns and efforts on this, might we discover some unsettling things about the barrios and nearly all Mexican towns on our border... or even in areas of our large cities. it is so bad in Mexico that the peasantry is forming vigilante bands of men for basic protection that the corrupt Mexican government might co-opt. Might Americans want to shut the door or perform an operation wetback part two? Anti-immigration supporters would suddenly find a safe, acceptable reason to close the door and even repatriate individuals to dodge the racist xenophobe label. Cartel collaborators would be a useful club to whack progressives over the head with during any debate, and one could go all the way back to 2000!

Digging deeper into this would also reveal misplaced priorities. People dump on Israel for agitating for war in the Middle East, but really relax a second and cut them some slack. They are nothing compared to the slick men in suits representing the military industrial and now technological complex in the US economy. Those industries drum up concern about an "other" when the enemy is thousands of miles away (until we import displaced refugees), which is nothing compared to the daily effect of drug violence in the US. Not just border areas, but anyone hurt by drug violence or abuse would be upset that we played loose with our border going back to the 1986 amnesty and unsettling, nativist populism might be unleashed. No one enforced the border, governments actively enabled and encouraged illegal immigration, Clinton signed legislation to stem the tide that he never executed on, and the last decade has seen multiple pushes to amnesty and call in more immigrants. Joe Sixpack and Susie SUV might be upset.

We cannot have that as the powers that be look to push through a new amnesty. Think of all the good food we would miss out on! We also need to fiddle with far flung countries like the Ukraine simply because they wanted to strike an economic deal with Russia. With the $5 billion and countless hours playing instigator and puppet master in Ukraine, a good report would contrast the effort in remote parts of the world with nothing for our southern neighbor. Maybe there is a story of billions and massive effots with our southern neighbor. Americans, especially those evil, xenophobic racists in Arizona, deserve to know. Maybe they are not so racist or xenophobic with proper inspection of the Mexican border gang issue. This Mexican drug cartel collusion might cause people to also ask how Afghan poppy cultivation and production went from nearly eradicated under the Taliban to business is booming under US supervision. Maybe Boyz in the Hood was onto something when Laurence Fishburne asked the cop how the cocaine made its way up from Latin America. Those would be uncomfortable ideas. Even more uncomfortable would be wondering why the federal government would enable drug cartels while stating they want to fight the war on drugs. The USG is a wheezing leviathan. All fading but gargantuan beings need more fuel, and if they cannot use legit fuel, they will find a new source. A media hungry for the truth would follow this story as far as the money and meth goes. We will not get that. How about a 2 minute hate on those anti-gay Russians?


sykes.1 said...

All organized crime is a public service and is committed in public view. Prostitution, drugs, loan sharking, illegal guns, gambling etc need a willing public that knows where the services are provided. The police, courts and politicians also know who the criminals and their clients are. So, in order to conduct business, the criminals have to share their revenues with key officials in the police, the courts and the government. Collusion among criminals, private and public, is how the system works.

You might bear in mind that nearly every Congressman enters the legislature as a middle class lawyer and retires as a multi-millionaire. The Clintons are the best example, but there are hundreds of others.

peterike said...

This is a great piece and deserves to be widely read.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks peterike.

Sykes - Yes corruption will be in any system but God has it reached Roman proportions. The bigger the system the easier to hide corruption and stuff money in any hole.

aandrews said...

Wish you had a print button.

aandrews said...

"We avoided Hank Paulson's 'Martial Law No Cash' scare scenario due to drug money."

In the documentary, Cocaine Cowboys, one of the drug-smuggler protagonists (the sociopath from NYC) maintained that drug money is what jump-started the economy of southern Florida back in the '70s and '80s. Before then, he said, there was no money there and it was totally dead.

I guess, to paraphrase Ecclesiastes, there's no new gag under the sun.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Cocaine cowboys was awesome. A book later came out on the NY guy in the duo. Miami's Federal Reserve branch handled more cash than all others combined. I read once that a retired dea guy claimed coke money in early 70s bought enough law enforcement muscle to eliminate heroin as a higher end competitor