Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Your Facebook Friends Won't Discuss Reality About Lanza

Finding the alt-right or manosphere or sailersphere was a nice discovery. I stopped feeling like I was the only one thinking the world had gone to hell. I didn't feel intellectually alone anymore. I also love the discussions that take place, and the verboten topics that get debated. In the wake of the horrible Newtown shooting, this community was one of the few to really wander in its discussion of the Lanza monster. It's also an indicator of how things have changed since my childhood. If this shooting had taken place 20 years ago, we would have seen a much tougher Brady bill pass. The NRA is one of the few organizations that has successfully fought the cathedral, and they will put up a hell of a fight if the Democrats are dumb enough to push for gun control in the next two years. The media and libs are doing their knee jerk reaction on gun control now, and a bold few are discussing the mental problems of Lanza. I'll give people credit for bringing up the number of people out there that should be in institutions (would've been shouted down 20 years ago). Your common man is barely whispering the real fear that is out there as the Lanza family portrait emerges. Every extended family has a potential Lanza in it.

Let's review Lanza's profile:
1. Medical issues
2. Mental issues
2a. On mental medication
3. Divorced parents
4. Lives in society awash in violent imagery
5. Lives in society where tough ass parents are rare compared to 1960
6. 1st person shooter video gamer
7. Family atomized to the point where his brother who is roughly his age hasn't seen him or their mother in two years
8. "Socially awkward"
9. Single mom who bossed him around (per the barber)

Go through your family. You're bound to have one cousin, nephew, or brother that hits quite a few of these with baseline item #4 applying to everyone. I wouldn't say that video games cause violence in general, but given a nation of over 300 million, someone on the margins is going to be adversely influenced by them. We have to realize that in a nation of 300 mil with our current cultural and social rules, norms and legal system that things like this atrocity will happen from time to time. Most of the chatter I have eavesdropped from the proles + SWPLs that populate my work and social world does mention the boy being deranged. No one mentions his home life. No one wants to confront that fact that there are thousands if not millions of kids like Adam Lanza, and that their family has one. If people considered all of the things that had to go wrong to get to that point, they would have to admit that our society is broken and something is horribly wrong. The right might admit to it but would fear backlash. The left can't because any admission that something is wrong with progress collapses the house of cards that is their belief system. It would be thoughtcrime to admit our society is broken after that same society voted in their black Adlai Stevenson twice in 5 years.

Lanza shot his mom in the face four times before killing the schoolchildren. I haven't heard anyone bring this up in conversations at work. I've brought it up. Think he hated his mom? Think his mom might have had a weird relationship with him that she knew he was crazy but kept shielding him and protecting him whenever the schools said he was off or needed to be flagged or followed? It appears she was taking steps to have been institutionalized; years too late. She should have listened to the school shrinks, but "fuck them, they don't know my child". Can't you just hear her saying that when she pulled him out of school? You can because you've heard it from other parents whenever the school has tried to discipline their kid or made a recommendation that is a hard truth.

How many people out there shake their heads when a court gives a flighty or batty mother custody of her kids? I once threw a party marred by my roommate inviting a girl he was trying to bang that brought along my ex-aunt. My ex-aunt was 9 years my senior but raged it playing beer pong. Where was my uncle? Living back with my grandparents and emotionally destroyed because the courts said she, the lower income earner, should get the kids because "despite having different fathers the only consistency the kids have is each other" (my lesson learned in 2002: don't marry a single mom). He didn't have my cousin that night, so my cousin was with a baby sitter instead of his father or mother. Not every dad wants to have primary or half shared custody, but I bet more do than are awarded custody. These elements are just contributing factors that few are discussing because we don't want to since they are so widespread.

It's overused and not a perfect analogy, but society is like a complicated machine. When you have repetitive functions that have slightly higher rates of dysfunction and error even if the failure rate is very low, repeat those functions enough and the machine will spit out bad parts, destroy bits or break down. In society, multiply small problems by 300 million, and you're going to get Holmes, Loughner and Lanza. You're going to get black 16 year olds who assign no value to human life shooting people over $20 + an obsolete cell phone.

Pearl Jam's song "Jeremy" was written 20 years ago, so the Jeremy type was a prevelant enough phenomenom that a group could write a song about it, and everyone would understand it and love the music video two decades ago. We've only become worse, and we'll lament the breakdown of the family unit but do nothing about it. The right notices the destruction of the family, but few politicians strike at the heart of the government subsidization of dysfunction. The left can't act because then they'd upset the social failures + welfare junkies dependent on them.

It's another symptom of politics becoming just about money and power, not policy. A healthy nation could debate the widespread use of mental medication on minors without the need for a celebrity to bring it up on the Today show (thanks Tom Cruise). A healthy nation wouldn't mock values voters in the face of so much dysfunction. A healthy society wouldn't have to face the fact that there are thousands, if not millions, of teens and young men like Lanza out there because they wouldn't be there in the first place. This is only going to get worse because we only have the wish and not the will to fix society.

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peterike said...

Really, what I think is remarkable is that we don't have a lot more of this kind of thing, given the state of society.

I think the gun grabbers will keep the pot boiling but won't do anything until the next election cycle. Then the Dems will use guns as a club to beat Republicans and the media will happily run endless stories to remind the teeming masses about it. Yet, to a large extent the public response has been to go out and buy more guns. So it might backfire on the Dems. But ultimately, I do think they will make a serious move toward confiscating guns.

The rate of anti-gun talk right now is massive. The only twitter I follow is stuff for my industry (technology) and even there the gun chatter has taken off. People seem compelled to flaunt their anti-gun opinions no matter how inappropriate the forum.

Well, we shall see. It's true, though, that the single-mom nature of this story gets little mention. You have to wonder, had his father and brother stayed active in his life, would Lanza have not acted out in this way? Who knows. I wish he would have left something behind that stated his motives. Otherwise, we just get people writing whatever narrative they want. We already have "the mother was a gun nut" spreading like kudzu. I wonder when they'll find a Romney bumper sticker somewhere in Lanza's room.