Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tarantino - World's Nerdiest Wigger

While I agree with the Chateau on many things, I completely disagree with calling Tarantino a sort of racial equivalent of a cuckold fetishist. He is absolutely not. He is the world's nerdiest wigger. He desperately wishes he were black. He is not writing his Django character to see a black kill whites. He is writing it because he wishes he were Django. Django is after all an idealized version of a black man. Does anyone really think a black guy, just granted his freedom, is going back through countless obstacles to save his black wife? Of course, they cast Kerry Washington in the role; Zoe Saldana was busy! I'd have an easier time believing a movie about 12 American Jews volunteering to fight in suicide missions in WW2. Tarantino wishes he were black, yet mentions some truths about blacks Hollywood avoids.

Tarantino admits to loving the '70s. He was born in '63, so his formative years were spent watching US pop culture of the '70s. The '70s were post-black liberation but before crack killed the black community + regular people started thinking blacks bring their problems on themselves. The '70s were that sweet spot with the best of black music, cool black hero films, black chicks being marketed as sexy to all, and the first black sitcoms. He has said in interviews how much he loved Pam Grier and thought she was the sexiest chick alive. Tarantino grew up without his father, so it is no surprise he might have sought a masculine role model in that cool image of the '70s black male ("Shaft", "Superfly", etc.). When Tarantino was promoting "Jackie Brown", he wore kangol hats, talked about smacking a black guy, and mentioned using the word "nigger". This was all right after the OJ trial, when the word became the "n-word" for whites. All of his movies have heavy '70s soundtracks and usually one cool black character. The other side of that coin is that he will write some anti-PC scenes like Dennis Hopper's "Sicilian" speech in "True Romance" and portray blacks in completely low life roles. No doctors, just gangsters. His love for the '70s black culture might allow him to portray them in truer form rather than the Hollywood idealized, Grey's Anatomy filter.

Tarantino isn't alone as he is the Hollywood version of Bill Simmons of ESPN. Simmons glorifies the NBA, jokes of three way romances with two black QBs, admits to calling himself Jabal as a child, and loves President Obama. Simmons is roughly Tarantino's age and also a child of divorce. Same era, similar childhood, and same sweet spot for portrayal of blacks. Simmons has had many moments where he has oddly attached himself to black culture, yet Simmons is also a wealthy white kid at heart and leaks out little bits that other sportswriters dodge. It's the same syndrome, just in a different realm. Tarantino and Simmons aren't alone because every white guy under 45 has one friend who either drunk or stoned has admitted, "I wish I was born black".

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