Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lesson of 2012: We are the Iconoclasts

It is easy to mock the social media Internet 2.0 culture we live in today. Social media is wonderful though for capturing what is polite to discuss in today's society. I like to post the occasional alt-right comment or a very hard truth and see how the Faceborg reacts. Social media like Twitter and Facebook are a window on norms, rebels, shaming, status + attention whoring and fake rebels. Atheists can be Dawkins type assholes, vegans can be moralizing douchebags, morally reprehensible behavior of just a generation ago is applauded + 'liked', and single moms can be awful single moms without a critical comment. These rebels are not rebels. They are just the showy fringe of the accepted norm. Can you be politically incorrect? Can you be reactionary or even just openly conservative? Better get your shield in place and your arguments ready. A few souls may support you, but you're more likely to get five progressive soldiers bitching you out and one person coming in as peacemaker offering a truce that involves agreeing to disagree and no further discussion. To act and voice disgust with the current norm is to be an iconoclast in our decaying society.
An iconoclast is a rebel from the existing order. The iconoclast attacks and seeks to destroy existing institutions not for the sake of destroying them but because they are based on error, superstition and false beliefs. The progressive phony rebels on Tumblr, Twitter and other social media rage against the machine, too stupid to see that their beliefs keep notching wins, their politicians keep enjoying wins not just on election day but in moving the Overton window further left, and that the nation's conversation on every subject always moves left. All around them, the functioning world decays and crumbles. They are play acting as iconoclasts by being very loud about being a feminist, a minority, an LGBT, a disabled person, a transgendered being, etc. They get their 'likes' on social media, and if it's a big enough viral campaign, they get some media coverage (always favorable, all faults hidden) because the media is progressive just like them. They are not iconoclasts because they are pieces of the existing power structure, and usually the phony rebels gripe that the law just isn't written liberal enough to include their small, previously unknown unit. If they truly were iconoclasts, they'd get treated like you or I or even worse, they'd be drowned in the river for their statements.
The small little sliver of the internet that the manosphere/sailersphere/alt-right/reactionarysphere exists in is the home of the true iconoclasts of today. Consider everything discussed on sites like Heartiste, iSteve or Dalrock. Post them on Facebook, and the crowd will say that those sites are full of women haters, sexists, racists, anti-democratic and everything that is 'evil' in polite society. I did this recently with a Dalrock post on never married rates not closing for women 35-39, and one person said the guy sounded like Dalrock hated all women. The Facebook crowd will deny science and statistics. They will deny this because they have to since their entire belief structure is a house of cards made up of one convenient lie after the other. They can't give up one inch. If they do, it throws everything else into doubt. If they do, the fallacy of one argument would poison the other beliefs with doubt since those arguments are built on the same intentions, power and puff as the first one. They would be exposed. They never use facts, only emotions and smears to enforce their rule. They are the supporters of a system built on error, superstitution and false beliefs. They are the laymen and deacons in the cathedral. We are the true iconoclasts and rebels.
It's not easy. In fact, we might feel like we're the only ones who see that the world is sinking further into mud and slime, decaying from the parasitic bottom as well as the corrupt top. The frustrating thing is that our belief system or point of view was widely held by many as recently as 50 years ago. The example of an iconoclast that I look to as solace in our sick world is Winston Churchill during his 'wilderness' years. Read Manchester's "The Last Lion: Lion Alone". It is a tremendous biography. It is also the portrait of one man who was a Victorian relic of a dead era shouting at the top of his lungs about Hitler and Nazis (he didn't like the Soviets either) when everyone else wasn't looking. He wanted a strong England to face the coming fight when everyone else wanted peace and was worn out. He saw the glory of royalty as well as its potential effect on the people when even the future king could not. Eventually, his time came. His country had its back against the wall and faced annihilation (see Hitler's table talk recordings for his plans for England). They needed his knowledge of the madman in Germany as well as his knowledge of history to stay alive. The day will come when our knowledge, strength and view will be needed. We must not be afraid to be open iconoclasts and to bear the brunt of jokes and mockery. Their beliefs are built on loose sand. The ground will shift. The tide will come in. When it does, we must be ready.

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Firepower said...

I started with social media midway into the MySpace boom. I used it mainly for womanizing and only saw that perspective.

It seemed social media reflected extant American values, both positive and negative; there were also plenty of activists, do-gooders and iconoclasts in other corners of that world.

I avoided FaceBook even though I was an early signatory.

Experimenting with Twitter, I'm suspicious it is merely a "new" incarnation of Ye Olde AOL chatrooms - where each respective camp preaches to its choir.