Thursday, December 20, 2012

Charm Schools Died + Feminine Women Disappeare​d

Where are the feminine women? Where did they go? Why do other countries have lots of feminine women but the good old USA is lacking in them? This is a common complaint in the manosphere. It's a bit overblown because there are femme ladies in the US, but they do seem to be in short supply now compared to just 20 years ago. Some of this is cultural as gender behavior norms have been blurred, and young women in our matrist society exemplify idealized masculine behavior. Sure, cooking skills and the maternal instinct might be lacking or suppressed but a man can cook, so it's not just about household duties. It's not specifically their sarcastic behavior and joking around buddy act, but it is in how they actually talk and how they hold themself. It is as if a generation of young women forgot how to be women. Charm schools and finishing schools were a staple of days of yore in American society, but I don't know of anyone my age or younger who has been sent to one. Femininity may have a genetic component, but an unrefined feminine woman can be taught how to be a lady. As those schools have died, so has the feminine woman in America.
Think about some single early 30-something women. Perfectly cute and nice 30 somethings might be single and have you scratching their head. It isn't just the guys they date or their own stupidity in thinking they'll be hot forever. Some will admit that the phone calls have dropped off for them. Look closer, and you might see why. What if one of them stands in an unsexy, neutral manner? What if one has that upper body hunch that tall girls (and some sporty girls) wear in all settings? What if they have terrible posture? Maybe they can't carry a conversation or show interest in another human's life? Some of this is nature, but some of it is learned or, more on target, never learned. Their Boomer moms didn't serve a great guide in the home, but I'll bet Boomer women have a higher incidence of feminine women compared to the Gen X/Y gals. Maybe these unattached gals would've married had they only been more feminine. Charm and finishing schools used to teach girls the norms of good society to help them find husbands.
People are still marrying, but per Dalrock's stats, the number of women that are not married between 30-34 and 35-39 is definitely on the rise. The absolute percentage changes are small to moderate in size. It could be a combo of feminist propaganda, obesity and masculine women. When a man is sizing up a girl he's dating to be exclusive or maybe even marriage material, he's going to run some ideas through his mind and a big one is "could she be the mother of my children". A feminine woman is going to score much higher than an androgynous woman or an adult tomboy. Feminine women know how to stand, talk, position themselves in a positive way to show their bodies, use space to signify where you the man fit in (important), hide flaws, convey emotion, and exhibit proper posture to show a figure the way it was designed. Charm schools had a hand in popping feminine women into our dating world for decades that aren't there today.
If you do believe in 'game' (I do), and you do believe a man can be coached up + improved by clothing, stance, reactions, etc., then you have to believe women can be coached up, too. The spatial relationship item I typed above is important, because a woman can position herself to lean in, to show deference to your strength, to almost ask for your protection. This feeds into that 'she wants me to be a man' button in men's brains. Men respond to feminine women. If we didn't, it wouldn't be one of the first things a guy says about the women from a foreign country. When sizing up equally cute women, who would you approach first: the good posture girl with guns a popping or the slouching girl with squared shoulders? Does anyone seriously think a former field hockey playing, quasi-tomboy would still be butch at age 22 after charm school? No chance in hell. Charm schools don't exist anymore, but more and more girls are hanging dirty cleats and sneakers up after they are done with high school. We've traded debutantes for jocks. Charm schools had limited reach, but by addressing higher class girls it inspired copying by middle class strivers. This then created enough of a critical mass for young women to hold themselves in a ladylike and sexy way. This might be more correlation than causation, but I haven't heard anyone ever bring this up. The death of charm schools removed that little kernel of proper young ladies that could influence the mainstream. It's not just what they taught, but the mere fact that they existed shows how we've devolved. It is rather fitting that Western men complain about the lack of feminine women in the west since there is just one finishign school left in Switzerland, which was once famous for its finishing schools. Every man in today's sexual marketplace suffers for it.


asdf said...

I happen to like generally smart women because they are easier to talk to. However, when I say smart I definitely don't mean educated (the way people are today). IQ itself, because it makes someone a better conversationalist and perhaps a better help mate, is good. Education in liberal indoctrination is bad. Unfortunately most high IQ women go and get themselves "educated" these days which pretty much ruins their IQ.

So many think men don't like smart women. It's not that. We don't like women who think they are so smart!

Son of Brock Landers said...

I'd rather date a woman who is well read and can talk about many things than a bimbo. I just think the feminine woman has disappeared, and it's partly due to a culture that places so little value on femininity that charm schools have all died. A lot of single women would boost their value and femininity through a 2 week charm school boot camp. They could go on summer break while in college.