Monday, December 17, 2012

An Example of SWPL Work

If you're a white person who has graduated from college, you are a little bit SWPL. Deny it all you want, but thre's some things on the stuff white people like list that you do like and sometimes for the very reasons the site mocks. Being SWPL is like OCD and unlike pregnancy. You can be a little bit SWPL like how your mom might be a little bit OCD with her Christmas decorations. There is a spectrum. I like to mock SWPLs, but they do contribute to society. Many work and have kids. Through my wife's presence in the artist realm, I am exposed to many hipsters and SWPLs. One acquaintance is a huge SWPL, so much that she admits it and enjoys the SWPL site because it describes her to a T. She also has one of the most SWPL jobs I have ever heard of: government health advocate for smoking and air policy. Let's review her work to get into the mind of the SWPL and see how useless some of their work is.
This SWPL has a master's degree that she earned from a liberal college in the American northeast. She returned home to the midwest and got a job with the government. Her job is in the state health department focusing on anti-tobacco policy. She reads research on smoking cessation programs, sits at the health table at conventions, reviews data on smoking statistics, and does something called air monitoring. Air monitoring is when we taxpayers fund a credentialed soldier in the cathedral to go to a set location and use a doo-hickey gadget to monitor the air for particles and gases. This is to check them vs. prior levels of the same particles and gases. We need to know air quality to make sure people are safe and healthy. This is ridiculous considering how US emmissions of pollution, soot and 'bad' particles is down since manufacturing left for foreign lands + coal is being burnt less and less. This is her job.
Let's use her own description of what she does....
"I oversee the development and implementation of the program evaluation plan for the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission and the State Tobacco Control 2015 Strategic Plan. Programs include tobacco counter-marketing, community-based prevention activities, policy, and cessation systems change. I also manage the tobacco control surveillance systems in State: the Youth Tobacco Survey and the Adult Tobacco Survey, including survey administration, data analysis, and reporting. I also work with the State Behaviorial Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) coordinator to ensure that current methods in the field of tobacco control for survey instrument development are implemented. I'm responsible for establishing and managing all program monitoring systems for contractors and grantees, such as program reporting mechanisms, to assure that contract deliverables and objectives are met. Outcomes data and metrics are then provided to TPC program staff such as Regional Program Directors and other stakeholders. I provide technical assistance and training to program staff and grantees on program evaluation procedures, and also develops tools and to assist grantees as they implement work plans. I work with academic institutions throughout the state to foster tobacco related research and evaluation in State and assist in submitting abstracts and proposals for presentations to national tobacco control and public health conferences and related meetings, as well as submissions to peer-reviewed publications. I serve as a member of TPC's leadership and management team including contributing to program planning, project management of statewide initiatives as needed, advising on evaluation and program monitoring, and facilitating staff meetings as needed."
Do we need her considering every cigarette pack has a health warning on it? Do we need her considering TV has anti-tobacco ads constantly telling people how many folks die a year from smoking? With the long reach of modern media + warnings on every pack, do we need a highly educated worker bee in the state apparatus working on smoking policy? No. This woman has a make work job. It's 2012 not 1950; we don't need her telling people smoking is bad. People know smoking is bad for you, and the 17-20% of the population that smokes is a combination of addicts and people who like smoking and/or nicotine. Nicotine gives me a quick rush, but I have a low tolerance (nicotine poisoning) and stay away. What marginal reduction in smoking do we get from workers like her? Close to zero if not zero. What is her purpose for the greater good? All of the information in the public sphere that she can discuss is out there already with required advertising against smoking on TV and a ban on positive cigarette ads on TV. It's a one sided argument. What does she add? Nothing.
Her use to you and I is minimal if nonexistent. Her use to the cathedral is high. If you notice in her description, she does mention monitoring certain things so that contractors and grantees meet requirements. She is a gatekeeper for government funds. Her job is to make sure certain clients of the cathedral are jumping at the right height in order to get their piece of the redistributed pie. It's not just about robbing from the productive class to give to the unproductive. It's about robbing the productive to give to the dependent to strengthen the bonds of the dependent. Through the money channel, the ideas of the cathedral spread. The bureaucracy grows and the money flows. I'd add another purpose she serves. When she is at a party of family gathering, due to her job and credentials, low information or medium information people will value her opinion on health policy. Nothing strengthened my belief in the cathedral's strength more than hearing my wife's cousin who is getting his master's in health policy repeat the same concerns and talking points about fatties costing US health care consumers as this friend. The coming anti-obesity drive will use the same avenues as anti-smoking. I doubt the PC world will fat shame tubbahs like they shamed and cursed smokers. It will be interesting. People like this SWPL will be at the vanguard though gently reminding people not to eat so much and shaking down big business + small contractors to make sure that everyone toes the line.

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I met a young lady in a bar in the nineties, she was quite drunk and really wanted to impress me with the fact that she had just recieved her masters degree from michigan state university. She kept telling me how she hoped Bill Clinton would get reelected. I asked her since she was woman didn't it bother her the way Willy treated women. Well yes she said but his personal life should be private from his job as president. This intrigued me because most women I knew considered him a dirtbag. Then she let the cat out of the bag after another drink, if he didnt get reelected she would probably lose her job. "Well" I said,"you must work for some useless money wasting agencey". She gave me a long boring discription of something that was basicly extorting money out of farmers if they did'nt keep their chickens comfortable enough. Just a waste of education and a waste of humanity.