Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Stump Speech Wish

"They've run out of arguments. We know they have failed. We know they are blind to the reality and results of their good intentions. They are reduced to buying votes by grasping at tax dollars of the very voters that they smear: you the taxpaying workers and innovators of America. We believe in the concepts that built western civilization: tradition, community, God and marriage. They mock our beliefs, see only a negative twisted view of the past, and call us racist, sexist and homophobic. We react to the world around us. We see numbers, we see the dysfunction, we know what worked in the past, so why is it hateful to tell the truth? Their policies are not grounded in knowledge or facts so they only have these curse words to throw at us. For calling themselves the party of inclusion, they seek to silence any disagreement.

We see the country around us. We don't like the results. We ask all to contribute. While they call our party the party of big business and the rich, just as much, if not more, campaign cash goes to them from big business and the 1%. They elevate a single mom to the paragon of virtue not for her station in life but because of her dependency on government programs. We know that the child of that woman will face a difficult childhood oftentimes due to bad or poorly thought out decisions by that single mom. Somehow we're the bad guys for not wanting the life of Julia to be our daughters' path or for that child to have the best start in life possible. A bank takes excessive risk and approach bankruptcy. They bang the gavel for a bailout and tax exemptions, while we say let it declare bankruptcy and the market find proper value. They do it not for good policy or the economy, but to create a dependent of a different sort. Different arena, same intentions. The government will always break your fall, just as long as you toe the line and vote for us. They hurl the phrase social darwinism at us but as Hoffer said "there can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail".

Our technological improvements have masked our decay for so long that we've forgotten when a city could go a nightly news cast without a murder story. Sure an Iphone can keep you amused for the train trip through entire blocks reduced to ruins. On a road trip, the minivan DVD player distracts your family from seeing the old industrial towns in decay because some jobs are gone, and the town is overrun with welfare dependents and drug addicts. To those of you skeptical who might counter "Not here, not in Minnesota", what parts of the Twin Cities are no longer safe to go to? Has that area spread? How many counties in other parts of the country are like that completely? Your money goes to those areas, subsidizing that behavior. Why are your dollars going to prop up a culture of depedency, sloth and dysfunction? How long before the decay creeps in here?

Our side is not without its faults in the past, but who is clean? Their policies have been slowly dragging us down for decades now. We do not care who you are, as long as you believe in what we propose. Order, peace and the rule of law for all. We offer freedom with responsibility. Opportunity with accountability. They may say we judge harshly, but with their all encompassing permissiveness, how can anyone tell what is good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, effective vs. useless? Their solutions only prolong and grow problems in order to require more government intervention. We want a nation where all contribute to building a civilization worthy of our history and worthy of our dreams."

This is amateurish, but I'd love to hear just one politician say something like it. It will never happen. For the record, I don't live in Minnesota, but breaking Big 10 country's tendency to vote blue since '88 needs to happen.

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